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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The Starbucks Experience 5 ... Joseph Michelli A. The Starbucks Experience 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary 2007 McGraw-Hill Education - Europe 1e druk Hardcover met omslag in goede staat, 208 blz. € 12.50 BoekenZoeken button
The standardised South Afri... B A Workman - K H Huggins Kenneth Herbert - Young G.B. - Callow J. The standardised South African atlas 1966 Glasgow London - Johannesburg Cape Town. Collins - Longman 1e druk. Orginele uitgave in Goede staat. lichte slijtage op de randjes, 49 blz. Full colour platen,... € 35.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Splendour of South Africa Webster R.I.B., text The Splendour of South Africa 1984 Central News Agency, Johannesburg - Colour Library Books 1e druk. Orginele Hardcover in Goede staat. lichte slijtage op de randjes, met full colour platen € 14.95 BoekenZoeken button
The spirit of the time Hichens Robert The spirit of the time 1922 Cassell - LONDON Popular edition, hardcover in good condition, 252 pp. € 35.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Spirit of Christ Murray, Andrew The Spirit of Christ 1979 Bethany house 1e druk - Paperback In goede staat 280 blz. € 12.95 BoekenZoeken button
The spirit at work phenomenon Howard, Welbourn, Sue Howard and David Welbourn. The spirit at work phenomenon 2004 London : Azure 1e druk, Paperback in goede staat, 247 blz. € 9.50 BoekenZoeken button
The spell of Oxford, a book... S W Colyer - with foreword by Arthur Quiller-Couch The spell of Oxford, a book of photographs by S.W.Colyer 1940 London & melbourne - Ward, Lock 1e druk Orginele Hardcover gebonden in goede staat. 33 platen Compleet. lichte slijtage randjes € 45.00 BoekenZoeken button
THE SPECTATOR, IN 4 VOLUMES... Addison, Steele - Edited by G. Gregory Smith. THE SPECTATOR, IN 4 VOLUMES, Everyman's library. Essays 1924-1930 J.M.Dent & Sons, London : Dent ; New York : Dutton Hardcover in good condition, IN FOUR VOLUMES COMPLETE WORK. € 45.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Spanish Armadas Graham, Winston The Spanish Armadas 1987 Collins, London 2e druk. Hardcover linnen in goede staat met vele illustr. € 4.25 BoekenZoeken button
The Soyuz affair Coulter Stephen The Soyuz affair 1978 Panther - London paperback in good condition, 204 pp. € 4.95 BoekenZoeken button
The soviet bar Yu V Zaitsev; A Poltorak - Lasker The soviet bar 1959 Moscow : Foreign languages publishing house 1e druk - paperback in good condition, 255 pp, € 14.50 BoekenZoeken button
The southern Peru cook book dot crow - joy sanders - minga navarro The southern Peru cook book ca.1975 Toquepala, Peru 1e druk Paperback in goede staat 366 blz. in ringband, met illustr. en foto's - Recipes in English... € 35.00 BoekenZoeken button
The source of the Swastika.... RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL, LORD The source of the Swastika. A short history of Nazi War Crimes 1954 London, Cassell Hardcover in good condition, linnen 300 pp. illustrated with 16 pages of photo's € 6.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Source of My Strength Charles F. Stanley The Source of My Strength 1994 Thomas Nelson WORD - UK. 1e druk SOFTCOVER in goede staat 202 blz. € 14.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Soul collectors Mooney, Chris The Soul collectors 2010 Penguin Softcover good condition 470 pp. € 3.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Sorcerer of Bayreuth - ... Millington, Barry - Richard Wagner, The Sorcerer of Bayreuth - Richard Wagner 2012 Thames and Hudson Ltd.- LONDON 1e Edition - Hardcover good condition . 320 pp. with 285 illustr.165 in colour € 37.50 BoekenZoeken button
The sonnets of William Shak... William Shakespeare; Walter Thomson The sonnets of William Shakespeare & Henry Wriothesley, third Earl of Southampton : together with A lover's complaint and the phoenix & turtle 1938 - Printed and sold for the editor by Basil Blackwell, and Henry Young & Sons Ltd. Liverpool First Edition. Hardcover linnen in good condition 199 pp. € 65.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Songlines --- MET KRANT... Chatwin, Bruce The Songlines --- MET KRANTEN ARTIKEL --- 1988 Picador - Pan books 1e druk - paperback In goede staat. 327 blz. met KRANTEN ARTIKEL € 5.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Song of the Cardinal - ... Stratton-Porter, Gene The Song of the Cardinal - A girl of the Limberlost (meer info) 1900 London : Hodder and Stoughton 2 Hardcovers in good condition, linnen 158 pp. en 384 pp. iets slijtage / verkleuring aan het linnen € 28.50 BoekenZoeken button
The Song of Songs - A Photo... Mayne, Noel The Song of Songs - A Photographer's Vision of The Song of Solomon First Edition - Hardcover good condition, € 65.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Smaller Majority - The ... Naskrecki, Piotr The Smaller Majority - The Hidden World of the Animals that Dominate the Tropics 2005 Cambridge : Harvard University Press, 2005 1e druk Hardcover met Omslag. in zeer goede staat, 278 blz. Voorzien van veel kleurenfoto's € 21.50 BoekenZoeken button
The small miracle. tekening... Gallico, Paul The small miracle. tekeningen Edgar Norfield 1955 Michael Joseph, london 47 blz. in good condition illustr. € 1.90 BoekenZoeken button
The Sleeper - America wants... Hughes, Michael The Sleeper - America wants him alive, Russia wants him dead. But only Britain can wake the sleeper. 1980 W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd - London softcover in good condition, 202 blz. € 4.45 BoekenZoeken button
the slave Singer, Isaac Bashevis the slave 1978 penguin pocket in goede staat € 2.45 BoekenZoeken button
The sixth winter Orgill Douglas, Gribbin John The sixth winter 1980 Futura - London paperback in good condition, 349 pp. € 3.70 BoekenZoeken button
The Sixteenth Annual Report... Boyd, Hugh illust. P.Scott The Sixteenth Annual Report of The Wildfowl Trust 1963 - 1964 1965 Printed for The Wildfowl Trust by The Berkshire printing Co. Ltd. Reading Berks, England First Edition. Hardcover in goede staat, met illustraties, 136 pp + fotobijlage € 12.50 BoekenZoeken button
The six days of Yad Mordechai Larkin, Margaret The six days of Yad Mordechai 1981 Yad Mordechai Museum Paperback, in good condition, 269 pp. illustr. Signed by Ezra rivlis at Yad Mordechai 7.5.83 € 12.95 BoekenZoeken button
The six day war Churchill, Randolph S. & Winston S. The six day war 1967 Heinemann Book. this edition 1971 reprinted by Penguin books Paperback in goede staat, 261 blz. with illustr. € 1.85 BoekenZoeken button
The sinking ark a new look ... Myers Norman The sinking ark a new look at the problem of disappearing species 1979 Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press 1e edition, Hardcover in Good condition, 307 pp. € 27.50 BoekenZoeken button
The sinister signpost - Har... Dixon, Franklin W. The sinister signpost - Hardy boys mystery stories 15 1968 Grosser & Dunlap Hardcover in goede staat, 175 blz. met illustr. € 2.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Silbury Treasure - The ... Dames, Michael The Silbury Treasure - The Great Goddess Rediscovered 1976 Thames and Hudson 1e druk Hardcover Linnen met Omslag. in goede staat, 192 blz. met vele illustr. € 7.95 BoekenZoeken button
The siege of superport Olesker J Bradford The siege of superport 1980 Sphere Books paperback in good condition, 235 pp. € 7.75 BoekenZoeken button
The siege : the saga of Isr... Conor Cruise O'Brien The siege : the saga of Israel and Zionism 1987 Touchstone - Simon & Schuster. New York - USA 1e druk - Gelamineerde Softcover. In goede staat, 798 blz. met Foto's € 45.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Shorter Oxford English ... Little, William / Fowler, H.W. / Coulson, J. Jessie (red.)/ Onions, C.T. (rev. and red.) The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles- Complete Set. VOLUME I. A- Markworthy II. Marl - Z and Addenda 1990 Guild Publishing 2 Hardcovers Linnen met omslagen. Third edition Completely reset wit etymologies revised by G W S Fr... € 19.25 BoekenZoeken button
THE SHOCK OF '31 The Hawke'... Conly Geoff THE SHOCK OF '31 The Hawke's Bay Earthquake (meer info) 1980 A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington - New Zealand hardcover in goede staat, met vele afb. 234 blz. € 24.50 BoekenZoeken button
Silverman Dov - the SHISHI Silverman Dov the SHISHI 1989 Crafton Books paperback in good condition, 492 pp. € 2.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Shirley Temple Edition ... Johnston, Annie Fellows - Richards Laura E. --- Peple, Edward The Shirley Temple Edition of The Little Colonel - Captain January --- De kleinste rebel - Shirley Temple (meer info) 1959 Random House New York --- 1936 Literbo, Amsterdam SAMEN 40.00 EURO. 1e druk - Hardcover in goede staat 88 en 93 blz. illustrated . --- 1e druk - H... € 25.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Shipbusters The ship-bu... Barker Ralph The Shipbusters The ship-busters: the story of the R.A.F. torpedo-bombers ---- the thousand plan (meer info) 1959 Pan Books - London paperback in good condition, 254 pp. including black/white pictures - samen 14.95 euro € 9.50 BoekenZoeken button
Sherman Arnold - The Ship Sherman Arnold The Ship 1978 Semana New York - USA paperback in good condition, 272 pp. € 35.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Shape of the World. The... Berthon, Simon & Andrew Robinson. The Shape of the World. The Mapping and Discovery of the Earth. 1991 George Philip, London, 1e druk, hardcover in goede staat, 192 blz. € 11.25 BoekenZoeken button
The Shakespeare Revival and... Reginald R. Buckley The Shakespeare Revival and the Stratford -Upon - Avon Movement (meer info) 1911 Published by George Allen & Sons, London 1e DRUK - Linnen Hardcover in goede staat.239 pp. € 17.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Shah's Last Ride. The S... William Shawcross The Shah's Last Ride. The Story of the Exile, Misadventures and Death of the Emperor 1989 Pan books 1e druk - Gelamineerde paperback. In goede gebruikte staat, 415 blz. met vele foto's € 7.45 BoekenZoeken button
The Shadow of the Almighty Elisabeth Elliot E. The Shadow of the Almighty 1997 OM - UK Softcover Good Condition, 315 pp. € 17.25 BoekenZoeken button
The Seventh Daughter - Path... Jones, Frewin - Faerie Path The Seventh Daughter - Path Book Three 3. and Four 4 .Immortal Realm (meer info) 2009 HarperTeen 6e druk Softcover in goede staat 324 blz. en 341 blz. ---- 2 boeken samen 16.95 euro € 9.50 BoekenZoeken button
The Sema Nagas John Henry HUTTON J H The Sema Nagas (meer info) 1968 London : Published by direction of the Government of Nagaland [by] Oxford University Press Second edition, Hardcover, with ( one coloured ) plates, maps, and illustrations, very good conditio... € 45.00 BoekenZoeken button
The secret supper Sierra, Javier The secret supper 2006 Pocket books Softcover good condition 332 pp. € 3.95 BoekenZoeken button
The Secret of Happiness Graham, Billy The Secret of Happiness 1986 Word - UK Paperback in goede staat, 200 blz. lichte gebruikerssporen en slijtplekje achterzijde € 14.50 BoekenZoeken button
The secret of Gonen Samuels Gertrude The secret of Gonen (meer info) 1969 [New York] Avon First Edition - paperback used. with eight pages of photographs by the author. Forward by Avraham ... € 45.00 BoekenZoeken button
The secret history of the c... Fischer H. W. The secret history of the court of Berlin 1914 London, J. Long Paperback, Popular Edition. The front cover is repaired, 318 pp. € 20.00 BoekenZoeken button
The Second Saladin. Hunter, Stephen The Second Saladin. 1998 Bantam -USA new york paperback in good condition, 483 pp. € 14.95 BoekenZoeken button

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