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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Stefan Kanfer - Ball of fire Stefan Kanfer Ball of fire the tumultuous life and comic art of Lucille Ball, conditie: goed € 5,00 Nawijn & Polak
Jennifer Jordan - Savage Summit Jennifer Jordan Savage Summit William Morrow / Harper Collins Publishers The True Stories Of The Women Who Climbed K2, The World's Most Feared Mountain, conditie: goed € 17,50 Nawijn & Polak
The Return of the Arinn Frank P. Ryan The Return of the Arinn Jo Fletcher Books The Three Powers Book 4, conditie: goed € 8,50 Nawijn & Polak
David Fraser Jenkins - John Piper David Fraser Jenkins John Piper The Tate Gallery, London, 30.11.1983-22.1.1984, conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
James McNeill Whistler P. Chaleyssin James McNeill Whistler Parkstone The Strident Cry of the Butterfly, conditie: goed € 10,00 Nawijn & Polak
From the front Michael S. Sweeney From the front Natl Geographic Society the story of war featuring correspondents' chronicles, conditie: goed € 17,50 Nawijn & Polak
Gary B. Mills - Of Men & Rivers Gary B. Mills Of Men & Rivers The Story of the Vicksburg District, conditie: redelijk € 5,00 Nawijn & Polak
Walt Unsworth - Savage Snows Walt Unsworth Savage Snows Hodder & Stoughton The Story of Mont Blanc, conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesu... Levi H. Dowling The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ DeVorss & Co ,U.S. The Story of Jesus, the Man from Galilee and How He Attained the Christ Consciousness Open to All, c... € 10,00 Nawijn & Polak
Mapping the World Beau Riffenburgh Mapping the World ANDRE DEUTSCH The Story of Cartography, conditie: goed € 14,50 Nawijn & Polak
I dreamed I had a girl in m... Wendy Ewald & Catherine Chermayeff & Nan Richardson I dreamed I had a girl in my pocket Norton the story of an Indian village, conditie: goed € 7,50 Nawijn & Polak
John Lachuk - Frank Pachmayr John Lachuk Frank Pachmayr Safari Press The Story of America's Master Gunsmith and His Guns, conditie: goed € 25,00 Nawijn & Polak
A yak for christmas Louise Hillary A yak for christmas Hodder & Stoughton the story of a Himalayan Holiday, conditie: redelijk € 6,00 Nawijn & Polak
Everybody Wins Phil Harkins ; Keith Hollihan Everybody Wins John Wiley & Sons Inc The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX, conditie: goed € 14,50 Nawijn & Polak
Handbook of Shooting British Association of Shooting Staff Handbook of Shooting The Sporting Shotgun, conditie: goed € 15,00 Nawijn & Polak
M Smit - De stille ronde M Smit De stille ronde Atlas Contact, Uitgeverij the silent tour, conditie: goed € 7,50 Nawijn & Polak
Pop art & minimalismus Klaus Schroder Pop art & minimalismus Albertina the serial attitude, conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
Places of Performance Marvin Carlson Places of Performance Cornell University Press The Semiotics of Theatre Architecture, conditie: goed € 15,00 Nawijn & Polak
Affectionately, Marcel Francis M. [ed.] Naumann & Hector Obalk Affectionately, Marcel WPG De Bezige Bij Antwerpen The Selected Correspondence of Marcel Duchamp, conditie: goed € 14,50 Nawijn & Polak
Anna Pavord - The naming of names Anna Pavord The naming of names BLOOMSBURY The Search for Order in the World of Plants, conditie: goed € 17,50 Nawijn & Polak
Brideshead revisited Evelyn Waugh Brideshead revisited the sacred and profane memories of Captain Charles Ryder, conditie: redelijk € 5,00 Nawijn & Polak
Steven Lee Myers - New tsar Steven Lee Myers New tsar Random House US The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin, conditie: goed € 14,50 Nawijn & Polak
L. O'leary - At Beck and Call L. O'leary At Beck and Call Smithsonian The Representation of Domestic Servants in Nineteenth - Century American Painting, conditie: goed € 7,50 Nawijn & Polak
Heavy words lightly thrown Chris Roberts Heavy words lightly thrown Granta the reason behind the rhyme, conditie: goed € 6,50 Nawijn & Polak
Rabindranath Tagore - Sadhana Rabindranath Tagore Sadhana Macmillan and Co, Limited The realisation of life, conditie: redelijk € 7,95 Nawijn & Polak
Michael Yardley - Gunfitting Michael Yardley Gunfitting The Quest for Perfection, conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
Man-ape, ape-man Richard E. Leakey & Leendert Jan Slikkerveer Man-ape, ape-man Ambo/Anthos, Uitgeverij the quest for human's place in nature and Dubois' 'missing link', conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
Gotham restored James Rudnick & Thomas Mellins Gotham restored Monacelli the preservation of monumental New York, conditie: goed € 12,00 Nawijn & Polak
The Monotheists: Jews, Chri... Mr. F. E. Peters The Monotheists: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Conflict and Competition, Volume I Princeton University Press The Peoples of God, conditie: goed € 15,00 Nawijn & Polak
Ed Muderlak - Parker Guns Ed Muderlak Parker Guns Safari Press The Old Reliable, conditie: goed € 29,50 Nawijn & Polak
Simon Winchester - Pacific Simon Winchester Pacific HarperCollins Publishers The Ocean of the Future, conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
Steve Heller - Seymour Steve Heller Seymour Groothandel / BESTEL The Obsessive Images of Seymour Chwast, conditie: goed € 15,00 Nawijn & Polak
Brooklyn Street Style Shawn Dahl Brooklyn Street Style Abrams Image The No-Rules Guide to Fashion, conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
E. de Wilde - Willem de Kooning E. de Wilde Willem de Kooning Stedelijk Museum The North Atlantic Light 1960 - 1983, conditie: goed € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
Blue Shoes And Happiness Alexander McCall Smith Blue Shoes And Happiness Little, Brown Book Group The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agence Volume 7, conditie: goed € 5,00 Nawijn & Polak
Anna Hope - Wake Anna Hope Wake Corgi The No. 1 International Bestseller and Prizewinner, conditie: goed € 6,50 Nawijn & Polak
Celine Kiernan - The Rebel Prince Celine Kiernan The Rebel Prince Orbit The Moorehawke Trilogy: Book Three, conditie: goed € 5,00 Nawijn & Polak
Ernest Gerald Heath - Archery Ernest Gerald Heath Archery Faber & Faber The Modern Approach, conditie: redelijk € 5,00 Nawijn & Polak
Symbol soup Carl C. Rohde & André Platteel Symbol soup Thames & Hudson The Mix - Body - Spirituality - Aliens - Digital Characters - Retro - You - Look - Random Acces, con... € 12,50 Nawijn & Polak
Warriors of the Lord Michael J. Walsh Warriors of the Lord Eerdmans the military orders of Christendom, conditie: goed € 9,50 Nawijn & Polak
Europe in the Middle Ages John P. O'neill (ED.) & Charles T. Little & Timothy B. Husband Europe in the Middle Ages The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York The Metropolitan Museum of Art, conditie: goed € 15,00 Nawijn & Polak
The Sport of Life and Death E. Michael Whittington The Sport of Life and Death Thames & Hudson The Mesoamerican Ballgame, conditie: goed € 25,00 Nawijn & Polak
The Cassell atlas of world ... John Haywood The Cassell atlas of world history The medieval and early modern worlds, conditie: goed € 15,00 Nawijn & Polak
Chen Shi Min;  Selected and... S. Dobney Chen Shi Min; Selected and current works Images Publishing Group The Master Architect Series III, conditie: goed € 29,50 Nawijn & Polak
William Boyd - Sweet Caress William Boyd Sweet Caress Bloomsbury Publishing PLC The Many Lives of Amory Clay, conditie: goed € 10,00 Nawijn & Polak
Ilya Kabakov Amei Wallach & Ilya Kabakov Ilya Kabakov Harry N. Abrams, Inc. The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away, conditie: goed € 17,50 Nawijn & Polak
[set 2 dln.] Cinema, a crit... Richard Roud (editor) [set 2 dln.] Cinema, a critical dictionary Nationwide Book Services The Major Film-Makers, conditie: goed € 17,50 Nawijn & Polak
W. [editor] Cole - Erotic Poetry W. [editor] Cole Erotic Poetry Weidenfeld & Nicolson The lyrics, Ballads, Idyls and Epics of Love. Classical to Contemporary, conditie: redelijk € 9,50 Nawijn & Polak
The extended phenotype Richard Dawkins The extended phenotype Oxford University Press The long reach of the gene, conditie: goed € 10,00 Nawijn & Polak
Ottavio Di Blasi Ottavio Di Blasi Ottavio Di Blasi the logic of creativity, conditie: goed € 10,00 Nawijn & Polak

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