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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Women's Medicine Ways. Cros... Starck, Marcia / Stern, Gynne Women's Medicine Ways. Cross-Cultural Rites of Passage (meer info) The Crossing Press 1993, 111p, geïll. paperback € 7.50 Sphinx
Enlightened Sexuality. Essa... Feuerstein, Georg (red) Enlightened Sexuality. Essays on Body-Positive Spirituality The Crossing Press 1989, 288p. paperback € 7.00 Sphinx
The Rule of Four Caldwell, Ian / Thomason, Dustin The Rule of Four The Dial Press 2004. 1e druk. 372p. geb. (met stofomslag) € 6.00 Sphinx
The Retreat from Moscow. Th... Cronin, Vincent (introduction) The Retreat from Moscow. The memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne 1812 - 1813 The Folio Society 1985. VIII, 262p. geïll. geb. (cassette ontbreekt / naam voorin geschreven) € 10.00 Sphinx
Undertones of war Blunden, Edmund (Stallworthy, Jon, introd.) Undertones of war (meer info) The Folio Society 1989. XVIII, 237p. geïll. geb. € 15.00 Sphinx
A History of England. Engla... Briggs, Asa A History of England. England in the Age of Improvement 1783 - 1867 The Folio Society 2002. 3e druk. XVI, 498p. geïll. geb. (in cassette) € 15.00 Sphinx
The Middle Parts of Fortune... Manning, Frederic (David Malouf, introd.) The Middle Parts of Fortune. Somme & Ancre, 1916 The Folio Society 2012. XV, 288p. ills. van Eri Griffin. geb. (in cassette / naam voorin geschreven) € 20.00 Sphinx
The Age of Scandal. An Excu... White, T.H. The Age of Scandal. An Excursion through a Minor Period The Folio Society 1993, 240p. geïll. geb. in cassette € 12.50 Sphinx
Barlow, Frank - Thomas Becket Barlow, Frank Thomas Becket The Folio Society 2002. XIII, 366p. geïll. geb. (in cassette) € 15.00 Sphinx
The Folio Book of Days Hudson, Roger (red. en introd.) The Folio Book of Days The Folio Society 2002. 336p. geïll. geb. (in cassette) € 15.00 Sphinx
The Life of Charlemagne. Tr... Einhard the Frank The Life of Charlemagne. Translated and with an Introduction By Lewis Thorpe. The Folio Society 1970, 88p. geïll. geb. (in cassette) € 13.50 Sphinx
The Buccaneers of America. Exquemelin, A.O. The Buccaneers of America. The Folio Society 1972, 194p. geïll. geb. halfleder, (in cassette) € 18.00 Sphinx
The Habsburgs. Embodying Em... Wheatcroft, Andrew The Habsburgs. Embodying Empire The Folio Society 2004. XXIX, 445p. geïll. geb. (in cassette) € 17.50 Sphinx
A world full of gods. The s... Hopkins, Keith A world full of gods. The strange triumph of Christianity The Free Press 2000. X, 402p. 30 afb. geb. (met stofomslag) € 10.00 Sphinx
Macmillan Encyclopedia of A... Placzek, Adolf K. (red.) Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects. (4 delen). The Free Press 1982, 4 delen, geïll. geb. € 100.00 Sphinx
Sporting Gentlemen. Men's t... Baltzell, E. Digby Sporting Gentlemen. Men's tennis from the Age of Honor to the cult of Superstar The Free Press 1995, XI, 420p. geïll. geb. € 7.00 Sphinx
The Regional Atlas of the W... Bartholomew, John. Introductie: Ogilvie A.G. The Regional Atlas of the World (meer info) The Geographical Institute Edinburgh 1948, XVI, 160 kaarten + 96 p. index, gebonden zonder stofomslag € 15.00 Sphinx
Cathedrals (Engeland) Briggs, Martin Cathedrals (Engeland) The Great Western Railway 1926, VII,122p. 74 afb. 74 tek. + 1 krt. geb. (band wat besch.) € 9.00 Sphinx
Ordinary families, special ... Seligman, Milton / Rosalyn Benjamin Darling Ordinary families, special children. A systems approach to childhood disability. The Guilford Press 1989. XII, 272p. ingenaaid. € 9.00 Sphinx
Richard Hakluyt & His Succe... Lynam, E. Richard Hakluyt & His Successors, A Volume Issued To Commemorate The Centenary Of The Hakluyt Society The Hakluyt Society 1946, 192, LXVIIp. , geïll. geb.(Second series, no XCIII) € 25.00 Sphinx
The American Labour Movemen... Tawney, R.H. (J.M. Winter ed.) The American Labour Movement and Other Essays The Harvester Press 1979. XXIV, 258p. geb. € 9.00 Sphinx
Knights of the Holy Land. T... Rozenberg, Silvia (red.) Knights of the Holy Land. The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem (meer info) The Israel Museum 1999, 327p. geïll. ingenaaid € 20.00 Sphinx
Mirroring Evil. Nazi Imager... Kleeblatt, Norman L. (red.) Mirroring Evil. Nazi Imagery / Recent Art. The Jewish Museum, New York / Rutgers University Press 2001, XVII, 164p. geïll. ingenaaid € 15.00 Sphinx
The Roads and Highways of A... Dorsey, David A. The Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel The John Hopkins University Press 1991. XVIII, 300p. 11 kaartjes. geb. € 30.00 Sphinx
Sculpture from the David Da... Lincoln, Louise (red.) Sculpture from the David Daniels Collection The Minneapolis Institute of Arts 1979. 168p. 73 afb. ingenaaid € 15.00 Sphinx
Cognitive science. An intro... Stillings, Neil A. / Feinstein, Mark A. e.a. Cognitive science. An introduction The MIT Press 1987. 2e druk. XVII, 533p. geb. € 10.00 Sphinx
Warped Space. Art, Architec... Vidler, Anthony Warped Space. Art, Architecture, and Anxiety in Modern Culture The MIT Press 2001. IX, 301p. geïll. paperback € 15.00 Sphinx
Technology in America. A hi... Pursell, Carroll W. (red.) Technology in America. A history of individuals and ideas The MIT Press 1990. 2e druk. XIII, 319p. geïll. ingenaaid € 7.00 Sphinx
Computation and cognition. ... Pylyshyn, Zenon W. Computation and cognition. Toward a foundation for cognitive science The MIT Press 1985. 2e druk. XXIII, 292p. geb. (met stofomslag / voorin hoekje uit schutblad geknipt) € 10.00 Sphinx
Seeing and Visualizing. It ... Pylyshyn, Zenon W. Seeing and Visualizing. It 's Not What You Think The MIT Press 2006, XVIII, 563p. geïll. paperback € 15.00 Sphinx
Microcognition. Philosophy,... Clark, Andy Microcognition. Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Parallel Distributed Processing The MIT Press 1993. 4e druk. XIV, 226p. ingenaaid € 9.00 Sphinx
Complete poetical works Keats, John / Shelley, Percy Bysshe Complete poetical works (meer info) The Modern Library Z.J. (circa 1950), VIII, 914p. gebonden zonder stofomslag € 12.00 Sphinx
Nepalese Journey. The Essen... Stevenson, Andrew Nepalese Journey. The Essence of the Annapurna Circuit The Mountaineers Books 2002, 191p. geïll. geb. (met stofomslag) € 25.00 Sphinx
Dutch Immigration to North ... Ganzevoort, Herman / Boekelman, Mark (red.) Dutch Immigration to North America (meer info) The Multicultural History Society of Ontario 1983, 241p. Paperback € 5.00 Sphinx
Amboise Vollard, Editeur.  ... Johnson, Una E. Amboise Vollard, Editeur. Prints . Books . Bronzes The Museum of Modern Art NY 1977, 176p. geïll. geb. met stofomslag € 12.50 Sphinx
Three generations of twenti... Barr, A.H. (voorw.) / Rubin, W. ( introd.) Three generations of twentieth-century art. The Sidney and Harriet Janis collection of the Museum of Modern Art. The Museum of Modern Art New York 1972, XV, 231p. geïll. geb. € 10.00 Sphinx
Century of war -politics, c... Kolko, Gabriel Century of war -politics, conflicts and society since 1914 The New Press 1994, XX, 546p. geb. € 11.00 Sphinx
Understanding aggressive be... Ferris, Craig F. / Grisso, Thomas (red.) Understanding aggressive behavior in children The New York Academy of Science 1996, 426p. ingenaaid € 10.00 Sphinx
Moura. The dangerous life o... Berberova, Nina Moura. The dangerous life of the Baroness Budberg The New York Review of Books 2005. XXI, 360p. geïll. geb. (met stofomslag) € 8.00 Sphinx
Das Evangelium des Buddha Carus, Paul ( red.) Das Evangelium des Buddha The open court publishing company 1919, 2e dr. XXVI, 335p. ills. van O. Kopetzky, geb. € 25.00 Sphinx
Baynes, Ken - Art in society. Baynes, Ken Art in society. The Overlook Press 1975, 288p. geïll. geb. (zonder s.o.) € 7.00 Sphinx
Georg Baselitz. Recent pain... Brenson, Michael Georg Baselitz. Recent paintings The Pace Gallery 1992, 36p. geïll. ingenaaid € 10.00 Sphinx
Anais, Art and Artists, a c... Spencer, Sharon (red.) Anais, Art and Artists, a collection of essays The Penkevill Publishing Company 1986, VII, 195p. geïll. geb. € 15.00 Sphinx
The story of Tristram Brooks, Edward The story of Tristram The Penn Publishing Company 1902, 334p. 8 ills. van Beardsley, geb. ( Rug wat sleets) € 30.00 Sphinx
Plain Women. Gender and Rit... Reynolds, Margaret C. Plain Women. Gender and Ritual in the Old Order River Brethren. The Pennsylvania State University Press 2001, XII, 192p. geïll. geb. (met stofomslag) € 15.00 Sphinx
Prague Baroque Architecture Pavlik, Milan / Uher, Vladimir Prague Baroque Architecture (meer info) The Pepin Press 1998,240p. geïll. geb. met stofomslag € 15.00 Sphinx
Ludwig Wittenstein. Architect. Wijdeveld, Paul Ludwig Wittenstein. Architect. The Pepin Press 2000. 2e druk. 184p. uitv. geïll. ingenaaid (engelstalig) € 20.00 Sphinx
The Straits Chinese. A Cult... Khoo Joo Ee The Straits Chinese. A Cultural History The Pepin Press 1998. 2e druk. 288p. uitv. geïll. (w.o. in kleur) geb. (met stofomslag) € 25.00 Sphinx
Rineke Dijkstra. Location Smith, Deborah (red.) Rineke Dijkstra. Location (meer info) The Photographers Gallery 1997, 40p. 29 afb. soft cover € 90.00 Sphinx
From Michelangelo to Rembra... Ackley, Clifford S. e.a. (red.) From Michelangelo to Rembrandt. Master drawings from the Teyler Museum The Pierpont Morgan Library 1989, 165p.geïll. ingenaaid € 10.00 Sphinx

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