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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The Study of Sociology Spencer, Herbert The Study of Sociology Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner Co. - hardcover 1894 446pp good condition € 12.50 Achterboek
The Study of Fossils KIRKALDY, J.F. The Study of Fossils Hutchinson Educational - paperback 1971 revised edition 116pp. 58 fig., glossary, index; good € 7.00 Achterboek
The Stretton Street Affair ... QUEUX, WILLIAM LE The Stretton Street Affair - The stange story of Hogh Garfield related by himself and set down by .... Cassell and Company, Ltd. - hardcover 1928 popular edition 312pp. new binding orig. wrpprs; good € 12.00 Achterboek
The Story of San Michele MUNTHE, AXEL The Story of San Michele (meer info) John Murray London - hardcover 1930 twelfth impression 534pp endp. a bit brown else good € 8.50 Achterboek
The Story of English - A co... Robert McCrum, William Cran and Robert MacNeil The Story of English - A companion to the PBS television series Viking - Elisabeth Sifton Books - 20 x 25.5 cm 1986 fitst Ed. 384pp. 34 Maps, 156 Pictures + index; orig. wrpprs with d.j. very good! € 10.00 Achterboek
The stolen children - their... Bird, Carmel The stolen children - their stories including extracts from the Report of the National Inquiry into the separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families (meer info) Radom House - paperb. 1998 188pp good condition € 12.50 Achterboek
The Standard Edition of the... FREUD, SIGMUND The Standard Edition of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud - Translated from the German under the General Editorship of JAMES STRACHEY ..... (meer info) The Hogarth Press The Institute of Psycho-Analysis - hardcover 1974 468pp good condition € 27.50 Achterboek
The Standard Dictionary Eng... The Standard Dictionary English-Macedonian / Macedonian-English Ckonje - hardcover 1988 1000pp good condition € 24.50 Achterboek
The Spirit of the Circling ... BITTLESTON, ADAM The Spirit of the Circling Stars - Human Needs and Cosmic Answers The Christian Community Press - hardcover 1975 first printing 191pp. with d.j. very good! € 12.50 Achterboek
The Spectator in four volum... Addison, Joseph Richard Steele and others The Spectator in four volumes - volume three (Edited by Gregory Smith) Everyman`s Library - hardcover 1979 492pp very good condition (zie scan 2) € 17.50 Achterboek
The speaker of Mandarin (Th... RENDELL, RUTH The speaker of Mandarin (The Wexford Collection) (meer info) Hutchinson - paperb. 1991 216pp good condition € 13.50 Achterboek
The Song of the Three Holy ... Baynes, Pauline (illustrator) The Song of the Three Holy Children Methuen London - hardcover 1986 34pp Pink paper-covered boards with purple cloth backstrip. ff unnumbered. illustrated colour d... € 6.00 Achterboek
The sociology of industrial... Allen, V.L. The sociology of industrial relations - Studies in method Longman - paperb. 1971 282pp good condition € 12.50 Achterboek
The Social Psychology of Ps... Miller, Arthur G. (editor) The Social Psychology of Psychological Research Collier Macmillan Publishers - hardcover 1972 10.Print 454pp good condition € 7.50 Achterboek
The snows of Kilimanjaro an... Hemingway, Ernest The snows of Kilimanjaro and other stories Penguin Books 1882 - paperb. (zie scan 2) 1963, 159pp good condition € 4.00 Achterboek
The Snare of the Hunter MacINNES, HELEN The Snare of the Hunter Fontana / Collins paperb. 1975 252pp. good € 2.25 Achterboek
Tsiolkas, Christos - The Slap Tsiolkas, Christos The Slap (meer info) Atlantic Books - paperb. 2011 483pp good condition € 4.50 Achterboek
The Silkroad - China Photo ... YIP, JACKY (photography) JUDY BONAVIA (text and captions) The Silkroad - China Photo Library Harrap Columbus - hardcover 1988 79pp. with dustj.; full col. photogr.; as new € 11.00 Achterboek
The Show must go on - Het l... SKY, RICK The Show must go on - Het leven van FREDDIE MERCURY (Queen) BZZTôH - paperback (verz.kst. 1.76) 1993 derde druk 175 blz + zw/w foto`s; € 6.00 Achterboek
The Shell Guide to Flowers ... HILDER, EDITH ROWLAND (paintings) The Shell Guide to Flowers of the Countryside - chosen described by Geoffrey Grigson Shell - hardcover 1956 fifth printing 46 pp. col. illustr. back repaired else good € 5.00 Achterboek
The Shell Country Book GRIGSON, GEOFFRY contributions by JOHN MASON, ERNEST NEALE W.J. WESTON The Shell Country Book Phoenix House London 1962 first ed. 384pp. 48 colour plates; very good! € 9.50 Achterboek
The Shell Bird Book FISHER, JAMES The Shell Bird Book Ebury Press and Michael Joseph - hardcover 1971 repr. 344pp. a lot of photogr. illustr. very good € 12.00 Achterboek
The Shattered Synthesis - N... JONES, JAMES W. The Shattered Synthesis - New England Puritanism before the Great Awakening Yale University Press New Haven and London - hardcover 1973 207pp good condition € 12.50 Achterboek
The shadow of the cross - C... SISIR KUMAR DAS The shadow of the cross - Christianity and Hinduism in a Colonial Situation Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers - hardcover 1974 first printing 181pp. with d.j.linen orig. cover; good € 12.50 Achterboek
The Seven Stairs - An adven... Brent, Stuart The Seven Stairs - An adventure of the heart Simon Schuster 1989 Touchstone Edit., 231pp good condition € 6.50 Achterboek
The Secret Paris of the 30`s BRASSAÏ The Secret Paris of the 30`s (meer info) Pantheon Books New York - paperb. 1976 First American Edition no good condition € 21.50 Achterboek
The Second Country Life Pic... ALLEN, G.F. (photographs) RAYMOND BIRT (introduction) The Second Country Life Picture Book of London Country Life Limited London - hardcover 1953 72 plates, map of London, 4 annonces; d.j.; good € 7.50 Achterboek
FREUD, ESTHER - The Sea House FREUD, ESTHER The Sea House (meer info) Hamish Hamilton / Penguin - hardcover 2003 276pp as new € 7.50 Achterboek
The Scriptures of the DEAD ... GASTER, THEODOR H. (Translation, introduction and notes) The Scriptures of the DEAD SEA SECT - in english translation Secker Warburg - London paperb. 1957 first pr. 359pp. in good condition € 7.00 Achterboek
The science of Society - an... Cotgrove, Stephen Allen, George Unwin The science of Society - an introduction to Sociology (Minerva Series) George Allen Unwin Ltd - paperb. 1969 seventh impression 310pp good condition € 9.50 Achterboek
The Science of Science - So... Goldsmith, Maurice Alan Mackay (Editors) The Science of Science - Society in the technological age Souvenir Press - hardcover 1964 234pp, no dustj., very good condition € 9.00 Achterboek
The School Prayer Decisions Dollbeare, Kenneth M. Phillip E. Hammond The School Prayer Decisions The University of Chicago Press - hardcover 1971 164pp good condition € 4.50 Achterboek
The Sand Pebbles McKenna, Richard The Sand Pebbles Crest Book - paperb. (zie scan 2) 1964 repr. 528pp good condition € 6.00 Achterboek
The Russian Orthodox Church... Fletcher, William C. The Russian Orthodox Church Underground, 1917-1970 Oxford University Press - hardcover 1971 314pp good condition € 14.50 Achterboek
The Russia House CARRÉ, JOHN LE The Russia House Coronet Books/Hodder and Stoughton - pocket 1990 Coronet edition 393pp. good € 2.75 Achterboek
The Russia House CARRÉ, JOHN LE The Russia House Bantam Books - pocket 1990 export edition 431pp. good € 2.75 Achterboek
The Russell Collection of E... NEWMAN, SIDNEY PETER WILLIAMS (foreword) The Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments (meer info) Edinberg University Press - hardcover 1968 79pp b/w co. photogr. illustr.; dustj.; good condition € 8.00 Achterboek
Grisham, John - The Runaway Jury Grisham, John The Runaway Jury BANTAM DELL / Double Day - HARDCOVER 1996, 401 pp as new € 7.50 Achterboek
The Rosary Murders (`Someon... KIENZLE, WILLIAM The Rosary Murders (`Someone is putting rosary beads in the hands of priests and nuns. Right after he kills them!) Bantam paperb. 1980 293pp good condition € 3.50 Achterboek
The Rolling Stones - single... The Rolling Stones - singles collection - The London Years (meer info) 1989 72pp good condition € 11.50 Achterboek
The Rolling Stones - het vo... CARR, ROY PIM OETS (Nederlandse bewerking) The Rolling Stones - het volledige platenverhaal H.J.W. Becht Amsterdam - groot formaat paperback 1976 120 blz. talrijke fotogr. afb. in kleur zw/w; titelpag. iets bruin gevl. verder goed € 22.50 Achterboek
The Rogue`s guide to Israel ROGOV, DANIEL DAVID GERSHON DAVID LOUISON (illustrations: LISE NORWICK) The Rogue`s guide to Israel Ben-Dora Publishing Co - paperback 1984 first printing 192pp.; b/w illustr.; in good condition € 9.50 Achterboek
The road past Mandalay Masters, John The road past Mandalay Four Square Edition - paperb. 1964 333pp good condition € 12.00 Achterboek
The Road of Courage - The S... HAMPSON, FRANK (illustr.) MARCUS MORRIS (text) The Road of Courage - The Story of Jesus of Nazareth Dragon`s Dream - hardcover 1981 n.ppnr. full col. illustrations, as new € 7.00 Achterboek
The Riddle and the Knight -... Milton, Giles The Riddle and the Knight - In search of Sir John Mandeville, the World`s Greatest Traveller (meer info) Darrar, Straus and Giroux - hardcover (zie scan 2) 2001, first American Edition, 230pp onbeschreven, exemplaar verkeert vrijwel in nieuwstaat € 7.00 Achterboek
The Revolt of the Eaglets Plaidy, Jean The Revolt of the Eaglets (meer info) Book Club Associates - hardcover 1978 330pp good condition € 8.00 Achterboek
The Return of the Dancing M... Mankell, Henning The Return of the Dancing Master VINTAGE - paperb. 2004 10. printing 520pp, good € 3.00 Achterboek
The Return of Merlin Chopra, Deepak The Return of Merlin Arrow Books 1996, 422 p., paperback, in goede staat € 4.50 Achterboek
The Republic (with an intro... PLATO BETTY RADICE (advisory editor) The Republic (with an introduction of Desmond Lee) (meer info) Penguin Classics - paperback 1986 second edition (revised) 467pp; almost new € 5.00 Achterboek
The Red Couch - A portrait ... CLARKE, KEVIN HORST WACKERBARTH (photography) WILLAM LEAST HEAT MOON (text) The Red Couch - A portrait of America Alfred van der Marck - hardcover 1985 first printing 206pp as new € 22.50 Achterboek

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