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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The Posthumous Papers of th... DICKENS, CHARLES The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club - with 43 illustrations Thomas Nelson and Sons hardcover N.d. 845 p. orig. blue wrpprs; 13.5 x 19 x 4 cm; good! € 15.00 Achterboek
The Portuguese-English Dict... The Portuguese-English Dictionary / Dicionario Portuguès-Inglès - organized and compiled by .... Pocket Books Inc. New York - paperback 1960 second printing 311pp. good € 4.50 Achterboek
The Political Writings Edit... Augustine, St. The Political Writings Edited with an Introduction by Henry Paolucci Including an Interpretative Analysis by Dino Bigongiari Regnery Gateway - paperb. 1987 Printing 358pp good condition € 8.00 Achterboek
The Pilgrim Route to Compos... Bernes, Abbe G. & Georges Veron & L. Laborde Balen The Pilgrim Route to Compostela in search of St. James Robertson McCarta - paperb. 1990 2nd revised Edition 241pp good condition € 6.50 Achterboek
The Pictorial Encyclopedia ... HAMILTON ELLIS AILoco E, FRSA The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways (Primeval Steam, Victorian Steam, Railway Conquest, R. Buildings, Carriage Design, Steam Locomotives of the 20th Century, Tracks, Bridges, Viaducts, Electric Main Lines, Mountain Railways etc.) Hamlyn - jardcover 1974 sixth impression 591pp. with dustj.; very good € 22.50 Achterboek
The Pictorial Encyclopedia ... HANZáK, J. (edited by BRUCE CAMPBELL The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Birds - with more than 1.000 photographs Paul Hamlyn - hardcover 1972 second repr. 582pp. b/w + col. photogr.; with d.j. in good condition € 6.50 Achterboek
The Pennine Way - Long Dist... STEPHENSON, TOM The Pennine Way - Long Distance Footpath Guide No. 1 - Published for the Countryside Commision Her Majesty`s Stationery Office 1980 second edition 109pp. with maps & knowl.; very good! € 4.50 Achterboek
The Penguin Spanish Diction... JUMP, JAMES R. The Penguin Spanish Dictionary / Spanish-English / English-Spanish Claremont Books London - hardcover 1995 10.reprint 1133pp good condition € 9.00 Achterboek
The Penguin New Writing LEHMANN, JOHN (editor) The Penguin New Writing Penguin Books - paperb. 1947 first pr. 160pp b/w photogr. illustr. good € 3.00 Achterboek
The Penguin Encyclopedia of... CLARKE , DONALD (editor) The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music Viking ; publ. by the Penguin Group hardcover 1989 first publ. ; 10th edition ; 1378 pp. ; orig. wrpprs. ; very good ! € 41.00 Achterboek
The Penguin Dictionary of S... ATTWATER, DONALD The Penguin Dictionary of Saints Penguin Reference Books - paperb. 1965 362pp. good € 4.50 Achterboek
The Penguin Book of Satiric... EDWARD LUCIE-SMITH (introduced and edited by ...) The Penguin Book of Satirical Verse Penguin Books - hardcover 1967 first print 311pp. good condition € 7.50 Achterboek
The Penguin Atlas of Diasporas Chaliand, Gérard & Jean-Pierre Rageau & Catharine Petit (maps) The Penguin Atlas of Diasporas Viking - hardcover (zie scan 2) 1995 183pp very good € 6.00 Achterboek
The Partner (`One terrific ... GRISHAM, JOHN (author of The Runaway Jury and The Firm) The Partner (`One terrific book - smart, fast, stingingly, satiric, and almost criminally entertaining` Entertainment Weekly) Island Books - paperb. 1997 10. Edition 468pp. good condition € 2.00 Achterboek
The Palestine Problem - an ... HUSSAINI, H.I. (editor) The Palestine Problem - an annotated bibliography 1967 - 1980 Palestine Information Office Washington 1980 106pp. good! € 5.00 Achterboek
The Oxford Companion to Eng... Sir PAUL HARVEY The Oxford Companion to English Literature compiled and edited by ... Oxford - hardcover 1962 repr. third Edition 931pp good condition € 7.00 Achterboek
The other side of Eden - Hu... BRODY, HUGH The other side of Eden - Hunter-Gatherers, Farmers and the Shaping of the World Faber and Faber - hardcover 2001 374pp good condition € 25.00 Achterboek
The Osmiroid Book of Callig... Jarman, Christopher The Osmiroid Book of Calligraphy (meer info) Osmiroid, Gosport - paperb. 1983 58pp good condition € 5.00 Achterboek
RUFF, IVAN - The Orphan Soldier RUFF, IVAN The Orphan Soldier Heinemann London - hardcover 1989 251pp good condition € 12.50 Achterboek
The Open Classroom Reader SILBERMAN, CHARLES E. (editor) The Open Classroom Reader Vintage Books/Random House - paperback 1973 first Vintage Book edit. 789pp.; a lot of fig.; in good condition € 5.00 Achterboek
The Old Testament and the N... BLOMFIELD D.D., ALFRED (bishop suffragan of Colchester) The Old Testament and the New Criticism Elliot Stock - cheaper edition 1895 182 pp. hardcover binding gilt letter, very good! € 32.50 Achterboek
The Old Men and the Zoo WILSON, ANGUS The Old Men and the Zoo Penguin Books /Secker & Warburg 1964 344pp. good € 2.00 Achterboek
The Observer`s Book of FLOW... WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B. The Observer`s Book of FLOWERING TREES & SHRUBS for gardens - describing over 150 genera illustr. in colour Warne & Co. - hardcover 1974 repr. 193pp. col. illustr. glossary, description of species; dustj.; very good € 8.00 Achterboek
The Nylon Safari CLOETHE, RHENA ("TINY") The Nylon Safari Arthur Barker Ltd. - hardcover 1958 sixth impression 276pp with illustr. by the author € 6.50 Achterboek
Michener, James A. - The Novel Michener, James A. The Novel (meer info) Random House New York - hardcover 1991 first Edition 446pp good condition € 6.50 Achterboek
The North Atlantic Treaty O... The North Atlantic Treaty Organization - The Nato Handbook North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Information Service - paperb. 1958 sixth Edition 91pp good condition € 4.00 Achterboek
The Noel Coward Diaries GRAHAM PAN & SHERIDAN MORLEY (editors) The Noel Coward Diaries (meer info) Macmillan / Papermac - paperb. 1984 repr. 698pp good condition € 7.00 Achterboek
The Nigger of the `Narcissu... CONRAD, JOSEPH The Nigger of the `Narcissus`/Typhoon/and other Stories Penguin Modern Classics 1975 358pp good € 3.00 Achterboek
The Nigger of the `Narcissu... CONRAD, JOSEPH The Nigger of the `Narcissus`/Typhoon/ Amy Foster / Falk / Tomorrouw Penguin Modern Classics - paperb. 1975 358pp good condition € 9.50 Achterboek
The New France - A Society ... Ardagh, John The New France - A Society in Transition 1945-1977 Penguin Books - paperb. 1978 third Edition 733pp good condition € 12.50 Achterboek
The Negotiator FORSYTH, FREDERICK (the author of `The Day of the Jackal`) The Negotiator Bantam Books - paperb. 1990 482pp good € 2.50 Achterboek
The Nature Trail Book of Po... SWALLOW, SU & SALLY BURROUGH (Designed by ...) & JOHN BARBER, JOYCE BEE, HILARY BURN, DON FORREST, CHRISTINE HOWES and others (illustrations) The Nature Trail Book of Ponds & Streams - Animal Tracking; Keeping Tadpoles; Watching Water Insects; Keepring Toads Usborne - paperback 1977 first Edition; 32pp. illustr. in colour; very good € 3.75 Achterboek
The Natural Advantage of Na... Hargroves, Karlson "Charlie" & Michael H. Smith The Natural Advantage of Nations / Business Opportunities, Innovation and Governance in the 21st Century Earthscan - hardcover 2005, 527pp as new € 17.50 Achterboek
The Naked and the Dead - Th... MAILER, NORMAN The Naked and the Dead - The greatest novel to come out of World War ll (meer info) Panther - paperb. 1973 repr. 605pp good condition € 4.00 Achterboek
The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu ROHMER, SAX The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu (meer info) Tom Stacey - hardcover 1972 repr. 252pp very good condition € 12.50 Achterboek
The mysterious Maya STUART, GEORGE E. & GENE S. photographs by DAVID ALAN HARVEY & OTIS IMBODEN The mysterious Maya National Geographic Society Washington D.C. 1977 199pp. hardcover full-colour illustr. d.j. dam. else very good! € 6.50 Achterboek
The mind and the soul - An ... TEICHMAN, JENNY The mind and the soul - An introduction to the Philosophy of Mind Routledge & Kegan Paul 1974 110pp good condition € 6.50 Achterboek
The Middle Ages - A concise... Loyn, H.R. (gen. ed.) The Middle Ages - A concise encyclopaedia Thames and Hudson Ltd, London 1991, paperback, met 250 illustraties in zwart-wit, in goede staat € 6.50 Achterboek
The Message of the Prophets RAD, GERHARD VON The Message of the Prophets (meer info) Harper & Row - paperb. 1967 289pp good condition € 8.50 Achterboek
The Merchant of Venice (edi... SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM The Merchant of Venice (edited by W. Moelwyn Merchant) New Penguin - paperb. 1968 repr. 213pp good € 3.25 Achterboek
The Merchant of Venice - ad... SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM The Merchant of Venice - adapted and annotated for the use of schools by DR. L.J. GUITTARD & DRS. P.J. RIJNEKE Meulenhoff`s English Library ± 1945 second edition 128pp. orig. decor. wrpprs; very good! € 9.00 Achterboek
The men who loved Evelyn Co... RONAN, FRANK The men who loved Evelyn Cotton Bloomsbury - hardcover 1989 first publ. 183pp as new € 7.00 Achterboek
The Memorial - portrait of ... ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER The Memorial - portrait of a family (`A moving and unconventional novel of the twenties `) Avon Books - Paperback 1977 220pp. good € 2.50 Achterboek
The memoirs of Catherine th... Alexander Herzen (Preface to the first edition (1859) & Lowell Bair (translated, with Foreword and Epilogue) The memoirs of Catherine the Great Bantam Books - paperb. 1957 305pp good condition € 4.50 Achterboek
The Mechanization of the Wo... Dijksterhuis, E.J. The Mechanization of the World Picture Oxford University Press - paperb. (zie scan 2) 1969 537pp good condition € 14.50 Achterboek
The Mechanistic Conception ... Loeb, Jacques & Donald Fleming (editor) The Mechanistic Conception of Life Belknap Press of Harvard University Press - hardcover 1964 216pp good condition € 24.50 Achterboek
The Meaning of Life KLEMKE, E.D. (editor) The Meaning of Life Oxford University Press - paperb. 1981 269pp good condition € 22.50 Achterboek
The Man with the Can - with... Sanders , Jan The Man with the Can - with an introduction by Tonie and Valmai Holt - Phin Publishing Ltd. Gloucestershire Great Brittain 1978 1e druk softcover , 96 pg. (79 pg. drawings) € 10.00 Achterboek
The Man Who Ate Everything ... Steingarten, Jeffrey The Man Who Ate Everything / And Other Gastronomic Feats, Disputes, and Pleasurable Pursuits (meer info) Random House Inc. - paperb. (zie scan 2) 1997 10.Printing, 514pp good condition € 5.00 Achterboek
The making of a publisher -... Weybright, Victor The making of a publisher - A life in the 20th Century Book Revolution by .... Weidenfeld and Nicolson - hardcover 1968 first Edition 360pp good condition € 12.50 Achterboek

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