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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The Collected Poems of Rupe... Brooke, Rupert The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke Dodd Mead N.Y. 1980 soft cover xviii-162 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
What is to be done? Proposa... Peck, Merton J. and Thomas J. Richardson [eds.] What is to be done? Proposals for the Soviet transition to the market Yale U.P. New Haven 1991 soft cover xviii-220 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Faits et valeurs. Douze cha... Brachin, P. Faits et valeurs. Douze chapitres sur la littérature néerlandais et ses alentours [recueil offert au professeur Brachin a l`occasion de son soixantieme anniversaire] Martinus Nijhoff La Haye 1975 soft cover XVIII-222 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Methode der Ethnologie Graebner, F. Methode der Ethnologie Anthropological Publ. Oosterhout 1966 soft cover XVII-192 reprint € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Physics in the nineteenth c... Purrington, Robert D. Physics in the nineteenth century Rutgers U.P. New Brunswick 1997 soft cover xvii-249 pp € 15,00 Aquilabooks
Sign of her heart Haffert, John M. Sign of her heart Assbury The 101 Foundation soft cover xviii-270 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Cases in advertising and co... Greyser, Stephen A.; Robert J. Kopp Cases in advertising and communications management Englewood Cliffs Prentice-Hall 1992 soft cover xvii-681 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Albert Ayguesparse. La mémo... Aron, Paul Albert Ayguesparse. La mémoire et l`histoire Bruxelles Bibl. Royale Albert I 1986 soft cover XVII-111 pp XII plts. € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Maitreya, Le Christ du Nouv... Coquet, Michel Maitreya, Le Christ du Nouvel Age Grenoble L`Or du Temps 1986 soft cover xviii-249 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Like water on stone. The st... Power, Jonathan Like water on stone. The story of Amnesty International London Allen Lane/The Penguin Press 2001 soft cover xvii-332 pp name on inside last wrp. further mint € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Politics and the American f... Harrington, Joh J. Politics and the American future New York McGraw-Hill 1992 soft cover xviii-554 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
A History of the Modern Bri... Smith, David Lee A History of the Modern British Isles, 1603-1707 / The Double Crown Wiley-Blackwell 1998 soft cover xviii-430 pp € 15,00 Aquilabooks
Man, Society, and Education... Karier, Clarence J. Man, Society, and Education. A history of american educational ideas Glenview [Illin.] Scott, Foresman 1967 soft cover xvii-334 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Philosophie/Philosophy worl... Viet, Jean [preface] Philosophie/Philosophy world list of specialized periodicals La Haye Mouton 1967 soft cover XVIII-124 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Companions in Crime / The S... Warr, Mark Companions in Crime / The Social Aspects of Criminal Conduct CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS 2002 soft cover xviii-172pp, € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Mathematical Modelling Andrews, J.G. & R.R. McLone Mathematical Modelling London Butterworths 1976 soft cover xvii-260 pp € 15,00 Aquilabooks
School of Citizen Soldier. ... Griffin, Robert A., Ronald M. Shaw [eds.] School of Citizen Soldier. Adapted from the Educational Program of the Second Army New York D. Appleton 1942 soft cover xvii-558 [E.L.C. ministerie van oorlog] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Value at risk. The new benc... Jorion, Philippe Value at risk. The new benchmark for managing financial risk Boston McGraw Hill 2007 3. ed. soft cover xvii-602 pp € 22,00 Aquilabooks
Spectral Analysis and Time ... Priestley, M.B. Spectral Analysis and Time Series Volume 1 & 2 New York Academic Press 1981 soft cover xviii-890-lxv pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The Mycenaean World Chadwick, John The Mycenaean World Cambridge Cambridge U.P. 1976 soft cover xvii-201 pp [fold in fr. cover] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Investment decisions under ... Jain, Shashi Investment decisions under uncertainties: a case of nuclear power plants [thesis TU Delft 2014] eigen beheer 2014 soft cover xvii-161 pp [met de stellingen] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Peruvian Prehistory. An ove... Keatinge, Richard [ed.] Peruvian Prehistory. An overview of pre-Inca and Inca society Cambridge Cambridge Univ Press 1988 soft cover xvii-364 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
La Lingua di Ebla. Atti del... Cagni, Luigi La Lingua di Ebla. Atti del Convegno Internazionale (Napoli, 21 - 23 aprile 1980) Napoli Instituto Universitario Orientale 1981 soft cover XVIII-406 pp € 45,00 Aquilabooks
Estudios sobre Fray Bartolo... Padrón, Francisco Morales [prologo] Estudios sobre Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Sevilla Universitdad de Sevilla 1974 soft cover XVI-351 pp [side back strip chafed further mint] € 18,00 Aquilabooks
Bramante tragécomédie / Les... Garnier, Robert / Marcel Hervier [introd. notes] Bramante tragécomédie / Les Juifves tragédie Paris Garnier 1979 soft cover XVI-284 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Crossing the color line: ra... Reddy, Maureen T. Crossing the color line: race, parenting, and culture Rutgers U.P. 2. ed. 1977 soft cover xvi-193 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Hite, Shere - Sex & business Hite, Shere Sex & business Financial Times/Prentice Hall London/N.Y. 2000 soft cover xvi-221 pp [fold in cover] € 7,00 Aquilabooks
American Bloomsbury Cheever, Susan American Bloomsbury Simon & Schuster N.Y. 2006 soft cover xvi-223 pp [mint] € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Max Weber. Politics and the... Diggins, Joh Patrick Max Weber. Politics and the spirit of tragedy Basic Books 1996 soft cover xvi-334 pp [mint] € 15,00 Aquilabooks
GEWINNEN. Strategien für ma... Berlekamp, Elwyn R. ; John H. Conway en Richard K. Guy GEWINNEN. Strategien für mathematische Spiele. Band 1 Von der Pike auf Braunschweig Vieweg 1985 soft cover XVI-260 pp [mint] € 18,00 Aquilabooks
Programming language, conce... Watt, David A. Programming language, concepts and paradigms [Int. Series in Computer Science ed. C.A.R. Hoare] New York Prentice Hall 1990 soft cover xvi-322 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Social movements: a reader ... Evans,Robert R. [ed.] Social movements: a reader and source book Chicago RAND McNALLY 1973 soft cover xvi-605 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Nazi Wireless Propaganda / ... Doherty, Martin A. Nazi Wireless Propaganda / Lord Haw-Haw and British Public Opinion in the Second World War Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press 2000 soft cover xvi-208 + CD € 15,00 Aquilabooks
From Elementary Probability... Cyganowski, Sasha / Kloeden, Peter / Ombach, Jerzy From Elementary Probability to Stochastic Differential Equations with MAPLE Springer Verlag 2002 soft cover XVI- 310 pp, € 25,00 Aquilabooks
A Maya Grammar with bibliog... Tozzer, Alfred M. A Maya Grammar with bibliography and appraisement of the works noted New York Dover 1977 soft cover xvi-301 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Der Heilige (er sei gepriesen) Esh, Shaul Der Heilige (er sei gepriesen) Brill Leiden 1957 soft cover XVI-86 pp unopened € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Statistics and Chemometrics... Miller, James N. & Jane C. Miller Statistics and Chemometrics for analytical Chemistry Prentice Hall London 4th ed. 2000 soft cover xvi-271 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Putnam and beyond Gelca, Razvan / Titu Andreescu Putnam and beyond Springer N.Y. 2007 soft cover xvi-798 pp € 45,00 Aquilabooks
Aufgaben und Lehrsätze aus ... Polya, Georg & Gabor Szegö Aufgaben und Lehrsätze aus der Analysis. Erster Band Reihen, Integralrechnung, Funktionentheorie Springer Berlin 1970 4. Auflage soft cover XVI-338 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Mystical Bedlam. Madness, a... MacDonald, Michael Mystical Bedlam. Madness, anxiety, and healing in seventeenth-century England Cambridge U.P. Cambridge 1983 soft cover xvi-323 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
Charles Bernard, le centena... Warmoes, Jean [red.] Charles Bernard, le centenaire de sa naissance Bruxelles Bibl. Royale Albert I 1976 soft cover XVI-107 pp X plts. € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Aspects of language Bolinger, Dwight, Donald A. Sears Aspects of language New York Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1981 soft cover xvi-352 pp 3. ed. € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Treatise on Social Justice ... Barry, Brian Treatise on Social Justice Volume II Justice as impartiality Oxford Clarendon Press 1999 soft cover xvi-315 pp [ex libr. stamps] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
La Chartreuse de Parma I Stendhal; Henry Martineau [ed.] La Chartreuse de Parma I Paris Armand Colin 1940 [Bibl. de Cluny] soft cover XVI-317 pp [back discol. cover sl. soiled] ex libris J B M Travaillz sans arrêt par E.M... € 3,00 Aquilabooks
Lettres a sa femme. voyage ... Fontaine, Jean de la Lettres a sa femme. voyage de Paris en Limousin Paris Valmonde - Tredaniel 1995 soft cover XVI-103 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Oeuvres de Le Sage, Théatre Le Sage / Frédéric Dillaye [ed.] Oeuvres de Le Sage, Théatre Paris Lemerre 1879 soft cover xvi-409 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Victorian Lady Travellers Middleton, Dorothy Victorian Lady Travellers Chicago Academy Chicago 1982 soft cover xvi-182 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
The ABCs of Soviet Socialism Millar, James R. The ABCs of Soviet Socialism Urbana Univ. of Illinois Press 1981 soft cover xvi-215 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Morphology. The descriptive... Nida, Eugene A. Morphology. The descriptive analysis of words Ann Arbor The University of Michigan Press 1992 2nd. ed. soft cover xvi-342 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Irish Art in the Romanesque... Henry, Françoise Irish Art in the Romanesque Period 1020 - 1170 A.D. London Methuen 1973 soft cover xvi-240 pp 121 plts.. € 4,00 Aquilabooks

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