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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The autobiography of an unk... Chaudhuri, Nirad C. The autobiography of an unknown Indian Reading Mass. Addison-Wesley 1989 soft cover xii-506 pp; name on p. v € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Activate your immune system Ber, Leonid; Karolyn A. Gazella Activate your immune system IMPAKT 1998 soft cover XII-93 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Transitivity. Grammatical R... Hoekstra, T.A. Transitivity. Grammatical Relations in Government-Binding Theory [thesis R.U. Leiden 1984] Dordrecht Foris 1984 soft cover xii-311-[1] pp + stellingen € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The French Book. Religion, ... Martin, Henri-Jean The French Book. Religion, absolutism, and readership 1585 - 1715 Baltimore The John Hopkins U.P. 1996 soft cover xii-117 pp [mint] € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Philosophy in history. Essa... Rorty, Richard, J.B. Schneewind, Quentin Skinner [eds.] Philosophy in history. Essays on the historiography of philosophy Cambridge University Press 1985 soft cover xii-403 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Science and society in Rest... Hunter, Michael Science and society in Restoration England Cambridge University Press 1981 soft cover xii-233 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Dynamics of stellar systems Ogorodnikov, K.F. Dynamics of stellar systems Pergamon Press N.Y. 1965 soft cover xii-350 pp € 10,00 Aquilabooks
The Ottoman Historical Monu... Dijkema, F.Th. The Ottoman Historical Monumental Inscriptions in Edirne [thesis R.U. Leiden 1977] Leiden Brill 1977 soft cover XII-236 pp & 38 plates [met dee stellingen] € 95,00 Aquilabooks
Investigating English Style Crystal, David and Derke Davy Investigating English Style Longmans London 5th impr. 1976 soft cover xii-264 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Introduction into the basic... Pieters, D. Introduction into the basic principles of social security Deventer Kluwer 1993 soft cover XII-139 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
Into the Storm, a study in ... Clancy, Tom & General Fred Franks Jr. Into the Storm, a study in command Berkeley Books N.Y. 1997 soft cover XII-562 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Essai sur l'architecture et... Hallé, F. & R.A.A. Oldeman Essai sur l'architecture et la dynamique de croissances des arbres tropicaux Paris Masson 1970 soft cover XII-178 pp; with dedication of Oldeman to Prof. van der Pijl € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Lectures on the Mathematics... Karatzas, Ioannis Lectures on the Mathematics of Finance Providence American Mathematical Society 1997 [repr. with corr.] soft cover xii-149 pp € 22,00 Aquilabooks
The Mediterranean Race: A s... Sergi, G. The Mediterranean Race: A study of the origin of European Peoples Oosterhout Anthropological Publ. 1967 soft cover xii-320 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
MAPLE V. Programming Guide Monagan, M.B.; K.O. Geddes; G. Labadan; S. Vorkoetter MAPLE V. Programming Guide Berlin Springer Verlag 1996 soft cover xii-379 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Animal diversity Hanson, Earl D. Animal diversity Prentice Hall Englewood Cliffs 1961 soft cover xii-116 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The craft apprentice. From ... Rorabaugh, W.J. The craft apprentice. From Franklin to the Machine Age in America Oxford U.P. N.Y. 1986 soft cover xii-270 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Life in families Hughes, Helen MacGill [ed.] Life in families Holbrook Press Boston 1971 soft cover xii-243 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Nonlinear oscillations in p... Hayashi, Chihiro Nonlinear oscillations in physical systems Princeton U.P. 1964 soft cover xii-392 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
Maddala, G.S. - Econometrics Maddala, G.S. Econometrics McGraw-Hill N.Y. 1977 soft cover xii-516 pp [plast.] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Politics American Style. ra... Goggin, Terrence P., John M. Seidl Politics American Style. race, environment and central cities Prentice Hall N.J. 1972 soft cover xii-404 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Ambiguity in natural langua... Kooij, J.G. Ambiguity in natural language, an investigation of certain problemsin its linguistic description North Holland Adam 1971 soft cover XII-160 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
In the name of Osama bin La... Jacquard, Roland In the name of Osama bin Laden. Global terrorism and the bin Laden Brotherhood Duke U.P. Durham 2002 rev. updated ed. soft cover xii-293 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
The Sea in European History... François, Lus and Ann Katherine Isaacs The Sea in European History [Clioh`s Workshop I] Editione Plus Pisa 2001 soft cover XII-258 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
The Vocal Forest. A study o... Davidson, Peter The Vocal Forest. A study of the Context of Three Low Countries Printer`s Devices of the Seventeenth Century Academic Press Leiden 1996 soft cover xii-66 pp [mint] € 8,00 Aquilabooks
The equation that couldn`t ... Livio, Mario The equation that couldn`t be solved. How mathematical genius discoverde the language of symmetry Simon & Schuster N.Y./London soft cover xii-353 pp [mint] € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Holland`s Industries stride... Franks, H. George Holland`s Industries stride ahead. The New Netherlands of the 1960`s Fed. of Neth. Industries soft cover xii-242 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
categorial, functional theo... Linden, Erik-Jan van der categorial, functional theory of idioms Utrecht OTS 1993 soft cover xii-232 pp [dissertatie K.U. Brabant] € 10,00 Aquilabooks
Human genetics McKusick, Victor A. Human genetics Prentic-Hall N.J. 2. pr. 1965 soft cover xii-148 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The record of singing to 1914 Scott, Michael The record of singing to 1914 London Duckworth 1977 soft cover xii-243 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Synagogue Life. A study in ... Heilman, Samuel C. Synagogue Life. A study in symbolic interaction Chicago U.P. 1976 soft cover xii-306 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Sons of Gods, Children of E... Rose, Peter W. Sons of Gods, Children of Earth. Ideology and Literary Form in Ancient Greece Ithaca Cornell U.P.1992 soft cover xii-412 pp [fold in front cover further good clean copy] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Klank en teken bij Erasmus ... Caron, W.J.H. Klank en teken bij Erasmus en onze oudste grammatici [proefschrift UV 1947] Groningen Wolters 1947 soft cover XII-141 pp + stellingen € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Vietnam since the Fall of S... Duiker, William J. Vietnam since the Fall of Saugon Athens [Ohio] Ohio Univ. 1987 rev. edition soft cover xii-261 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
An introduction to Egyptian... Mitchell, T.F. An introduction to Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Oxford Clarendon Press 1978 soft cover xii-285 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Linear multigrid methods fo... Kettler, Robert Linear multigrid methods for numerical reservoir simulation eigenbeheer 1987 soft cover XII-157 pp [proefschrift TUD + stellingen] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
European society in upheava... Stearns, Peter N. European society in upheaval. Social History since 1750 New York Macmillan 1975 2. ed. soft cover xii-360 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The fragile blossom. Crisis... Brzezinski, Zbigniew The fragile blossom. Crisis and change in Japan New York Harper Torchbooks 1972 soft cover xii-153 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Looking for Mary or, the bl... Donofrio, Beverly Looking for Mary or, the blessed Mother and me New York Penguin 2000 soft cover xii-246-11 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
Ancient Maya Civilization Hammond, Norman Ancient Maya Civilization New Brunswick Rutgers Univ. Press 1982 soft cover xii-337 pp [borders cover sl. stained] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Leadership and Innovation. ... Doig, Jameson W., Erwin C. Hargrove [eds.] Leadership and Innovation. Entrepreneurs in Government [abridged ed.] John Hopkins Univ. Press Baltimore 1990 soft cover xii-288 pp [mint] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Annual Bibliography of Indi... Vogel, J.Ph. N.J. Krom, J.H. Kramers Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology for the year 1933 [Kern Institute - Leyden] Leyden Brill 1935 soft cover XII-132 pp 9 plates [with in memoriam Hendrik Kern] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Client-centered therapy Rogers, Carl R. Client-centered therapy Constable London repr. 1973 soft cover xii-560 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Diccionario Mixteco de San ... Campbell, Sara Stark / Andrea Johnson Peterson / Filiberto Lorenzo Cruz Diccionario Mixteco de San Juan Colorado [Serie de Vocabularios y Diccionarios Indigenas Num. 29] México Instituto Lingüstico de Verano 1986 soft cover xii-209 pp € 35,00 Aquilabooks
The comedy of habit. An ess... Wilkinson, David Robert McIntyre The comedy of habit. An essay on the use of courtesy literature in a study of restoration comic drama [thesis R.U. Leiden] Leiden Universitaire Pers 1964 soft cover XII-188 pp [cover discol. /soiled] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
From deserts the prophets c... Serle, Geoffrey From deserts the prophets come. The creatice spirit in Australia 1788 - 1972 Melbourne Heinemann 1973 soft cover xii-274 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Kreuzes-Theologie. Das refo... Eberhard, Samuel Kreuzes-Theologie. Das reformatorische Anliegen in Zinsendorfs Verkündigung München Kaiser 1937 soft cover XII-226 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Consent, freedom and politi... Plamenatz, J.P. Consent, freedom and political obligation London Oxford U.P. sec. ed. 1968 soft cover xii-182 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The Innovation decision in ... Berliner, Joseph S. The Innovation decision in Soviet Industry Cambridg [Ma] MIT 1976 soft cover xii-561 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Kreditderivate und Kreditri... Martin, Marcus R.W.; Stefan reitz & Carsten S. Wehn Kreditderivate und Kreditrisikomodelle. Eine mathematisceh Einführung Braunschweig / Wiesbaden Vieweg 2006 soft cover xii-331 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks

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