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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Aus den Pyramidenstädten in... Lehmann, Walter Aus den Pyramidenstädten in Alt-Mexiko Berlin Reimar Hobbing [1933] hard back cloth 159-[4] pp + 2 folded plates [calendar / map ; view of Mitla / Teotihuacan] few stai... € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Geschichte der Tierwelt Peyer, Bernhard Geschichte der Tierwelt Zürich Büchergilde Gutenberg 1950 hard back cloth 288 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
British Birds and their Egg... Boraston, J. Maclair British Birds and their Eggs, with a simple method of identification. Containing Col. Illustr. of 139 Birds and 16 Col. Plates representing the eggs of all British Breeding Birds Edinburgh Chambers 1928 hard back cloth [back discol. / spine ends dam.] viii-303 pp 91 plates € 12.00 Aquilabooks
The Maya and their neighbor... Hay, Clarence L. / Ralph L. Linto / Samuel K. Lothrop / Harry L. Shapiro i.a. The Maya and their neighbors [to Alfred Marston Tozzer] New York Cooper Square Publ. 1973 hard back cloth [top of spine sl. dam.] xxiii - 606 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Mathematical Physics Menzel, Donald H. Mathematical Physics New York Prentice-Hall 1953 hard back cloth vii-412 pp € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Modern Persian Conversation... Tisdall, W. St. Clair Modern Persian Conversation Grammar with new reading lessons and persian letters selected by Zia Missaghi & Key to modern persian conversation grammar New York Frederick Ungar 1959 / 1967 2nd. impr. hard back cloth vii-317-90 pp / hard back 77 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
Graphics applied to arithme... Turner, G.C. Graphics applied to arithmetic, mensuration and statics London MacMillan 1908 hard back cloth ix-388 pp [ELC stamps] € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Elements of projective Geom... Cremona, Luigi Elements of projective Geometry Oxford Oxford U.P. 1913 3. ed. hard back cloth dustj. 302 pp € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Forty Years in my Bookshop Specer, Walter T. / Thomas Moult [ed. / introd.] Forty Years in my Bookshop London Constable 1927 hard back cloth xxv-283 pp € 22.00 Aquilabooks
Die Helferin des Zahnarztes... Heinrich, E. Die Helferin des Zahnarztes. ERin Lehr- und Nachschlagebuch. Mit 206 Abb. Berlin Berlinische Verlagsanstalt 1951 hard back cloth 289 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Fluorides and Human Health Ericsson, Y. [intr.] Fluorides and Human Health Geneva World Health Organization 1970 hard back cloth dustj. 364 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
Oral diagnosis and Treartme... Miller, Samuel Charles [ed.] / Allen T. Newman [introd.] Oral diagnosis and Treartment. A textbook for students and practioners of dentistry and medicine Philadelphia Blakiston 1950 hard back cloth xviii - 903 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
The Kittredge Method or Imp... Kittredge, J, Herbert The Kittredge Method or Impressions and Bites Chilicote [Miss.] 1907 hard back cloth 123 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The Pursuit of Greece. An a... Sherrard, Philip The Pursuit of Greece. An anthology selected by Philip Sherrard [dedicated to Maurice Bowra] London Murray 1964 hard back cloth 291 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Irrtümer der Röntgendiagnos... Parma, C. Irrtümer der Röntgendiagnostik in der Stomatologie. Mit 306 Abb. im Text Berlin Urban & Schwarzenberg 1938 hard back cloth [2]-140 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Chaucer, Boccaccio and the ... Thompson, N.S. Chaucer, Boccaccio and the Debate of Love. A comparative study of "The Decameron" and "The Canterbury Tales" Oxford Oxford U.P. 2001 hard back cloth x-354 pp € 22.00 Aquilabooks
Déclaration des Droits du M... Theil, Pierre Déclaration des Droits du Malade et du Médecin [dans 27 languages] Paris A.M.P.S. 1975 hard back cloth 104 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The Histories Polybius / Mortimer Chambers / E. Badian [revised and Abridged with an Introduction] The Histories New York Twayne Publ. 1966 hard back cloth xliv - 340 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
A progressive grammar of th... Arden, A.H. / A.C. Clayton [rev.] A progressive grammar of the Tamil Language Madra The CChristian Literaature Society 1976 5th reprint hard back cloth viii-342 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
The tecnique of prediction.... Davison, R.C. [President of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society] The tecnique of prediction. The new complete system of secondary directing London Fowler & Co. 1971 rev. ed. hard back cloth 152 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
The history and origin of l... Diamond, A.S. The history and origin of language London eyre Methuen 1959 hard back cloth 280 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Of whales and men Robertson, R.B. Of whales and men London The Reprint Soc. 1958 hard back cloth 255 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Jégtöró Mátyás Áron, Tamási Jégtöró Mátyás Budapest Szepirodalmi Könyvkiadó 1967 hard back cloth 426 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Nero Emperor of Rome Weigall, Arthur Nero Emperor of Rome London Thornto Butterworth 1930 1. ed. hard back cloth 320 pp + 8 illustr. € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Physiognomy ancient and mod... Stocker, Richard Dimsdale Physiognomy ancient and modern or phreno - metoposcopy Londo Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co. 1900 hard back cloth [top of spine dam.] viii-234-[11] pp € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Our Teeth and our Health Olver, H. Uren Our Teeth and our Health London Thomas Murby 1914 hard back cloth 111 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Notes on methods of filling... Trigger, T.C. Notes on methods of filling teeth with gold inlays Buffelo Th Complete Press 1910 hard back cloth 111 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Die Anwendung der Diathermi... Flohr, Eugen & Walter Die Anwendung der Diathermie in der Zahnheilkunde Berlin Meusser 1930 hard back cloth VII - 131 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The Filling of Teeth with P... Bruck, Walter Wolfgang The Filling of Teeth with Porcelain (Jenkin's System). A Textbook for Dentist and Students New York Cons. Dental M'f'g [translated from the german 1902] hard back cloth 68 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The Choice of Proper Fillin... Flagg, J. Foster The Choice of Proper Filling Material 1900 hard back cloth 75] pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Advanced Impression taking.... Lieberthal, Robert H. Advanced Impression taking. Scientific and corret method bases upon principles founded by Drs. Greene. with 43 half-tone illustrations New York Professional Publ. Co. 1918 hard back cloth 79 - [2] pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
World Theatre from Ancient ... Prideaux, Tom World Theatre from Ancient Times to Modern Broadway New York Greenberg 1953 hard back cloth 255 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Impression Taking and Dentu... Fripp, S.T. Impression Taking and Denture Making London De Trey & Co. hard back cloth 72 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
L'Abbé Prévost [Twayne's Wo... Smernoff, Richard A. L'Abbé Prévost [Twayne's World Authors Series] Boston Twayne 1985 hard back cloth x - 137 pp [mint] € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Crown and Bridge-Work for s... Peeso, Frederic A. Crown and Bridge-Work for students and practitioners with 752 engravings London Henry Kimpton 1917 hard back cloth 456 pp € 25.00 Aquilabooks
The dentition of the growin... Moorrees, Coenraad F.A. The dentition of the growing child. A longitudinal study of dental development between 3 and 18 years of age Cambridge [Ma.] Harvard Univ. Press 1959 hard back cloth dustj. vii - 245 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Illustrators 22. The twenty... Linkhorn,Forbes Lloyd / Robert Hallock [design] Illustrators 22. The twenty second annual of american illustration New York Society of Illustrators1981 hard back cloth dustj. € 20.00 Aquilabooks
Solutions, Minerals and Equ... Garrels, Robert M. / Charles L. Christ Solutions, Minerals and Equilibria New York Harper & Row 1965 first reprint edition hard back cloth dustj. xiii - 450 pp € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Bussmann 1967 - 1975. Von d... Müller, Michael [Hrsg] / Thomas Bayrle / Henning Burk / Arwed Günther Bussmann 1967 - 1975. Von der Täuschung zur Illusion. Untersuchung eines ungewöhhnlichen Werks. Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik und Katalog der Bilder Frankfurt PADVV 1975 hard back cloth 281 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
The New York Times Complete... Gladstone, Bernard The New York Times Complete Manual of Home Repair New York The Macmillan Co. 1966 2nd. printing hard back cloth x - 438 pp € 10.00 Aquilabooks
Shinig Trumpets. A history ... Blesh, Rudi Shinig Trumpets. A history of Jazz London Cassell 1954 hard back cloth xvi - 365 -[26] - xvi pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
From the lands of the Scyth... Farkas, Ann [introduction / Boris Piotrovsky From the lands of the Scythians. Ancient Treasures from the Museums of the U.S.S.R. 3000 B.C. to 100 B.C. New York Graphic Society 1975 hard back cloth dustj. 160 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Meisterzeichnungen aus sech... Piel, Friedrich [Hgr.] Meisterzeichnungen aus sechs Jahrhunderten. Die Sammlung Ian Woodner [Wien Albertina / München Haus der Kunst] Köln Dumont 1986 hard back cloth dustj. XXIX - 257 - [14] pp [spine bit discol. further near mint] € 10.00 Aquilabooks
Gustave Doré. Mit 141 Abbil... Hartlaub, G.F. von / Hermann Voss [Hrg.] Gustave Doré. Mit 141 Abbildungen Leipzig Klinkhardt [1923] [Meister der Graphik Band XI] hard back cloth 170 - [3] pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Charles Meryon. Mit 60 Abbi... Ecke, Goesta / Hermann Voss [Hrg.] Charles Meryon. Mit 60 Abbildungen auf 56 Tafgeln in Lichtdruck Leipzig Klinkhardt [1923] [Meister der Graphik Band XI] hard back cloth 43 pp + 56 plates € 7.00 Aquilabooks
La place de l'absent, ouvra... Borius, Mlle J. La place de l'absent, ouvrage illustré de 30 gravures Paris Hachette 1909 hard back dec. cloth a.e.g. 196-[1] pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Das edle Blut Wildenbruch, Ernst von; Karl Röhling [illudsytr.] Das edle Blut Berlin Grote'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung 1916 hard back dec. cloth 86-[2] pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Auf den Diamanten- und Gold... Strecker, Carl Christoph Auf den Diamanten- und Goldfeldern Südafrikas. Schilderungen von Land und Leuten, der politischen, kirchlichen und kulturelle Zustände Südafrikas. Mit Titelbild, 100 Abbildungen im Text ind eine Karte Freiburg Herder 1901 hard back dec. cloth XVI-682 pp € 35.00 Aquilabooks
Der Kampf zwischen Bur und ... Wet, Chr. R. de; A. Oskar Klausmann Der Kampf zwischen Bur und Brite ( Der dreijährige Krieg). Für die Jugend bearbeitet. Mit Karten und Illustrationen Kattowitz und Leipzig [1903] hard back dec. cloth XII-292 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Mit Blitzlicht und Büchse i... Schilling, C.G. Mit Blitzlicht und Büchse im Zauber des Eleléscho Leipzig Voigtländer 1910 1.-4. Aufl. hard back dec. cloth 383 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks

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