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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
What counts, how every brai... Butterworth, Brian What counts, how every brain is hardwired for math New York The Free Press 1999 hard cover dustj. xv-416 pp [mint] € 16.00 Aquilabooks
A modern introduction to ph... Edwards, Paul / Arthur Pap A modern introduction to philosophy. Readings from Classical and Contemporary Sources New York The Free Press 1973 3. ed. hard back xix-868 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
For the Common Defense. A M... Millett, Allan R. Peter Maslowski For the Common Defense. A Military History of the United States of America New York The Free Press 1994 revised and expanded ed. hard back dustj. xiv - 701 pp [mint] € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Masteerpieces of Persian Art Pope, Arthur Upham / Phyllis ackerman / Eric Schroeder Masteerpieces of Persian Art New York The Dryden Press 1945 hard back 204 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
P{rofessional Denture Servi... Clapp, George Wood / Russell Wilford Tench P{rofessional Denture Service. Volume 1 2 New York The Dentists' Supply Co. 1918 / 1921 hard back 256 - 141 - [2] pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Lancaster, G.B. - Pageant Lancaster, G.B. Pageant New York The Century 1933 1 ed. hard back 415 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Cases and Strategies for Pr... Rubin, Barnett R. Cases and Strategies for Preventive Action [Preventive Action Reports Volume 2] New York The Century Foundation Press 1998 soft cover xii - 247 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Airline, Identity, Design a... Lovegrove, Keith Airline, Identity, Design and Culture New York teNeues Publ. 2000 soft cover 139-[4] pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Five centuries of French Pa... Ergmann, Raoul Five centuries of French Painting New York Tabard 1989 hard cover/dustj. 189 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Amis, Kingsley - Memoirs Amis, Kingsley Memoirs New York Summit Books 1991 hard back dustj. 346 pp [mint] € 12.00 Aquilabooks
The drowned and the saved Levi, Primo The drowned and the saved New York Summit Books 1989 hard back dustj. 203 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Economides, Anton - Greece Economides, Anton Greece New York Stephen-Paul 1947 hard cover cloth 110 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Rose dreams. Song (revised ... Stasny, A.J. + J.R. Shannon Rose dreams. Song (revised edition) New York: Stasny Music, 1922 4 pp., restaur. € 2.00 Aquilabooks
Comparative Public Policy. ... Heidenheimer, Arnold J. i.a. Comparative Public Policy. The politics of social choice in America, Europe and Japan New York St Martins Press 1990 soft cover xv-416 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
The Kurds. A people in sear... McKiernan, Kevin The Kurds. A people in search of thei homeland New York St Martin`s Press 2006 hard cover dustj. x-390 pp [mint] € 22.00 Aquilabooks
Warrior race, A history of ... James, Lawrence Warrior race, A history of the British at war New York St Martin`s Press 2003 [first American ed.] hard cover dustj. xv-864 pp [mint] € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Living with Koestler. Mamai... Koestler in: Celia Goodman [ed.] Living with Koestler. Mamaine Koestler's letters 1945 - 51 New York St. Martins Press 1985 [first Am. ed.] hard cover dustj. 204 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Playgirls of Yesteryear Lebeck, Robert Playgirls of Yesteryear New York St. Martins Press 1981 pbk. € 4.00 Aquilabooks
The Prometheus deception LUDLUM, Robert The Prometheus deception New York St. Martins Press 2000 hard back dustj. 507 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
The Art of Advertising. Gre... Miller, Ernestine G. The Art of Advertising. Great commercial illustrations from the early years of magazines New York St. Martin`s Press 1980 sm. folio stiff wrps. € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Katherine Mansfield. A secr... Tomalin, Claire Katherine Mansfield. A secret life New York St. Martin's Press 1987 soft cover viii - 292 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
What 's Holding You Back? Horn, Sam What 's Holding You Back? New York St. Martin's Griffin 1997 soft cover 337 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
The Prince and the Wild Geese Brophy, Brigid / Prince Grégoire Gagarin [illustr.] The Prince and the Wild Geese New York St. Martins Press 1983 hard back dustj. 63 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Strait, Raymond - Alan Alda Strait, Raymond Alan Alda New York St. Martins Press 1983 hard back dustj. [dam.] 250 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Leonardo, the first scientist White, Michael Leonardo, the first scientist New York St. Martin's Griffin 2000 pbk. XIII-370 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Murari, T.N. - The Last Victory Murari, T.N. The Last Victory New York St. Martin's Press 1988 hard back dustj. [dam.] 336 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Chemical and biological war... Croddy, Eric / Clarissa Perez-Armendariz / Janh Hart Chemical and biological warfare. A conprehensive survey for the concerned citizen New York Springer 2002 hard cover dustj. xxxii-306 pp [mint] € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Mathematics today. Twelve i... Steen, Lynn Arthur [ed.] Mathematics today. Twelve informal essays New York Springer 1978 hard back [plasticized] viii-367 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Pollen: Biology, Biochemist... Stanley, R.G., Linskens, H.F. Pollen: Biology, Biochemistry, Management New York Springer Verlag 1974; with dedication of Linskens to L. v.d. Pijl hard back IX-307 pp € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Social Development / Histor... Grusec, Joan E. / Hugh Lytton Social Development / History, Theory, and Research New York Springer 1988 soft back xiv-545 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Habers, Walther - Involved Habers, Walther Involved New York SOHO Press 1994 hard back dustj. 308 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
When summer's in the meadow Williams, Niall Christine Breen When summer's in the meadow New York Soho Press 1989 hard cover dustj. 224 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
How to Rob an Armored Car Levison, Iain How to Rob an Armored Car New York Soho Pr Inc 2009 295pp, Paperback / softback [mint] € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Illustrators 22. The twenty... Linkhorn,Forbes Lloyd / Robert Hallock [design] Illustrators 22. The twenty second annual of american illustration New York Society of Illustrators1981 hard back cloth dustj. € 20.00 Aquilabooks
Germs. Biological weapons a... Miller, Judith i.a. Germs. Biological weapons and America's secret war New York Simon Shuster 2001 hard cover dustj. 382 pp [mint] € 12.00 Aquilabooks
FOUND. The best lost, tosse... Rothbart, Davy FOUND. The best lost, tossed, and forgotten items from arounde the world New York Simon Shuster 2004 soft cover 4o. 252 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Encounters. An anthology fr... Spender, Stephen, Irving Kristol, Melvin J. Lasky [eds.] Encounters. An anthology from the first ten years of Encounter Magazine New York Simon Shuster 1965 soft cover xiii-561 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Bailout / An Inside Account... Barofsky, Neil Bailout / An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street New York Simon Schuster 2012 hard back dustj. xvi - 270 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Wallace, Irving - The Prize Wallace, Irving The Prize New York Simon Schuster 1962 hard back 768 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
City of Dreams. A Novel of ... Swerling, Beverly City of Dreams. A Novel of Nieuw Amsterdam and Early Manhattan New York Simon Shuster 2001 hard back dustj. 591 pp AS NEW € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Let me call you sweetheart Higgins Clark, Mary Let me call you sweetheart New York Simon Schuster 1995 hard back dustj. 319 pp [very good] € 6.00 Aquilabooks
The book of happy cats Voulet, Jacqueline Remo Forlani [illustr.] The book of happy cats New York Simon Shuster 1979 soft cover 77 pp € 3.00 Aquilabooks
Dance Posters Luger, Eleanor Rachel Dance Posters New York Simon Shuster 1979 stiff wrps. 72 pp ex library € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Man Alive! Dressing the fre... Hix, Charles, Stephen AuCoin [phot.] Man Alive! Dressing the free way New York Simon Shuster 1984 hard cover 232 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Classic style Miller, Judith Tim Clinch [phot.] Classic style New York Simon Shuster 1998 hard cover 176 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Secret Understandings Philipson, Morris Secret Understandings New York Simon Shuster 1983 hard cover dustj. 288 pp [first free endp. cut out] € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Fallaci, Oriana - A man Fallaci, Oriana A man New York Simon Shuster 1979 hard cover dustj. 463 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Diana her new life Morton, Andrew Diana her new life New York Simon Schuster 1994 hard cover dustj. 176 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Women on top. How real life... Friday, Nancy Women on top. How real life has changed women's sexual fantasies New York Simon Shuster 191991 hard back dustj. 460 pp [mint € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Art before Columbus. The ar... Emmerich, Andre Art before Columbus. The art of Ancient Mexico - from the archaic village of the second millenium to the splendor of the Aztecs New York Simon Shuster 1963 soft cover 256 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks

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