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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The Full Cupboard of Life McCall Smith, Alexander The Full Cupboard of Life New York Random House Inc 2003 hard back dustj. 198 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
The One to One Fieldbook / ... Peppers, Don / Martha Rogers / Bob Dorf The One to One Fieldbook / The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a 1To1 Marketing Program New York Random house 1999 soft cover xxiv-406 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Of Paradise and Power / Ame... Kagan, Robert Of Paradise and Power / America and Europe in the New World Order New York Random House Inc 2004 174pp, paperback € 3.00 Aquilabooks
Blood & Oil, inside the Sha... Farmanfarmaian, Manucher / Roxane Farmanfarmaian Blood & Oil, inside the Shah's Iran New York Random House 1997 [signed with dedication 1999] pbk. xxv - 514 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Nieuw Nederland. Bijdragen ... Rhijn, A.A. van Nieuw Nederland. Bijdragen van buiten bezet gebied in verband met den wederopbouw van ons land [o.a. Beelaerts van Blokland, Bolkestein en Gerbrandy] New York Querido 1944 geb. met omslag 344 pp € 3.00 Aquilabooks
The Lord won't mind. One fo... Merrick, Gordon The Lord won't mind. One for the Gods New York Quality Paperback Book Club 2000 soft cover 312 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Drink with the devil Higgins, Jack Drink with the devil New York Putnam 1996 hard cover dustj. 290 pp dustj. glued to brds. € 5.00 Aquilabooks
A passage in the night Asch, Scholem A passage in the night New York Putnam 1953 hard cover cloth dustj. [back discol. sl. dam.] 367 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Parker, Robert B. - Double deuce Parker, Robert B. Double deuce New York Putnam 1992 hard back 224 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Digging for lost African Go... `Prorok, Byron Khun de Digging for lost African Gods. The record of five years archaeological excavation in North Africa New York Putnam 1926 hard back cloth [ELC stamps] xv-369 pp folded map € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Father / Land. A Personal S... Kempe, Frederick Father / Land. A Personal Search for the New Germany New York Putnam 1999 hard back dustj. 339 pp [signed by author with dedication ] € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Our Face from Fish to Man. ... Gregory, William K. / William Beebe [foreword] Our Face from Fish to Man. A Portrait Gallery of our Ancient Ancestors and Kinsfolk together with a concise History of Our Best Features. With 119 illustrations New York Putnam The Knickerbocker Press 1929 hard back dustj. [dam.] xl - 295 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
James Dean a potrait Schatt, Roy James Dean a potrait New York Putman 1982 soft cover 144 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
K blows top. A cold war com... Carlson, Peter K blows top. A cold war comic interlude starring Nikita Khrushchev , America`s most unlikely tourist New York Public Affairs 2009 1. ed. hard cover dustj. xiv-327 pp € 16.00 Aquilabooks
Advanced Impression taking.... Lieberthal, Robert H. Advanced Impression taking. Scientific and corret method bases upon principles founded by Drs. Greene. with 43 half-tone illustrations New York Professional Publ. Co. 1918 hard back cloth 79 - [2] pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Programming language, conce... Watt, David A. Programming language, concepts and paradigms [Int. Series in Computer Science ed. C.A.R. Hoare] New York Prentice Hall 1990 soft cover xvi-322 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Mathematical Physics Menzel, Donald H. Mathematical Physics New York Prentice-Hall 1953 hard back cloth vii-412 pp € 25.00 Aquilabooks
Digital Design. Principles ... Wakerly, John F. Digital Design. Principles and practices New York Prentice-Hall 1990 2nd. ed. soft cover xxii - 840 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Applications and Design wit... Jacob, J. Michael Applications and Design with Analog Integrated Circuits New York Prentice-Hall 1993 2nd. ed. soft cover xiii - 575 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Solid State Devices Streetman, Ben G. Solid State Devices New York Prentice-Hall 1980 2nd. ed. soft cover xvii - 461 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The reality of foreign aid Thorp, Willard L. The reality of foreign aid New York Praeger 1971 hard cover dustj. xivx-370 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
A history of Soviet Russia Ulam, Adam B. A history of Soviet Russia New York Praeger 1976 soft cover viii-312 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The United States and the i... Diebold, John The United States and the industrial world. American Foreign Economic Policy in the 1970's New York Praeger 1972 hard back dustj. xv-463 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
The spell of time. A tale o... Levin, Meyer; Eli Levin [illustr.] The spell of time. A tale of love in Jerusalem New York Praeger 1975 2. printing hard bacl dustj. [dam.] 127 pp [exlibris Uri Rubinstein; signed with dedication, 1978] € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Arms Deal, The Selling of t... Dörfer, Ingemar Arms Deal, The Selling of the F - 16 New York Praeger 1983 hard back dustj. xviii-287 pp [little foxing on edges] € 15.00 Aquilabooks
A Concise History of Russia... Talbot Rice, Tamara A Concise History of Russian Art New York Praeger 1967 3. pr. soft cover 288 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
The Children of Pride in th... Myers, Robert Manson [ed.] The Children of Pride in three volumes [1. many mansions 2. the edge of the sqord 3. the night season] New York Popular Library 1972 pbk. 1845 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
A hearse of another color Chaber, M.E. A hearse of another color New York Pocket Book 1959 pbk € 2.00 Aquilabooks
The Complete Illustrated Bo... Vishnudevananda, Swami / Marcus Bach [introd.] The Complete Illustrated Book of YOGA New York Pocket Books 1972 pbk. xiii-411 pp [back discol.]] € 3.00 Aquilabooks
Boy crazy. An intimate look... Hardy, Karen , Rick McGuire Boy crazy. An intimate look at today's rising young stars New York Plume 1984 soft cover 126 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Angel Island Gillmore, Inez Haynes / Ursula Le Guin [introduction] Angel Island New York Plume Book pbk. xii - 351 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Lattice Gauge Theory '86. P... Satz, Helmut Lattice Gauge Theory '86. Proceedings of NATO Advanced Research Workshop held September 15 - 19, 1986 at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York New York Plenum Press 1987 hard back xii-430 pp € 28.00 Aquilabooks
Difficulties of the bridegr... Hughes, Ted Difficulties of the bridegroom, collected stories New York Picador October 1995 hard cover dustj. xi-159 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Politics and morals Croce, Benedetto Politics and morals New York Philosophical Library 1946 hard back cloth 204 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Dead Cities and forgotten t... Cooper, Gordon Dead Cities and forgotten tribes New York Philosophical Society 1952 hard back red cloth 160 pp [illustr.] € 8.00 Aquilabooks
The Philobiblon of Richard ... Bury, Richard de / Andrew Fleming West [intod.] The Philobiblon of Richard de Bury New York Philip C. Duschnes 1945 hard back in slip case 80 pp € 45.00 Aquilabooks
Van Eyck to Bruegel. Volume... Friedländer, Max J. Van Eyck to Bruegel. Volume 1. The Fitteenth Century New York PHAIDON 3. ed. 1969 soft cover x-63 pp 150 plates € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Soviet military strategy in... Douglas Jr., Joseph D. Soviet military strategy in Europe New York Pergamon Press 1980 2. printing hard cover xviii-237 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Chemical engineering volume... Coulson, J.M., J.F. Richardson Chemical engineering volume 5. Solutions to the problems in Volume 2 New York Pergamon Press reprint 1990 soft cover viii-255 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Looking for Mary or, the bl... Donofrio, Beverly Looking for Mary or, the blessed Mother and me New York Penguin 2000 soft cover xii-246-11 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
I don't know what I want, b... Jansen, Julie I don't know what I want, but I know it's not this. A step-by-step guide to finding gratifying work New York Penguin Books 2003 soft cover xii-272 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Making friends with Hitler.... Kershaw, Ian Making friends with Hitler. Lord Londonderry, The Nazi's and the road to World War II New York Penguin Group 2004 hard cover dustj. xix-488 pp [mint] € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Olausen, Judy - Mother Olausen, Judy Mother New York Penguin Group 1996 soft cover no pag. [mint] € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Home design from the inside... Lennon, Robin Home design from the inside out New York Penguin 1997 soft cover 271 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
What Not to Wear Woodall, Trinny What Not to Wear New York Penguin US 2002 soft cover 160pp, € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Death's acres. Inside the l... Bass, Bill & Jon Jefferson; Patricia Cornwell [foreword] Death's acres. Inside the legendary "Body Farm" New York Penguin Group USA 2003 pbk. xvi-345 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Murder in Amsterdam / The D... Buruma, Ian Murder in Amsterdam / The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance New York Penguin US 2006 hard back dustj. 278 pp [good clean copy] € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Whose Bilble is it? A Histo... Pelikan, Joseph Whose Bilble is it? A History of the Scriptures through the Ages New York Penguin Group 2005 hard back dustj. vi - 274 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Richard Doyle, his life and... Hambourg, Daria Richard Doyle, his life and work [English Masters of Black-and-White] New York Pellegrini & Cudahy hard back dustj. 96 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Custom and decorative lumin... Jankowski, Wanda Custom and decorative luminaries New York PBC 1997 soft cover 176 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks

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