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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Die Musik meines Lebens. Vo... Seefehlner, Egon Die Musik meines Lebens. Vom Rechtspraktikanten zum Opernchef in Berlin und Wien Wien Paul Neff 1983 hard back dustj. [dam.] 277 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Russian - English Mathemati... Burlak, J. Russian - English Mathematical Vocabulary London Oliver & Boyd 1963 hard back dustj. 305 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
A digest of elementary chem... Shireby, D. A digest of elementary chemical thermodynamics London Isaac Pitman 1959 hard back dustj. xi-140 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Loxton, Howard - Dogs Dogs Loxton, Howard Dogs Dogs London Hamlyn 1963 2nd. impression hard back dustj. 149 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Short, Robert - Dada & Surrealism Short, Robert Dada & Surrealism London Octopus 1980 hard back dustj. 176 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
The Dangerous Hour. The lor... Blum, Richard & Eva The Dangerous Hour. The lore of crisis and mystery in rural Greece London Chatto & Windus 1970 hard back dustj. [upper part dustj. dam.] ix-410 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
National Costume Reference:... Sichel, Marion National Costume Reference: JAPAN London Batsford 1978 hard back dustj. 64 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Marxism. Oner hundred years... Wolfe, Bertram D. Marxism. Oner hundred years in the life of a doctrine London Chapman & Hall / CRC 1967 hard back dustj. xxiii-404 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Donaldson, erald - Books Donaldson, erald Books Scarborough Van Nostrand Reinhold 1981 hard back dustj. 128 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Information and exponential... Barndorff - Nielsen, O. Information and exponential families in statisticak theory New York John Wiley 1979 hard back dustj. ix-238 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
In the image of the brain. ... Jubak, Jim In the image of the brain. Breaking the barrier between the human mind and intelligent machines Boston Little Brown 1992 hard back dustj. xix-348 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Conservatives and Conservatism Norton, Philip & Arthur Aughey Conservatives and Conservatism London Temple Smith 1981 hard back dustj. 334 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The Enlish Middle Classes Lewis, Roy and Angus Maude The Enlish Middle Classes London Phoenix House 1949 hard back dustj. 320 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Survey of British Commonwea... Mansergh, Nicholas Survey of British Commonwealth Affairs. Problems of External Policy 1931 - 1939 London Oxford U.P. 1952 hard back dustj. xx-479 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Made in ancient Greece Price, Christine Made in ancient Greece London The Bodley Head 1967 hard back dustj. 160 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Lockley, R.M. - Britain in colour Lockley, R.M. Britain in colour London Batsford 1972 hard back dustj. [bit dam.] 142 pp pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Liberty Style. The classic ... Levy, Mervyn Liberty Style. The classic years 1898 - 1910 New York Rizzolo 1986 hard back dustj. 160 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Wegman, William - Fay Wegman, William Fay New York Hyperion 1999 hard back dustj. 127 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Strait, Raymond - Alan Alda Strait, Raymond Alan Alda New York St. Martins Press 1983 hard back dustj. [dam.] 250 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
A short History of Scientif... Singer, Charles A short History of Scientific Ideas to 1900 New York Oxford University Press hard back dustj. xviii-525 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
The art of Sukamar Bose. Re... Purushothaman, Venka [ed.] The art of Sukamar Bose. Reflections on South & Southeast Asia Singapore Institute of Southeast Asian Studies 2013 hard back dustj. xxv-234 pp [mint] € 45.00 Aquilabooks
Culture, vernacular politic... Hauser, Walter [ed.] Culture, vernacular politics, and the peasants: India, 1889 - 1950. An edited translation of Swami Sahajanand Sarawati's Mera Jivan Sangharsh ( My life struggle) New Delhi MANOHAR 2015 hard back dustj. xliv-708 pp [mint] € 30.00 Aquilabooks
Print Culture / Sir Syed's ... Abbas, Asghar Print Culture / Sir Syed's Aligarh Institute Gazette 1866-1897 Delhi PRIMUS BOOKS 2015 hard back dustj. xii-200 pp € 20.00 Aquilabooks
Colonial and Contemporary B... Pati, Biswamoy / Lata Singh [ed.] Colonial and Contemporary Bihar and Jharkhand Delhi PRIMUS BOOKS 2014 hard back dustj. viii-256 pp [mint] € 20.00 Aquilabooks
Fractals and Scaling in Fin... Mandelbrot, Benoit B. Fractals and Scaling in Finance / Discontinuity, Concentration, Risk. Selecta Volume E Berlin Springer 1997 hard back dustj. x-551pp € 45.00 Aquilabooks
The Fall of the Dynastie. T... Taylor, Edmund The Fall of the Dynastie. The collapse of the Old Order 1905 - 1922 New York Doubleday 1963 hard back dustj. x-421 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The new beauty secrets. You... Mercier, Laura / Richard Pierce [photogr.] The new beauty secrets. Your ultimate guide to a flawless face New York ATRIA Books 2006 hard back dustj. 233 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
From the ends of the world Lamb, Christian From the ends of the world Honiton Bene Factum Publ. 2004 hard back dustj. 224 pp [some undel. and annot. in lead pencil + literature list mentioned in the te... € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Art Nouveau in Catalonia Loyer, François Art Nouveau in Catalonia Köln Taschen 1997 hard back dustj. 254 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
The Silkroad Bonavia, Judy / Jacky Yip [photography] The Silkroad London Harrap 1988 hard back dustj. 79 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Women at war [Voices from t... Fountain, Nigel [ed.] Women at war [Voices from the twentieth century from the Imperial War Museum; includes 1-hour audio CD of actual eyewitness accounts] London Michael O'Mara Books 2002 hard back dustj. [mint] with the audio CD € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Seret Firearms. An illustra... Walter, John D. Seret Firearms. An illustrated history of miniature and concealed handguns London Arms and Armour Press 1997 hard back dustj. 144 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Models of Spatial Processes... Getis, Arthur / Barry Boots Models of Spatial Processes. An approach to the study of point, line and area patterns Cambridge Cambridge U.P. 1978 hard back dustj. xvi-198 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Revuz, D. - Markov Chains Revuz, D. Markov Chains Amsterdam North-Holland Publ. 1975 hard back dustj. x-336 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
Breytenbach, Breyten - Mouroir Breytenbach, Breyten Mouroir New York Farrar Straus Giroux 1984 hard back dustj. 257 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
The Prince and the Wild Geese Brophy, Brigid / Prince Grégoire Gagarin [illustr.] The Prince and the Wild Geese New York St. Martins Press 1983 hard back dustj. 63 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Frederick the Great Mitford, Nancy / Joy Law [picture research] Frederick the Great London Hamish Hamilton 1970 hard back dustj. 304 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Applied Probability Thompson Jr., W.A. Applied Probability New York Holt Rinehart & Winston 1969 hard back dustj. xiii-175 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Gibbs States on countable sets Preston, Chritopher J. Gibbs States on countable sets Cambridge Cambridge U.P. 1974 hard back dustj. ix-128 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Goodnight! Terts, Abram [Andrei Sinyavsky] / Richard Lourie [transl. & introd.] Goodnight! New York Viking Penguin 1989 hard back dustj. xiv-364 pp [name on inside last brd.] € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Clark, Kenneth - Feminine Beauty Clark, Kenneth Feminine Beauty New York Rizzoli 1980 hard back dustj. 199 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
The Book of Abraham Halter, Marek The Book of Abraham London Collins 1986 hard back dustj. ix-722 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Album des Chateaux de France Gascard, Pierre / Alba de Céspedes i.a. Album des Chateaux de France Paris Sélections du Reader's Digest 1975 hard back dustj. 312 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
"If only my people .." Zion... Jakobovits, Immanuel "If only my people .." Zionism in my life London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1984 hard back dustj. xiii-280 pp [some foxing on the end papers] € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Jerusalem in the Twentieth ... Gilbert, Martin Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century New York John Wiley 1996 hard back dustj. XVI-412 pp [mint] € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Echocardiology [development... Lancée, Charles T. Echocardiology [developments in Cardiovascular Medicine Volume I] The Hahue Martinus Nijhoff 1979 hard back dustj. xix-489 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
The heart. Its function in ... Selzer, Arthur The heart. Its function in health and disease London Angus and Robertson 1966 hard back dustj. [dam. / discol.] xii-301 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Segontin. Prophylaxis and t... Segontin. Prophylaxis and therapy of coronary insufficiency Frankfurt Hoechst 1969 hard back dustj. 82 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Edgar Allan Poe, Creator of... Shorto, Russell Edgar Allan Poe, Creator of Dreams New York The Kipling Press 1988 hard back dustj. 48 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Smith, Peter D. - Constable Smith, Peter D. Constable Naefels Bonfini Press 1981 hard back dustj. 95 pp [richly illustr.] € 5.00 Aquilabooks

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