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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Israel, years of crisis yea... Frister, Roman; David Ben Gurion, Yigl Allon, Moshe Dayan [intr.] Israel, years of crisis years of hope New York McGraw-Hill 1972 hard cover dustj. 232 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Introduction to Operations ... Hillier, Frederick S., Lieberman, Gerald J. Introduction to Operations Research New York McGraw-Hill 1990 soft cover xviii-954 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Morphology of vascular plan... Eames, Arthur J. Morphology of vascular plants, lower groups (psilophytales to filicales) New York McGraw-Hill 1936 hard back cloth xviii-433 pp ill. € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Plant and soil water relati... Kramer, Paul J. Plant and soil water relationships New York McGraw-Hill 1949 hard back dustj. xiii-347 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
General Zoology Storer, Tracey I. General Zoology New York McGraw-Hill 1943 1 ed. 9th impr. hard back xii-798 pp [spine ends dam.] exlibris L.L. Brederveld] € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Animal Biology Wolcott, Robert H. Animal Biology New York McGraw-Hill 1946 3. ed. hard back xviii-719 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Abnormal Psychology Nolen - Hoeksema, Susan Abnormal Psychology New York McGraw Hill 2004 3. ed. soft cover xxv-700-[108] pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Thermodynamics SI (metric) ... Abbott, M.M. H.C. van Ness Thermodynamics SI (metric) edition [Schaum Outline Series] New York McGraw-Hill 1976 soft cover 344 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Brains, machines and mathem... Arbib, Michael A. Brains, machines and mathematics New York McGraw-Hill 1964 soft cover xiv-152 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Alternative to partition. F... Brzezinski, Zbigniew Alternative to partition. For a broader conception of America's role in Europe New York McGraw-Hill 1965 hard cover dustj. xiv-208 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Atlantic Agricultural Unity... Coppock, John O. Atlantic Agricultural Unity: Is it possible? New York McGraw-Hill 1966 hard cover dustj. xvi-238 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The atlantic idea and its e... Cleveland, Harold van B. The atlantic idea and its european rivals New York McGraw-Hill 1966 hard cover dustj. xxvi-286 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The conflicted relation. Th... Geiger, Theodore The conflicted relation. The West and the transformation of Asia, Africa and Latin America New York McGraw-Hill 1967 hard cover xiv-303 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Trade and development. The ... Pincus, John Trade and development. The rich and the poor nations New York McGraw-Hill 1967 hard cover dustj. xv-400 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Communicating with stranger... Gudykunst, Willam B. ; Kim, Young Yun Communicating with strangers, an approach to intercultural communication New York McGraw Hill 1992 2. ed. soft cover 304 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Ahab's trade'. The Saga of ... Mawer, Granville Allen Ahab's trade'. The Saga of South Seas Whaling New York Martin's Press 1999 hard cover dustj. xiv-393 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Don Giovanni's Grogress: A ... Pirrotta, Nino / Harris saunders [transl.] Don Giovanni's Grogress: A rake goes to the Opera New York Marsilio 1994 pbk. soft back 253 pp [name on inside last wrp.] € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Recent Works. Marlborough N... Mascaró, Xavier Recent Works. Marlborough New York November 23rd - December 26th 2002 New York Marlborough Gallery 2002 soft cover 32 pp [lower corner bumped] € 9.00 Aquilabooks
A Peculiar Peril VanderMeer, Jeff A Peculiar Peril New York Macmillan USA 2020 hard back dustj. 632 - [13] pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Principles of Econimics Vol... Taussig, F.W. Principles of Econimics Volume 1 2 New York MacMillan 1921 3. ed. hard back cloth xxiii - 545 / xix - 576 pp [in volume 1 underl. and annotattions in lead pencil] € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Progress into the past. The... McDonald, William A. Progress into the past. The rediscovery of Mycenaean civilization New York Macmillan 1967 hard back dustj. [dam.] XX-476 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Introduction to Mathematica... Hogg, Robert V. / Allen T. Craig Introduction to Mathematical Statistics New York Macmillan 1978 4th ed. soft cover x-438 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks
A course in Simulation Ross, Sheldon M. A course in Simulation New York MacMillan 1990 hard back xiv-202 pp € 18.00 Aquilabooks
European society in upheava... Stearns, Peter N. European society in upheaval. Social History since 1750 New York Macmillan 1975 2. ed. soft cover xii-360 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
War or peace? Dulles, John Foster War or peace? New York Macmillan 1950 pbk. 274 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
The Qumran Community. Its h... Fritsch, Charles T. The Qumran Community. Its history and scrolls New York Macmillan 1956 2nd printing hard back dustj. x - 147 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
ISDN, an introduction Stallings, William ISDN, an introduction New York Macmillan 1989 hard cover xii-418 pp [ex libr. stamps] € 5.00 Aquilabooks
Plant life in the pacific w... Merrill, Elmer D. Plant life in the pacific world New York Macmillan 1946 hard back dustj. (dam.) xiv-295 pp ill. € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Introduction to  Mathematic... Hogg, Robert V. / Allen T. Craig Introduction to Mathematical Statistics New York MacMillan 1970 hard back cloth x - 415 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Benjamin Franklin's Library... Gray, Austin K. / Owen Wister [foreword] Benjamin Franklin's Library (Printed, 1936, as "The First American Library") A short account of the Library Company of Philadelphia 1731 - 1931 New York MacMillan 1937 hard back cloth + [dam.] dustwrps. xi-80 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
The Life of Thomas Hardy 18... Hardy, Florence Emily The Life of Thomas Hardy 1840 - 1928 New York Macmillan 1965 hard back dustj. xiii-470 pp € 15.00 Aquilabooks
Human History and the World... Connolly, James M.; Louis Bouyer [preface] Human History and the World of God. The christian meaning of history in contemporary thought New York Macmillan 1965 hard back dustj. xix-327 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
A Peculiar Peril. The Misad... VanderMeer, Jeff / Jeremy Zerfoss [illustr.] A Peculiar Peril. The Misadventures of Jonathan Lambshead New York Macmillan USA 2020 hard back dustj. 646 pp € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Cotton growing problems Christidis, Basil G. / Harrison, George J. Cotton growing problems New York MacGraw-Hill 1955 hard back cloth odwrps vii-633 pp ill. € 9.00 Aquilabooks
The testaments of Francois ... Villon, Francois; John Heron Lepper [transl.] The testaments of Francois Villon New York Livright 1924 hard cover black cloth [back discold. chafed] xxxvi-316 pp € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Primitive religion Lowie, Robert H. Primitive religion New York Liveright 1948 hard back cloth xxiii-382 pp [markings in lead pencil in the margins] € 6.00 Aquilabooks
Banks, Iain M. - Matter Banks, Iain M. Matter New York Little Brown Co 2008 hard back dustj. ix - 593 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Great prints  printmakers Wechsler, Herman J. Great prints printmakers New York Leon Amiel [1977] hard cover dustj. 240 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Germany [Popular History of... Cohen, Stuart [ed.] Germany [Popular History of Jewish Civilization] New York Leon Amiel Publ. hard back dustj. 120 pp € 4.00 Aquilabooks
Giving up "mental illness" ... Zaejian, Jasenn Giving up "mental illness" or how to be "normal" in a crazy world New York Kroshka Books 1998 soft cover xvi-167 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Having our say. The Delany ... Delany, Sarah and A. Elizabeth ; Amy Hill Hearth Having our say. The Delany sisters` first 100 years New York Kodansha 1993 hard cover dustj. 210 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Sandcastles, the Arabs in s... Viorst, Milton Sandcastles, the Arabs in search of the modern world New York Knopt 1994 hard cover dustj. xiv-414 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Kagan, Elaine - The Girls Kagan, Elaine The Girls New York Knopf 1994 hard back dustj. 307 pp € 9.00 Aquilabooks
Canopus in Argos Archives. ... Lessing, Doris Canopus in Argos Archives. The Sirian experiments; The Report by Ambien II, of the Five New York Knopf 1981 hard back dustj. 288 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Canopus in Argos Archives. ... Lessing, Doris Canopus in Argos Archives. The Marriages between Zones Three, Four, and Five New York Knopf 1980 hard back dustj. 245 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Anything Considered Mayle, Peter Anything Considered New York Knopf 1996 hard back dustj. [price clipped] 303 pp € 8.00 Aquilabooks
Adams, Richard - Traveller Adams, Richard Traveller New York Knopf 1988 hard back dustj. 270 pp € 7.00 Aquilabooks
Art and lies, a piece for t... Winterson, Jeanette Art and lies, a piece for three voices and a bawd New York Knopf 1995 hard cover dustj. 206-[9] pp [mint] € 12.00 Aquilabooks
First Person Singular / Sto... Murakami, Haruki / Philip Gabriel [translation] First Person Singular / Stories New York Knopf 2021 hard back dustj. 245 pp [new] € 12.00 Aquilabooks
Morgan, Charles - The fountain Morgan, Charles The fountain New York Knopf 1934 hard cover [top of spine dam.\ 451 pp € 5.00 Aquilabooks

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