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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Images that Injure / Pictor... Lester, Paul Martin Images that Injure / Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media Praeger 1996, first ed. 282pp, Hardcover without dust jacket, good € 250,00 DeBoekenBoom
How to Torture Your Mind / ... Woods, Ralph L. How to Torture Your Mind / Paradoxes, Fallacies, Dilemmas, Figures, and Word Wonders Funk & Wagnalls 1969, 340pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, minor damage and discoloration to dust jacket, very good € 225,00 DeBoekenBoom
Mon pays inconnu - 2 volumes Déita = Mercedes Foucard Guignard Mon pays inconnu - 2 volumes (meer info) ? - Port au Prince 1997 / 2000, 352+287pp. Paperbacks, covers very worn, pages good € 200,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Manna-Machine Sassoon, George & Dale, Rodney The Manna-Machine (meer info) Sidgwick & Jackson 1978, 282pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, corners lightly bumped, stain inside dust jacket, otherwise... € 200,00 DeBoekenBoom
Das Urgesetz der natürliche... Sommer, Walter Das Urgesetz der natürlichen Ernährung Walter Sommer Verlag Without year, foreword 1958, 455pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, mild yellowing, very good € 190,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Equinox / Commentaries ... Crowley, Aleister The Equinox / Commentaries on the Holy Books - volume 4 number 1 Samuel Weiser 1996, first ed. first printing, 382pp. Paperback, some wear to corners, very good € 175,00 DeBoekenBoom
Internationales Horoskope L... Taeger, Hans-Hinrich Internationales Horoskope Lexikon - 1600 Horoskope des Taeger-Archivs - zweisprachig/bilingual (Deutsch/English) (meer info) Hermann Bauer 4 Volumes, 1991, 1992, 1992, 1998, 1. Auflage, ca. 500pp. each, mild yellowing of paper of vol 1-3, ... € 175,00 DeBoekenBoom
Verzameld werk - 6 delen Reve, Gerard Verzameld werk - 6 delen L.J. Veen 1998-2001, 6 delen, hardcovers met stofomslag, bijna als nieuw € 150,00 DeBoekenBoom
L'amour liquide / De la fra... Bauman, Zygmunt L'amour liquide / De la fragilité des liens entre les hommes Pluriel 2009, 191pp. Paperback, wear to cover, otherwise good € 150,00 DeBoekenBoom
Hoa Hao Buddhism in the Cou... Nam, Nguyean Long Thaonh Hoa Hao Buddhism in the Course of Vietnam's History Nova Science Pub Inc 2003, 178pp. Hardcover without dustjacket, very good € 150,00 DeBoekenBoom
Emotion and Personality : V... Arnold, Magda B Emotion and Personality : Vol I - Pscyological Aspacets / Vol II - Neurological and Physiological Aspects Cassel and Company 1961, 2 Volumes 296+430pp. Good hardcovers with damaged dust jackets € 150,00 DeBoekenBoom
Medicinal Plants of the Asi... Wiart, Christophe Medicinal Plants of the Asia-Pacific / Drugs for the Future? World Scientific Pub Co Inc 1200, 719pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, coffee stains on top of the page block, some wear to cov... € 125,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Optimistic Life Marden, Orison Swett The Optimistic Life Rider & Co. Paternoster House, E.C. without year, early 20th century, 316pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, wear to ends of the spine, g... € 125,00 DeBoekenBoom
Josph Beuys / Difesa della ... De Domizio Durini, Lucrezia Josph Beuys / Difesa della natura - The Living Sculpture - Kassel 1977 Venice 2007 Silvana Editoriale Spa 2007, 287pp. Hardcover, minimal wear to cover, very good € 125,00 DeBoekenBoom
That Art Thou Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree That Art Thou The Rebel Publishing House - Cologne 1987, 453pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, some yellowing of pages, good € 125,00 DeBoekenBoom
Ephemerides 1900-2050 Aster... AUREAS Informatique (computer program) Ephemerides 1900-2050 Asteroides Lune-noire et Chiron (intro français + English) (meer info) St. Michel-Éditions 1989, ca. 1600pp. Paperback, some wear to cover, otherwise very good € 125,00 DeBoekenBoom
L'image de la femme dans l'... Delporte, Henri L'image de la femme dans l'art préhistorique Picard 1993, 283pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, mild yellowing of page edges, otherwise very good € 100,00 DeBoekenBoom
Schizophrenic Art: Its Mean... Naumburg, Margaret Schizophrenic Art: Its Meaning in Psychotherapy (meer info) Grune & Stratton 1950, 246pp. Very good hardcover, repaired dust jacket € 100,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Mystery of Miracles / A... Reynolds, Joseph William The Mystery of Miracles / A Scientific and Philosophical Investigation (meer info) C. Kegan Paul & Co. 1881, second ed. 432pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, see more info € 90,00 DeBoekenBoom
American Popular History an... Schlossman, David A. (editor) American Popular History and Culture: Actors and Activists : Performance, Politics and Exchange among Social Worlds ROUTLEDGE CHAPMAN HALL 2002, 343pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, near fine € 90,00 DeBoekenBoom
A Passage to America Brecher, Max A Passage to America Book Quest 1993, 397pp. Hardcover with some wear to dust jaket, very good € 90,00 DeBoekenBoom
Epistemology and Psychology... Piaget, Jean / Grize, Jean-Blaise / Szeminska, Alina / Bang, Vinh Epistemology and Psychology of Functions (meer info) Reidel Publishing 1968, 205pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, ex-library, good. early edition. € 80,00 DeBoekenBoom
Trauma and Life Stories / I... Rogers, Kim Lacy / Leydesdorff, Selma / Dawson, Graham Trauma and Life Stories / International Perspectives Routledge 1999, 262pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, good € 80,00 DeBoekenBoom
Arbeitsmethoden für Organis... Lassar-Cohn Arbeitsmethoden für Organisch-Chemische Laboratorien Allgemeiner Teil (meer info) Hamburg und Leipzig Verlag von Leopold Voss 1906, 352pp. hardcover, good € 80,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Evolution of Arthurian ... Bruce, James Douglas / With a supplement by Alfons Hilka The Evolution of Arthurian Romance / From the Beginnings Down to the Year 1300 Second ed. [Volume II] Vandenhoed & Ruprecht / John Hopkins Press 1928, 460pp. Linnen hardcover without dust jacket, boards bent, otherwise good € 80,00 DeBoekenBoom
A Colour Atlas of Forensic ... Gresham, G. Austin A Colour Atlas of Forensic Pathology Wolfe Medical Books 1975, Hardcover without dust jacket, some discoloration of cover, very good € 80,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Letters of Claudio Mont... Monteverdi, Claudio / Translated by Dennis Stevens The Letters of Claudio Monteverdi Faber and Faber 1980, 443pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, very good € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
Natural Philosophy / Being ... Thierens, A.E. Natural Philosophy / Being an introduction to Astrology and Occultism in general along the lines of Modern Scientific Thought (meer info) London: Rider & Co. Paternoster House, E.C. 4 without year, ca.1930?? 158pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, see more info. € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
Das Gemüt / Grundgedanken z... Strasser, S. Das Gemüt / Grundgedanken zu einer Phänomenogischen Philosophie und Theorie des menschlichen Gefühlslebens Het Spektrum - Verlag Herder 1956, 291pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, extensive pencil underlinings and notes, some wear to co... € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Tripartite Nature of Ma... Heard, Rev J.B. The Tripartite Nature of Man, Spirit, Soul, and Body, Applied to Illustrate and Explain the Doctrines of Original Sin, the New Birth, the Disembodied State, and the Spiritual Body T. & T. Clark Edinburg 1868, 363pp. Hardcover, cloth, gold lettering to spine, some damage to edges and corners, some foxin... € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
Progressies / De horoscoop ... Bode, George Progressies / De horoscoop als levensscenario Vulcanus 2003, 352pp. Hardcover zonder stofomslag, zeer goed € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Lounge Companion / A Co... Terner, Leon The Lounge Companion / A Collection of European Creative Writing Lion Lounge Press 2009, 96pp. Paperback, inscription on title page, wear to corners, very good € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
Genesis van de vorm / Van c... Verstock, Mark Genesis van de vorm / Van chaos tot geometrie Standaard Uitgeverij 1982, 193pp. Paperback + bijlage, some wear to cover, good € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
City in Space. The Inside a... Grand, Lurker - editor City in Space. The Inside and the Outside of Barcelona Architecture and Design From the 50ies to the 70ies Neuer Kunst und Medienverlag Zürich 2001, ca. 100pp. Paperback, some wear to cover and last page, otherwise good € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
Faerie Queene Disposed in T... Spenser, Edmund Faerie Queene Disposed in Twelve Bookes, Fashioning XII Moral Vertues to Which is Added his Epithalmion (meer info) George Routledge and Sons 1869, 820pp. Hardcover, green cloth, with gold decoration on front board, gold lettering on spine, g... € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Miracle That Heals Holland, David The Miracle That Heals Croydon House 1956, 279pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, waterdamage to boards, d.j. very worn, some pencil underlin... € 75,00 DeBoekenBoom
Social Theory and Social St... Merton, Robert K. Social Theory and Social Structure - enlarged edition The Free Press 1968, 702pp. Hardcover, wear to cover, dust jacket in poor condition, pencil underlings and notes € 70,00 DeBoekenBoom
Self the Truth Absolute / A... Subramanian, G. Self the Truth Absolute / A Review of Advaita Vedanta Giri Trading Agency Publication Division - Madras 1995, 385pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, hinges coming loose, dust jacket in poor condition, pages g... € 70,00 DeBoekenBoom
Histoire universelle Tome 1... Groussel, R. & Léonard, E.G. Histoire universelle Tome 1 : des origines à l'Islam. Tome 2 : de l'Islam à la réforme. (meer info) NRF - Encyclopédie de la Pléiade 2 volumes, 1956-57, 1862 + 2068pp. Very good+, see more info € 70,00 DeBoekenBoom
Divine Woman / Dragon Ladie... Schafer, Edward H. Divine Woman / Dragon Ladies and Rain Maidens in T'ang Literature Universtity of California Press 1973, 191pp. Hardcover cloth, no dust jacket, mild foxing outside of book block otherwise near fine € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
Interpersonal Diagnosis of ... Leary, Timothy Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality / A Functional Theory and Methodology for Personality Evaluation The Ronald Press Company 1957, 518pp. Hardcover without dust jacket, some discoloration of spine, very good € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
Les survivants de l'Atlanti... Slosman, Albert Les survivants de l'Atlantide / Les portes de l'étrange Éditions Robert Laffont 1978, 305pp. Paperback, wear to cover, pages good € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Particle Atlas. a photo... McCrone, Walter C. & Draftz R.G. & Delly J.G. The Particle Atlas. a photomicrographic reference for the microscopial identification of particulate substances (meer info) Ann Arbor Science Publishers Inc. 1967, 406pp. plasticized, ex-library green cloth hardcover with slipcase, very good € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
Happy Days : Production Not... Beckett, Samuel / edited by James Knowlson Happy Days : Production Notebook Faber & Faber 1985, 206pp. Very good hardcover, some wear to edges and dust jacket € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
The Book of Books Skarin, Annalee The Book of Books M.A.P. 1999? reprint © 1972, 333pp. Paperback, Discoloration of cover, pages good € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
English-Chinese Medical Dic... English-Chinese Medical Dictionary English-Chinese Medical Dictionary (meer info) see more info 1980, 1665pp. 2.2 kg. Hardcover with dust jacket, hinges loose, otherwise good € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
The wisdom of Sidereal Astr... Takra, Andrés The wisdom of Sidereal Astrology Sun Publisching 1983, 503pp. Paperback, folds in spine, some wear and some discoration of cover, small stain on page... € 65,00 DeBoekenBoom
Silver Birch Anthology Silver Birch / edited by Naylor, Wm. Silver Birch Anthology Spiritualist Press 1955, 132pp. Very good hardcover, some damage & discoloration of dust jacket € 60,00 DeBoekenBoom
Nietzsches andere Vernunft ... Niemeyer, Christian Nietzsches andere Vernunft / Psychologische Aspekte in Biographie und Werk Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft 1998, 437pp. Hardcover with dust jacket, some wear to dust jacket, good € 60,00 DeBoekenBoom
Silence in Action Thakar, Vimala Silence in Action Mrs. E.A.M. Frankena-Geraets and Mr. L.E. Frankena 1968, 88pp. Paperback, inscription with name by author, discoloration and some wear to cover, good € 60,00 DeBoekenBoom

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