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On abnormal conditions of S... Moore, C., 1867.: On abnormal conditions of Secondary deposits when connected with the Somersetshire and South-Wales coal-basin; and on the age of the Sutton and Southerndown Series. Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc. London, 23(5) / 92*: pp. 449-568, many figs. of fossil molluscs on 4 lithogr. pls., 6 figs., tabs., refs. Wrs., uncut. - ... € 30.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Upper Cretaceous Spumellari... Pessagno, E.A., Jr., 1973.: Upper Cretaceous Spumellariina from the Great Valley sequence, California. Bull. Amer. Paleont., 63 (276): pp. 45-102, 77 photos on 13 plates, 2 fold. diagrs., 2 figs., refs., index. Orig. wrappers. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Recherches sur l'équation d... COURSAT, E.: Recherches sur l'équation de Kummer. Acta Soc. Scient. Fennicae, 15 (1888): pp. 45-128. 4to. Extract, plain new wrappers, uncut. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Faunal and facies dynamics ... Cherns, L., 1988.: Faunal and facies dynamics in the Upper Silurian of the Anglo-Welsh basin. Palaeontology, 31(2): pp. 451-502. 1 plate, 14 figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Garabal Hill-Glen Fine ... Nockolds, S.R., 1941.: The Garabal Hill-Glen Fine igneous complex. Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc. London, 96(4) / 384: pp. 451-511, 1 fold. map, 1 fold. tab., 7 figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
On the classification of th... Hampson, G.F., 1896.: On the classification of three subfamilies of moths of the family Pyralidae: the Epipaschiinae, Endotrichinae, and Pyralinae. Trans. Ent. Soc. London, 1896 (4): pp 451-550, several figs. in text. Plain new wrs. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Styudies on Neotropical Mal... Carriker, M.A., Jr., 1936.: Styudies on Neotropical Mallophaga. Part I. Lice of the Tinamous (Tinamidae). Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, 88: pp. 45-218, numerous drawings in 32 full-page figs. Plain new wrappers. € 17.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Fossils reported in Hyogo u... Kobayashi, H. (et al.), 1995.: Fossils reported in Hyogo until 1993. Humanity and Nature, 5: pp. 45-225, tabs., locality maps, refs. 4to. Jourlnal issue, orig. wraqppers. - In Japanese. € 25.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Fossile Fisch-Otolithen. (D... Zilch, A., 1965.: Fossile Fisch-Otolithen. (Die Typen und Typoide des Natur-Museums Senckenberg, 31.) Senckenberg. Lethaea, 46a: pp. 453-490, 1 pl. Plain new wrs. € 7.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Systematik, Verbreitung und... Kramer, E., Schnurrenberger, H., 1963.: Systematik, Verbreitung und Ökologie der Lybischen Schlangen. Rev. Suis. Zool., 70(3): pp. 453-568, 4 pls., 13 figs., bibl. 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 18.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Schema introduttiva alla ge... Ogniben, L., 1969.: Schema introduttiva alla geologia del confine Calabro-Lucano. Mem. Soc. Geol. Ital., 7: pp. 453-763, 1 fold. col. geol. map and 1 fold. plate of col. sections in pocket, 183 photos and fig... € 40.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Isorthis and Salopina (Brac... Walmsley, V.G., 1965.: Isorthis and Salopina (Brachiopoda) in the Ludlovian of the Welsh Borderland. Palaeontology, 8(3): pp. 454-477, 146 photos on 5 pls., refs. Plain new wrs. Last text page in xerox copy. € 7.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A North American Oligocene ... Emry, R.J., 1970.: A North American Oligocene pangolin and other additions to the Pholidota. Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., 142(6): pp. 455-510, several photos and drawings in 32 figs., refs. Laghr 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrappers. € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Mesozoic Neuroptera and Rap... Whalley, P.E.S., 1988.: Mesozoic Neuroptera and Raphidoptera (Insecta) in Britain. Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Geol., 44(1): pp. 45-63, 17 photos and figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. € 5.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Cyoerus jacquinii Schad., p... FENZL, Eduard (1808-1879).: Cyoerus jacquinii Schad., prolixus Kunth und Comostemum montevidense N. ab Es. Ein Beitrag zur näheren Kenntniss des relativen Werthes der Diffential-Charactere des Arten der Gattung Cyperis. Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 8 (1854): pp. 45-64,, several detailed figures on 3 lithographed plates. 4to, 29cm. Paperbound, plain new wrap... € 35.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Neue Beiträge zur Anatomie ... Stahr, H., 1898.: Neue Beiträge zur Anatomie der Hummerschere, mit physiologischen und phylogenetischen Bemerkungen. Jena. Zeitschr. Naturwiss., 32: pp. 457-482, 9 figs. on 2 plates, refs. Plain new wrappers. € 5.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Über triadische Hydrozoen v... Steinmann, G., 1893.: Über triadische Hydrozoen vom östlichen Balkan und ihre Beziehungen zu jüngeren Formen. Sitzungsber. Kais. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Abth. I, 102: pp. 457-502, several figs. on 3 pls., 5 figs. in text, refs. Plain new wrs. € 8.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Intellectuial and education... CORR, Margaret V., YERKES,, Robert M.: Intellectuial and educational status of the medical profession as represented in the United States Army. Bull. Natl. Res. Council, 1(8): pp. 457-532, 43 tables in text. Offprnt, orig. wrappers. Very good. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The shell structure of the ... HOWARTH, M.K., 1975.: The shell structure of the Liassic ammonite family Dactylioceratidae. Bull. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist.), Geol., 26(2): pp. 45-76. 10 plates of microphotos, 2 figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Limitatori naturali degli E... Parenti, U. (et al.), 1995.: Limitatori naturali degli Elachistidae (Lepidoptera). Boll. Mus. Reg. Sci. Nat. Torino, 13(1): pp. 45-76, 7 col. photos on 1 pl. and in text, figs., refs. Plain new wrs. € 6.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A restudy of conodonts desc... Kennedy, D.J., 1980.: A restudy of conodonts described by Branson Mehl, 1933, from the Jefferson City Formation, Lower Ordovician, Missouri. Geol. et Palaeont., 14: pp. 45-76, 84 microphotos on 2 pls., 2 tabs., 2 figs., refs. 4to. Plain new wrs. € 8.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoide... Kieffer, J.J., 1912.: Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea. (The Percy Sladen Trust Expedition to the Indian Ocean in 1905. Vol. IV. No. IV.) Trans. Linn. Soc. London, Ser. II, 15(1): pp. 45-80, 13 figs. on 2 pls., 4 figs. in text. 4to. Offprint, orig. wrs. - German text. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Le faune Pleistoceniche del... De Giuli, C., 1983.: Le faune Pleistoceniche del Salento. I. La fauna di San Sidero 3. Quad. Mus. Comun. Paleont. Maglie, 1: pp. 45-84, 4 plates of photos, 10 tabs. and diagrs., figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. Fine. - Fossil... € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Ténébrionides [Col.] de Mah... Chatanay, J., 1915.: Ténébrionides [Col.] de Mahatsinjo (Madagascar). *Ann. Soc. Ent. France, 83: pp. 458-554, 72 figs., index. Large 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 14.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The smaller fossil foramini... Cushman, J.A., 1918.: The smaller fossil foraminifera of the Panama Canal Zone. U.S. Natl. Mus. Bull., 103: pp. 45-87, many figs. on 12 pls., index. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Botanische Observationes au... Peyer, B., 1945.: Botanische Observationes aus den ersten Jahrzehnten der Ephemerides der Leopoldinischen Akademie. Verh. Naturf. Ges. Basel, 56(2): pp. 459-480, 12 illustr. in text, notes. Offprint, orig. wrappers. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Marine amphipoda of atolls ... Barnard, J.L., 1965.: Marine amphipoda of atolls in Micronesia. Proc. U.S. Natl. Mus., 117: pp. 459-551, 34 figs., refs. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Pleistocene vertebrates fro... Hooijer, D.A., 1954.: Pleistocene vertebrates from Celebes. VIII. Dentition and skeleton of Celebochoerus heekereni Hooijer. [Zool. Meded., 24.] Leiden. Pp. 46, 6 pls. of photos, refs. Orig. wrs. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Vogelwelt der Umgebung ... Borchert, W., 1925.: Die Vogelwelt der Umgebung von Schönebeck (Elbe). Abh. Ber. Mus. Natur- u. Heimatk. Magdeburg, 4(1): pp. 4-60, 1 map. 4to. Journal issue, orig. wrs. € 13.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Vererzung am Westrand d... Dill, H., 1985.: Die Vererzung am Westrand der Böhmischen Masse. Metallogenese in einer ensialischen Origenzone. [Geol. Jahrb., Reihe D, 73.] Hannover. Pp. 461, many photos (partly col.) on 39 pls., 90 illus. in text (few fold.), 25 tabs., refs. Orig. ... € 45.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Pyritzwillinge. Smolar, G., 1913.: Die Pyritzwillinge. Zeitschr. Krystallogr. Miner., 52(2): pp. 461-500, 72 figs. on 6 plates. 8vo. Plain new wrappers. Fine. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die marine Fauna der Ostrau... Klebelsberg, R. von, 1912.: Die marine Fauna der Ostrauer Schichten. Jahrb. Geol. Reichsanst. Wien, 62(3): pp. 461-556,[10], many figs. on 5 plates, bibliogr. Offprint, orig. wrappers. - Carboniferous. Mostl... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Sistematica e nomenclatura ... Dellacasa, C., 1983.: Sistematica e nomenclatura degli Aphodini italiani (Coleoptera Scarabaeida: Aphodiinae). [Mon. Mus. Sci. Nat. Reg., 1.] Torino Pp. 463,[3], 1003 figs., bibl., index. Orig. wrs. € 32.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Some analogies in the Lower... Ward, L.F., 1896.: Some analogies in the Lower Cretaceous of Euope and America. Ann. Rep. U.S. Geol. Surv., 16(1): pp. 463-542, 2 col. maps, 9 pls., 3 figs., refs. notes. 4to. New boarsd. - Based on comparison of t... € 42.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
On the Monian system of rocks. Blake, J.F., 1888.: On the Monian system of rocks. Quart. .Jour. Geol. Soc. London, 44: pp. 463-547, 1 folding map (Island of Anglesey), 25 figs. of sections in text, refs. Paperbound, pla... € 35.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A Middle Triassic flora fro... Jain, R.K., Delevoryas, T., 1967.: A Middle Triassic flora from the Cacheuta Formation, Minas de Petroleo, Argentina. Palaeontology, 10(4): pp. 464-598, many photos on 12 plates, 2 tabs., refs. Plain new wrappers. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
On the brains of two sub-fo... Major, C.Y.F., 1897.: On the brains of two sub-fossil Malagasy Lemuroids. Proc. Roy. Soc. London, 62: pp. 46-50, 8 figs. on 1 fold. lithogr. pl. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 4.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The rocks and contact miner... Eckermann, H. von, 1923.: The rocks and contact minerals of Tennberg. Geol. Fören. Stockholm Förh., 45(5-7): pp. 465-537, 9 plates of photos, 1 fold. col. map, 1 small map, bibliogr. Offprint, orig. wrappers. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Foraminiferen und ähnliche ... Pflug, H.D., 1965.: Foraminiferen und ähnliche Fossilreste aus dem Kambrium und Algonkium. Palaeontogr., Abt. A, 125(1-3): pp. 46-60, 3 plates, 4 figs., 3 tabs., refs. 4to. Plain new wrappers. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Boehmeria Japonica. Satake, Y., 1936.: Boehmeria Japonica. Jour. Fac. Sci. Imp. Univ. Tokyo, Ser. III, Bot., 4(6): pp. 467-542, 54 photos and figs., index. Offprint, orig. wrappers. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Diplopoden-Beiträge. (12. D... Verhoeff, K.W., 1932.: Diplopoden-Beiträge. (12. Diplopoden-Aufsatz.) Zool. Jahrb., Abt. Syst., 62(5/6): pp. 469-524, 48 figs. on 3 double-page plates. Offprint, orig. wrappers. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Gesteine Usticas und di... Stark, M., 1904.: Die Gesteine Usticas und die Beziehungen derselben zu den Gesteinen der Liparischen Inseln. Tschermak's Miner. Petrogr. Mitt., 23(6): pp. 469-532, 1 double-page diagr., 3 figs., notes refs. 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrappers, uncut. - Wit... € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Estudio del Carbonífero del... Mingaro Martin, F., 1962.: Estudio del Carbonífero del norte de la provincia de Sevilla. Bol. Inst. Geol. Miner. España, 73: pp. 469-624, 48 photos of rock samples and fossils , 1 large fold. col. geol. map, 1 large fold. tec... € 35.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Pliocene Gastropoda (Mo... Landau, B., Harzhauser, M., Giannuzzi-Savelli, R., 2023.: The Pliocene Gastropoda (Mollusca) of Estepona, southern Spain. Part 18: Mangeliidae (Gastropoda. Conoidea). Cainozoic Research, 23(1): pp. 47-111, numerous photos on 40 plates in text, 1 graph, refs. 4to. Plain new wrappers. Fine. [gkt... € 30.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Rotatorien aus dem Schluchs... Hauer, J., 1935.: Rotatorien aus dem Schluchseemoor und seiner Umgebung. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Rotatorienfauna des Schwarzwalldhochmoore. Verh. Naturwiss. Ver. Karlsruhe, 29: pp. 47-130, 29 figs., tabs., bibliogr. 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrappers. € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Aleyrodids, or mealy-wi... Bemis, F.E., 1904.: The Aleyrodids, or mealy-winged flies, of California, with references to other American species. Proc. U.S. Natl. Mus., 27: pp. 471-537, 74 figs. on 11 pls. Plain new wrappers. € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Tercera lista de himenopter... Santis, L. de, Esquivel, L., 1967.: Tercera lista de himenopteros parasitos y predatores de los insectos de la Republica Argentina. Rev. Mus. La Plata, Zool., 6(69): pp. 47-215, bibl., index. Plain new wrs. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Etudes critiques sur les ru... Munier-Chalmas, [E.C.P.A.], 1882.: Etudes critiques sur les rudistes. [II.] Bull. Soc. Géol. France, Sér. 3, 10: pp. 472-494, 8 figs. on 2 lithogr. pls. Offprint, orig. wrs., uncut. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Über neue Pflanzenfossilien... Ettingshausen, Constantin von.: Über neue Pflanzenfossilien in der Radoboj-Sammlung der Universität Lüttich Sitzungsber. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Math.-nat. Cl., Abth. 1, 105 (1896): pp. 473-500, 29 figs. of tree leaves on 5 pls., 4 figs. in text. 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrs. - One pla... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Inferior Oolite and con... Richardson, L., 1916.: The Inferior Oolite and contiguous deposits of the Doulting-Milborne-Port district (Somerset). l., 17(3):Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc. London, 71(3)/283: pp. 473-520, 4 photogr. pls. of outcrops, 3 maps in text, 1 fold. tab., notes refs. Plain new wrs.,... € 16.00 Aquila Antiquariaat

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