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On the Carboniferous limest... Wilmore, A., 1910.: On the Carboniferous limestone South of the Craven Fault (Grasington-Hellifield District). Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc. London, 66 (264): pp. 539-585, 32 photos of sections of fossil corals on 4 pls., 4 photos of outcrops in text, notes &... € 14.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Arten der Gattung Nysso... Gerstäcker, A., 1867.: Die Arten der Gattung Nysson Latr. Besonders abgedruckt aus den Abhandlungen der Naturf. Gesellschaft Halle. Bd. X. Halle: H.W. Schmidt. Pp. 54. 4to. Orig. printed wrs., uncut. € 18.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
On Jurassic ammonites from ... SPATH, L.F.: On Jurassic ammonites from Jebel Zaghuan (Tunisia). Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc. London, 69 (1913): pp. 540-580, 2 plates. Plain new wrappers. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
On Jurassic ammonites from ... Spath, L.F., 1913.: On Jurassic ammonites from Jebel Zaghuan (Tunisia). Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc., 79(4)/276: pp. 540-580, 2 plates. Extract, plain new wrappers. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
On Jurassic ammonites from ... Spath, L.F., 1913.: On Jurassic ammonites from Jebel Zaghuan (Tunisia). Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc., 79(4)/276: pp. 540-580, 2 plates. Extract, plain new wrappers. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Coccolithineen der Südw... Kamptner, E., 1941.: Die Coccolithineen der Südwestküste von Istrien. Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, 51: pp. 54-149, numerous photos and figs. on 15 pls., index. Large 8vo. Wrs. € 17.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
L’avifauna della zona umida... Bocca, M., & Maffei, G., 1988.: L’avifauna della zona umida di Quart-St. Marcel (Valle d’Aosta). Boll. Mus. Reg. Sci. Nat. Torino, 6(2): pp. 541-583, 9 figs. and sketch maps, tabs., refs. Extract, plain new wrs. € 6.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Studien über Tetrarhynchen ... PINTNER, Theodor.: Studien über Tetrarhynchen nebst Beobachtungen an anderen Bandwürmern. (III. Mittheilung.) Zwei eigentümliche Drüsensysteme bei Rhynchobothrius adenoplusis [...], Sitzungsber. kais. Akad. Wiss. [Wien], Math.-nat. Cl., 112 (1903): pp. 541-597, many figs. on 4 fold. plates. Extract, plain new wrappers. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A contribution to the study... Howard, L.P., 1900.: A contribution to the study of the insect fauna of human excrement. (With especial reference to the spread of typhoid fever by flies.) Proc. Washington Acad. Sci., 2: pp. 541-604, 2 plates, 23 figs. Plain new wrappers, uncut. - Dealing almost exclusively with Diptera... € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A contribution to the study... Howard, L.G., 1900.: A contribution to the study of the insect fauna of human excrement. (With special reference to the spread of typhoid fever by flies.) Proc. Washington Acad. Sci., 2: pp. 542-604, 2 plates, 32 figs. Plain new wrappers. Very good. € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
A restudy of Pastiels' (194... Sarjeant, W.A.S., 1986.: A restudy of Pastiels' (1948) dinoflagellate cysts from the Early Eocene of Belgium. Bul. Inst. Roy. Sci. Nat. Belgique, Sci. de la Terre, 56: pp. 5-43, 5 pls. of microphotos, 1 tab., refs. 4to. Plain wrs. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Spongophyllidae from the De... Strusz, D.L., 1966.: Spongophyllidae from the Devonian Garra Formation, New South Wales. Palaeontology, 9(4): pp. 544-598, many photos on 12 pls., 20 figs., refs. Plain new wrs. € 12.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Notes on early stages of Ph... DICKSON, C.G.C., 1940.: Notes on early stages of Phasis felthani Trim., a lycaenid butterfly from the Cape Peninsula, and a list of some recently determined food-plants of some other South African butterflies. Ann. S. Afr. Mus., 32(6): pp. 545-554, 22 figs. on 2 plates, Extrac, plain new wrappers. € 5.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Nuovi coleotteri endogei e ... Casale, A., Giachino, P.M., & Etonti, M., 1990.: Nuovi coleotteri endogei e cavernicoli (Carabidae Trechninae e Membidiinae, Cholevidae Bathysciinae) della Grecia nord-orientale e dei Rodopi Bulgari, e loro significato zoogeografico. Boll. Mus. Reg. Sci. Nat. Torino, 8(2): pp. 545-580, 55 figs., bibliogr. 8vo. Journal issue wrappers. € 11.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Neogene biostratigraphy (Os... Bold, W.A. van den, 1975.: Neogene biostratigraphy (Ostracoda) of Southern Hispaniola. Bull. Amer. Paleont., 66 (286): pp. 545-639, 6 plates of microphotos, 19 figs., refs., index. Orig. wrappers. € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Herbal of Leaonhard Fuchs. Sprague, T.A., 1931.: The Herbal of Leaonhard Fuchs. Jour. Linn. Soc. London, 48: pp. 545-642, bibliogr. Large 8vo, 25.8cm. Paperbound, orig. printed wrappers. Very good. € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The Nitidulidae [Col.] of G... Fowler, W.W., 1884-1885.: The Nitidulidae [Col.] of Great Britain. Ent. Monthl. Mag., 21: pp. 54-58;92-98;142-147;213-219;260-267; 22: pp. 33-36;69-78. Author's collected offprint in one vol... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Lagerung der diluvialen... Jentzsch, A., 1882.: Die Lagerung der diluvialen Nordseefauna bei Marienwerder. *Jahrb. Kgl. Preuss. Geol. Landesanst., Jg. 1881: pp. 546-570, 1 fold. col. pl. of sections. Large 8vo. Offprint, orig. wrs. - With author's presentat... € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The biologic character and ... Vaughan, T.W., 1969.: The biologic character and geologic correlation of the sedimentary formations of Panama in their relation to the geologic historyt of Central America and the West Indies. Bull. U.S. Natl. Mus., 103: pp. 547-612, notes & refs. Offprint, orig. wrs., uncut. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Palaeoecology and palaeogeo... Scheibnerová, V./, 1971.: Palaeoecology and palaeogeography of Cretaceous deposits of the Great Artesian Basin (Australia). Rec. Geol. Surv. N.S. Wales, 13(1): pp. 5-48, 3 large fold. charts in pocket, 1 fold. map, refs. Orig. wrs. € 12.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
The excavation of an ancien... Macalister, R.A.S., & Praeger, R.L., 1931.: The excavation of an ancient structure on the townland of Togherstown, C. Westmeath. Roc. Roy. Soc. Irish Acad., Sect. C, 39(4): pp. 54-83, 1 pl. of drawings of objects, 17 photos (views of diggings etc.) on 10 pls., 5 pls. of pl... € 18.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
North American parasitic co... Wilson, Ch.B., 1920.: North American parasitic copepods belonging to the new family Phyriidae. Proc. U.S. Natl. Mus., 55: pp. 549-604, 80 drawings on 10 plates. .Plain new wrappers. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Upper Carboniferous Ostraco... Pribyl, A., 1962.: Upper Carboniferous Ostracodes of the Hrusov and Petrkovice Beds (Namurian A) in the Ostrava-Karviná coal district. [Rozpr. Cesk. Akad. Ved, 72(4).] Praha. Pp. 55, 11 plates, 3 figs., bibliogr. Orig. wrappers. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die entomologischen Sammlun... Weidner, H., 1964.: Die entomologischen Sammlungen des Zoologischen Staatsinstitus und Zoologischen Museums Hamburg. X. Teil: Insecta VII [Trichoptera]. Mitt. Hamburg. Zool. Mus. & Inst., 62: pp. 55-100, 2 figs., refs. Large 8vo. Plain new wrappers. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Distribution and structure ... Monty, C.L.V., 1967.: Distribution and structure of Recent stromatolitic algal mats, eastern Andros Island, Bahamas. Ann. Soc. Géol. Belgique, Bull., 90(3): pp. 55-100, 50 photos on 19 plates printed on strong glossy paper, 1 fold. table, 2 fold. maps, 10 f... € 17.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Tulitidae S. Buckman, S... Hahn, W., 1971.: Die Tulitidae S. Buckman, Sphaeroceratidae S. Buckman und Clydoniceratidae S. Buckman (Ammonoidea) des Bathoniums (Brauner Jura E) im südwestdeutschen Jura. Jahrfesh. Geol. Landesamt Baden-Württemberg, 13: pp. 55-122, many photos on 9 fold. plates, 13 figs., refs. Plain new wrappers. Fine. € 13.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Die Kleinforaminiferenfauna... Gohrbandt, K., 1962.: Die Kleinforaminiferenfauna des obereizänen Anteils der Reingruber Serie bei Bruderndorf (Bezirk Korneuburg, Niederösterreich). Mitt. Geol. Ges. Wien, 54: pp. 55-145, many figs. on 8 pls., 7 figs. in text, refs. New plain wrs. € 11.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Ueber einige Crustaceen aus... Dames, W., 1886.: Ueber einige Crustaceen aus den Kreideablagerungen des Libanon. Zeitschr. Deut. Geol. Ges., 38(3): pp. 551-575,[7], 3 lithogr. pls. Plain new wrs. Fre staple rust marks, good otherwise. Text of last ... € 8.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Contributions à l'étude des... Valet, G., 1969.: Contributions à l'étude des Dasycladales. 2. Cytologie et reproduction. 3. Révision systématique. Nova Hedw., 17: pp. 551-633, 5 sketch maps, numerous drawings and microphotos on 25 pls., notes & refs., bibl. Offpr... € 16.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Recherches sur les dépôts f... Sarran d'Allard, L. de, 1884.: Recherches sur les dépôts fluvio-lacustres antérieurs et postérieurs aus assises marines de la Craie supérieure du département du Gard. Bull. Soc. Géol. France, Sér. 3, 12: pp. 553-629, 1 fold. plate of small sections, 1 fold. letterpress table. Offprint, plain new wrapper... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Essai sur les terrains supe... Martins, Ch., & Gastaldi, B., 1850.: Essai sur les terrains superficiels de la vallée du Pô, aux environs de Turin, comparés à ceux de la plaine Suisse. Bull. Soc. Géol. France, 2e Sér., 7: pp. 554-605, 1 fold. engraved map, 5 wood-engraved figs. in text. Extract, old plain wrappers, typew... € 25.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Geonemia e catalogo ragiona... Pozzi, A., 1966.: Geonemia e catalogo ragionato degli anfibi e rettili della Jugoslavia. Natura, Riv. Sci. Nat., 57(1): pp. 5-55, 27 photos, bibliiogr. Paperbound, journal issue wrappers. Fine. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Neue Beiträge zur Kenntnis ... Wanner, J., 1931.: Neue Beiträge zur Kenntnis der permischen Echinodermen von Timor. VII. Die Anomalien der Schizoblasten. Wet. Meded. Dienst Mijnb. Bederl.-Indië, 20: pp. 5-56, many figs. on 4 plates, refs. Plain new wrappers. € 11.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Upper Silurian microplankto... Richards, R.E., & Mullins, G.L., 2003.: Upper Silurian microplankton of the Leintwardine Group, Ludlow Series, in the type Ludlow area and adjacent region. Palaeontology, 46(3): pp. 557-611, 86 microphotos on 7 plates, 17 figs. and diagrs.,r efs. Plain new wrappers. € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Di alcune nummulitine e orb... Provale, I., 1908-1909.: Di alcune nummulitine e orbitoidine dell'Isola di Borneo. Nota prima & seconda. Riv. Ital. Paleont., 14: pp. 55-80, 54 photos on 3 pls.; 15: pp. 1-36, 34 photos on 2 pls. Two parts in one volume, plain new... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Some new and inadequaterly ... Gusic, I., 1969.: Some new and inadequaterly known Jurassic foraminifers from central Croatia. Hrvatsk. Geol. Drust., 22: pp. 55-88, 69 microphotos on 15 pls., refs. Offprint, orig. wrs. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Über die Vogelwelt Kretas. ... Niethammer, G., 1944.: Über die Vogelwelt Kretas. (Mit einem Beitrag zur Ökologie von O. v. Wettstein.) Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, 53(2): pp. 5-59, 19 photos on 4 plates, 1 fold. map, refs. Plain new wrappers. € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Rhizocephala. Boschma, H., 1962.: Rhizocephala. Discovery Rep., 33: pp. 55-94, 8 photos on 1 plate, 1 map in text, seceral drawings in 23 figs., refs. Folio. Offprint, ... € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Longicorneos (Col.) do Bras... Melzer, J., 1927.: Longicorneos (Col.) do Brasil, novos o pouco conhecidos. Rev. Mus. Paulista, 15: pp. 559-582. 8vo. Extract, plain new wrappers. Photocopy of title-page of journal volume bound in fr... € 3.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Contribuição para conhecime... Moura, A., 1970.: Contribuição para conhecimento da fauns subfossíl do Mucoque (Vilanculos), Rev. Ciênc. Biol. Univ. Lourenço Marques, Série A, 3: pp. 55-96, many photos on 9 (of 10) pls., 1 sketch map, refs. Plain new wrs. - The final plate was n... € 8.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Birds from Liberia. With a ... Rand, A.L., 1951.: Birds from Liberia. With a discussion of barriers between upper and lower Guinea subspecies. Fieldiana, Zool., 32(9): pp. 559-653, frontisp. map, refs. Orig. wrappers. Fine, as new. € 7.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Studio micropaleontologico ... Pezzani, F., 1963.: Studio micropaleontologico di uyn camione della serie Messiniana di Tabiano Bagni (Parma). Riv. Ital. Paleont., 69(4): pp. 559-662, many photos and sone figs. of forams on 10 plates, refs. Plain new wrappers. - Foramini... € 12.50 Aquila Antiquariaat
Le peuplement carabologique... Amiet, J.-L., 1962.: Le peuplement carabologique des forêts du Jura salinois. Recherches sur le rôle du climat et du tapis végétal dans la distribution de certains Carabiques. Mém. Soc. Natl. Sci. Nat. Cherbourg, 50: pp. 5-60, 7 diagrs., tabs., refs. Wrs. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Revision of the parasitic h... Timberlake, P.H., 1916.: Revision of the parasitic hymenopterous insects of the genus Aphycus Mayr, with notice of some related genera. Proc. U.S. Natl. Mus., 50: pp. 561-640, 54 figs. on 6 pls. Extract, plain new wrs. € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Las especies españolas del ... Paunero, E., 1947.: Las especies españolas del género Agrostis. An. Jard. Bot. Madrid, 7: pp. 561-644, 36 pls. of drawings and photos, 13 figs. and distrib. maps in text. Plain new wrs. € 14.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Ostracoda of San Antonio Ba... Swain, F.M., 1955.: Ostracoda of San Antonio Bay, Texas. Jour. Paleont., 29(4): pp. 561-646, many microphotos on 6 plates, 31 distrib. maps and many drawings in 8 figs. in text, re... € 10.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Mammals of Cape York Penins... Tate, G.H.H., 1952.: Mammals of Cape York Peninsula, with notes on the occurrence of rain forest in Queensland. (Results of the Archbold Expeditions, No. 66.) Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., 98(7): pp. 563-616, 2 figs., 6 tabs.,. refs. 4to. Orig. printed wrappers. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Kristalltrachten des Zinnst... Tertsch, H., 1905.: Kristalltrachten des Zinnsteins. Denkschr. math.-nat. Kl. Akad. Wiss. Wien, 84: pp. 563-623,[7], 25 figs. on 3 plates, 28 figs. in text, tabs., notes & refs. Large 4to. Extract, pl... € 20.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Lo studio dei molluschi pri... Torchio, M., 1971.: Lo studio dei molluschi prima che natura muoia. Natura (Milano), 62(1): pp. 5-64, 10 colour photos on 3 plates, 13 photos in text, bibliogr. Wrappers. € 9.00 Aquila Antiquariaat
Description of the species ... Jones, T.R., 1879.: Description of the species of the ostracodous genus Bairdia, McCoy, from the Carboniferous strata of Great Britain. Quart. Jour. Geol. Soc. London,m 25/140: pp. 565-581, 95 figs. on 5 lithogr. plates, notes & refs. Extrract, later stiff wrappers with cloth ... € 15.00 Aquila Antiquariaat

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