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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
On and off the record. A me... Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth On and off the record. A memoir of Walter Legge London FABER & FABER 1982 hard back dustj. xi-292 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The Death Rituals of Rural ... Danforth, Loring M. ; Alexander Tsiaris [photogr.] The Death Rituals of Rural Greece Princeton U.P. 1983 hard back dustj. ix-169 31 plates with opposing text € 27,00 Aquilabooks
Jerusalem in the Twentieth ... Gilbert, Martin Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century New York John Wiley 1996 hard back dustj. XVI-412 pp [mint] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Weke in vier Bänden Schiller, Friedrich Weke in vier Bänden Herrsching Pawlak 1980 hard back dustj. in box € 10,00 Aquilabooks
The archeologist's eye. Gre... Robbins, Lawrence H. The archeologist's eye. Great discoveries, missing links and ancient treasures London Robert Hale 1990 hard back dustj. xvi-267 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Practical Dental Anatomy an... Schwartz, Jacob R. Practical Dental Anatomy and Tooth Carving London Henry Kimpton 1943 4th printing hard back dustj. xii-233 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
From the ends of the world Lamb, Christian From the ends of the world Honiton Bene Factum Publ. 2004 hard back dustj. 224 pp [some undel. and annot. in lead pencil + literature list mentioned in the te... € 7,00 Aquilabooks
The origins of Britain Laing, Lloyd and Jennifer The origins of Britain London Routledge & Kegan Paul 1980 hard back dustj. x-197 pp [mint] € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Glint of Gold. A story of t... Uren, Malcolm Glint of Gold. A story of the gold fields of Western Australia Melbourne Robertson & Mullens 1948 hard back dustj. 279 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
The hard way. The story beh... Hardy, Frank The hard way. The story behind "Power Without Glory" London T. Werner Laurie 1961 hard back dustj. 255 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Moorehead, Alan - Cooper's Creek Moorehead, Alan Cooper's Creek London Hamish Hamilton 1963 hard back dustj. 222 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
The Humanities in Australia... Price, A. Grenfell [ed.] The Humanities in Australia. A survey with special reference to the Universities Sydney Angus & Robertson 1959 hard back dustj. xix-318-[8] pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Australia Brander, Bruce; Mary Ann Harrell Hector Holthouse Australia Washington National Geographic Soc. 1968 hard back dustj. 219 pp + folded map € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The wreck of the Barque Ste... Rathe, Gustave The wreck of the Barque Stefano off the North West Cape of Australia in 1875 New York Farrar Strauss and Giroux 1992 hard back dustj. xix-136 pp [mint] € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Dicks, Brian - The Greek Islands Dicks, Brian The Greek Islands London Robert Hale 1986 hard back dustj. 319 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
A Seventeenth-century Mariner Cours, Captain A.G. A Seventeenth-century Mariner London Frederick Muller 1965 hard back dustj. 255 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Shadows on the grass Dinesen, Isak Shadows on the grass London Michael Joseph repr. january 1961 hard back dustj. [discol. and sl. dam.] 106 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Brackman, his art and teaching Bates, Kenneth Brackman, his art and teaching Connecticut Madison Art Gallery Publ. Co. 1973 hard back dustj. [sl. dam.] 84 pp + 29 plates € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Economic world order? A bas... Schwarzenberger, Georg Economic world order? A basic problem of international economic law Manchester Univ. Press 1970 hard back dustj. xii-159 pp € 15,00 Aquilabooks
Negotiating the Law of the ... Sebenius, James K. Negotiating the Law of the Sea. Lessons in the art and science of reaching agreement Cambridge [Mass.] Harvard Univ Press 1984 hard back dustj. 251 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Reichskanzler Kurt von Schl... Plehwe, Friedrich-Karl von Reichskanzler Kurt von Schleicher, Weimar letzte Chance gegen Hitler Esslingen Beddle 1983 hard back dustj. 351 pp [mint] € 10,00 Aquilabooks
By blood and fire. The atta... Clarke, Thurston By blood and fire. The attack on the Kibg David Hotel London Hutchinson 1981 hard back dustj. 347 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
McCarthy, Mary - How I grew McCarthy, Mary How I grew London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1987 hard back dustj. 278 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Hooking up. essays and fiction Wolfe, Tom Hooking up. essays and fiction London Jonathan Cape 2000 hard back dustj. 293 pp [mint] € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Johrei divine light of salv... Okada, Mokichi Johrei divine light of salvation Kyoto The Society of Johrei 1984 hard back dustj. viii-240 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The Woman of Rome Moravia, Alberto The Woman of Rome London Secker & Warburg 1974 hard back dustj. 390 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
Eichendorff: Aus dem Leben ... Hughes, G.T. Eichendorff: Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts London Arnold 1961 hard back dustj. 64 pp € 3,00 Aquilabooks
Institutionalizing developm... Doornbos, Martin Institutionalizing development policies and resource strategies in eastern Africa and India. Developing winners and losers The Hague ISS 2000 hard back dustj. xxi-288 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
The fight for fluoridation McNeil, Donald The fight for fluoridation New York Oxford Univ. Press 1957 hard back dustj. xi - 241 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Dravidian and Negro-African... Uphadyaya, Uliyar Padmanabha / Susheela P. Upadyaya Dravidian and Negro-African. Ethno-linguistic study on their origin, diffusion, prehistoric contacts and common cultural and linguistic heritage Udupi Samshodhana Prakashana / Rastrakavi Govind Pai Research Centre 1983 hard back dustj. ix-122 pp € 19,00 Aquilabooks
Eyewitness to discovery. Fi... Fagan, Brian M. [ed.] Eyewitness to discovery. First-person accounts of more than fifty of the world's greatest archeological discoveries Oxford Oxford U.P. 1996 hard back dustj. x-493 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
In the image of the brain. ... Jubak, Jim In the image of the brain. Breaking the barrier between the human mind and intelligent machines Boston Little Brown 1992 hard back dustj. xix-348 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Valuation / Measuring and M... McKinsey & Company Inc., Valuation / Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies John Wiley & Sons 2000 hard back dustj. € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Information and exponential... Barndorff - Nielsen, O. Information and exponential families in statisticak theory New York John Wiley 1979 hard back dustj. ix-238 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
New Towns in Israel Berler, Alexander New Towns in Israel Jerusalem Israel Univ. Press 1970 hard back dustj. xxviii-353 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Traumfahrt durch die Ägäis ... Gaitanides, Johannes Traumfahrt durch die Ägäis mit 128 Farbbildseiten und 7 Kasrten Wien Molden 1977 hard back dustj. 230 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
The great Irish tenor Ledbetter, Gordon T. The great Irish tenor New York Scribner 1977 hard back dustj. 160 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Boswell's London Journal 17... Boswell; Frederick A. Pottle [ed.] Boswell's London Journal 1762 - 1763 London Heinemann 1973 hard back dustj. xiii-370 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Maria Theresia. Schicksalss... Rieder, Heinz Maria Theresia. Schicksalsstunde Habsburgs Gernsbach Casimir Katz 1990 hard back dustj. 230 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
"If only my people .." Zion... Jakobovits, Immanuel "If only my people .." Zionism in my life Jerusalem B'nai B'rith Books hard back dustj. xv-280 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Tooth mutilations and denti... Fastlicht, Samuel Tooth mutilations and dentistry in Pre-Columbian Mexico Berlin / Chacago Die Quintessenz 1976 hard back dustj. 164 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
An Instinct for War - Scene... Spiller, Roger An Instinct for War - Scenes from the Battlefields of History Cambridge [Mass.] Harvard University Press 2005 hard back dustj. ix-403 pp [mint] € 10,00 Aquilabooks
Punch afloat Davis, William [ed.] Punch afloat London David & Charles 1974 hard back dustj. 112 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
The theory of branching pro... Harris, Theodore E. The theory of branching processes Berlin Springer 1963 [Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften Band 119] hard back dustj. XIV-230 pp € 25,00 Aquilabooks
Chronicles of the Crusades Hallam, Elizabeth [ed.] Chronicles of the Crusades New York Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1989 hard back dustj. 400 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
Weinbrenner. Die Geschichte... Arntz, Helmut Weinbrenner. Die Geschichte vom Geist des Weines Stuttgard Seewald 1975 hard back dustj. 284 pp [illustr.] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Measuring Military Power. T... Epstein, Joshua M. Measuring Military Power. The Soviet air threat to Europe Princeton U.P. 1984 hard back dustj. xxx-288 pp [name on p. viii and last board] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Quesne, A.L. Le - After Kivert Quesne, A.L. Le After Kivert Oxford Oxford Univ. Press 1978 hard back dustj. x-233 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Benchley, Peter - The deep Benchley, Peter The deep London BCA 1976 hard back dustj. 251 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Australia's foreign policy Millar, T.B. Australia's foreign policy Sydney Angus & Robertson 1968 hard back dustj. [dam.] xv-361 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks

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