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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
The King of Schnorrers Zangwill, Israel; George Hutchinson [illustr.] Israel Cohen [foreword] The King of Schnorrers London Pordes 1963 / 1972 hard back dustj. [2]-156 pp € 3,00 Aquilabooks
The art of Sukamar Bose. Re... Purushothaman, Venka [ed.] The art of Sukamar Bose. Reflections on South & Southeast Asia Singapore Institute of Southeast Asian Studies 2013 hard back dustj. xxv-234 pp [mint] € 45,00 Aquilabooks
The complete machine-gun 18... Hogg, Ian V. ; John Batchelor [illustr.] The complete machine-gun 1885 to the present London Phoebus 1979 hard back dustj. 128 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Picasso Bathers Picasso / Ina Conzen / Anke Spötters / Guido Messling Picasso Bathers Stuttgart Staatsgalerie 2005 hard back dustj. 244 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
From Quantum to Cosmos. The... Turok, Neil From Quantum to Cosmos. The Universe within London FABER & FABER 2012 hard back dustj. x-292 pp [mint] € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Der Gottesglaube des modern... Schoch, Max Der Gottesglaube des modernen Menschen Zürich Max Niehans 1956 hard back dustj. 154 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Beyond the russian dictiona... Flegon, A. Beyond the russian dictionary [in russian] London Flegon Press 1979 hard back dustj. 413 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Geschichte der Archäologie Daniel, Glyn Geschichte der Archäologie Gladbach Gustav Lübbe 1982 hard back dustj. 264 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Change and continuity in 17... Hill, Christopher Change and continuity in 17th century England London Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1974 hard back dustj. xiv-370 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The best of Banjo Paterson Stone, Walter [ed.]; Andrew Barton Paterson [introduction] The best of Banjo Paterson Sydney Summit Books 1977 hard back dustj. [sl. dam.] 464 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
Poems selected for young pe... Lawrence, D.H.; Willam Cole [ed.], Ellen Raskin [illustr.] Poems selected for young people London Macmillan 1968 hard back dustj. [chafed/dam.] 120 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Bela krezantema / Bela Hriz... Cankar, Ivan Bela krezantema / Bela Hrizantema Lubljana Drzavna Zalozba Slovenije / Beograd Prosveta 1968 hard back dustj. 84 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Macedonian Greece Crossland, John and Diana Constance Macedonian Greece London Batsford 1982 hard back dustj. 189 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The CIA and the cult of int... Marchetti, Victor & Joh D. Marks The CIA and the cult of intelligence London Jonathan Cape 1974 hard back dustj. xxvi-398-xxi pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Fear's Empire - War, Terror... Barber, Benjamin R Fear's Empire - War, Terrorism & Democracy in an Age of Interdependence W. W. Norton & Co. 2003 hard back dustj. 220 pp [mint] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Liberty Style. The classic ... Levy, Mervyn Liberty Style. The classic years 1898 - 1910 New York Rizzolo 1986 hard back dustj. 160 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
America's receding future. ... Segal, Ronald America's receding future. The collision of Creed and Reality London Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1968 hard back dustj. [sl. dam.] xviii-323 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Miller's wrist-watches, how... Scatchard, Jonathan Miller's wrist-watches, how to compare & value London Octopus 2004 hard back dustj. 160 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
The Battle of Salamis Nelson, Richard B. The Battle of Salamis London Luscome 1975 hard back dustj. [dam.] 160 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
A popular dictionary of Jud... Schonfield, Hugh J. A popular dictionary of Judaism London ARCO 1962 hard back dustj. 153 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Modern Data Communication, ... Davenport, William P. Modern Data Communication, concepts, language and media New York Hayden Book Co. 1971 hard back dustj. 200 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Parthian Art Colledge, Malcolm A.R. Parthian Art London Paul Elek 1977 hard back dustj. xvi-200 pp [near mint] € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Scott and Ernest. The autho... Bruccoli,Matthew J. Scott and Ernest. The authority of failure and the authority of success London The Bodley Head 1978 hard back dustj. 168 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Australia's last explorer: ... Dutton, Geoffrey Australia's last explorer: Ernest Giles London FABER & FABER 1970 hard back dustj. 175 pp [illustr.] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The Battles of the Constitu... Goldston, Robert The Battles of the Constitution. Old Ironsides and the Freedom of the Seas Toronto Collier-Macmillan 1969 hard back dustj. [sl. dam.] 87 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Das unbekannte Holland. Reg... Zahn, Ernest Das unbekannte Holland. Regenten, Rebellen und Reformatoren Berlin Siedler 1984 hard back dustj. 335 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The Republican Party. A Pho... Smith, Adam The Republican Party. A Photographic History of the GOP San Diego Thunder Bay Press 2003 hard back dustj. 368 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Hispanic Law until the end ... Kleffens, E.N. van Hispanic Law until the end of the Middle Ages Edinburgh U.P. 1968 hard back dustj. viii-382 pp € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Sun Over Breda Perez-Reverte, Arturo Sun Over Breda London Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2007 hard back dustj. 275 pp € 4,00 Aquilabooks
The Chaneysville Incident Bradley, David The Chaneysville Incident New York Harper & Row 1981 hard back dustj. [dam.] 432 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Jerusalem, the measure of t... Rabinovich, Abraham Jerusalem, the measure of the year Jerusalem Carta 1985 hard back dustj. 160 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
Cobbers. Apersonal record o... Wood, Thomas Cobbers. Apersonal record of a journey from Essex in England to Australia, Tasmania...made in the years 1930, 1931 and 1932 London Oxford University Press 1935 hard back dustj. [dam.] xiii-256 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The Rime of the Ancient Mar... Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; Bruce Rogers [design] The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Oxford at the University Press 1930 hard back dustj. [750 copies] brown spot on last 3 pages without text] € 45,00 Aquilabooks
The forger's spell. A true ... Dolnick, Edward The forger's spell. A true story of Vermeer, Nazis, and the greatest art hoax of the twentieth century [Han van Meegeren] New York, Harper, 2008 hard back dustj. xiii + 349 pp., ill. € 12,00 Aquilabooks
One night in june. The stor... Shannon, Kevin & Stephen Wright One night in june. The story of Operation Tonga, the Initiak Phase of the Invasion of Normandie, 1944 Shrewsbury Airlife 1994 hard back dustj. 208 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
The Enlish Middle Classes Lewis, Roy and Angus Maude The Enlish Middle Classes London Phoenix House 1949 hard back dustj. 320 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Energy strategy in Europe: ... Daintith, Terence & Leigh Hancher Energy strategy in Europe: the legal framework Berlin Walter de Gruyter 1986 hard back dustj. IX-190 pp € 18,00 Aquilabooks
A cultural Odyssey. Focus o... Jerman, Gunnar A cultural Odyssey. Focus on Norwegian Art Oslo Index Publishing 1997 hard back dustj. 160 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The impossible friendship. ... Hyde, Mary The impossible friendship. Boswell and Mrs. Thrale London Chatto & Windus 1973 hard back dustj. xvi-188 pp € 15,00 Aquilabooks
A digest of elementary chem... Shireby, D. A digest of elementary chemical thermodynamics London Isaac Pitman 1959 hard back dustj. xi-140 pp € 9,00 Aquilabooks
The consummate collector. W... Gemmett, Robert J. [ed. introduction, notes]; William Beckford The consummate collector. William Beckford's letters to his booksellers Wilby Hall Michael Russell 2000 hard back dustj. 336 pp [1 of 450 exx] € 45,00 Aquilabooks
Medieval Reading. Grammer, ... Reynolds, Suzanne Medieval Reading. Grammer, rhetoric and the classical text Cambridge UP 1996 hard back dustj. xvi-237 pp [mint] € 18,00 Aquilabooks
Keneally, Thomas - A river town Keneally, Thomas A river town London Hodder & Stoughton 1995 hard back dustj. 330 pp [mint] € 9,00 Aquilabooks
Longman Companion to Twenti... Ward, C. Longman Companion to Twentieth Century Literature London Longman 1970 hard back dustj. 593 pp € 5,00 Aquilabooks
The Sixth of June Shapiro, Lionel The Sixth of June London The Companion Book Club [1955] hard back dustj. [back discol.] 351 pp € 8,00 Aquilabooks
Georg Flegel Die Aquarelle Roth, Michael, Sabine Pénot Hrgs.] Georg Flegel Die Aquarelle München Prestel 2003 hard back dustj. 127 pp; 31 x 24 cm € 25,00 Aquilabooks
Afternoon light, some memor... Menzies, Robert Gordon Afternoon light, some memories of men and events Melbourne Cassell Australia 1967 hard back dustj. 384 pp € 12,00 Aquilabooks
Dickinson, Emily - Selected Poems Dickinson, Emily Selected Poems New York Gramercy Books 2001 hard back dustj. 255 pp [mint] € 7,00 Aquilabooks
Wordsworth a re-interpretation Bateson, F.W. Wordsworth a re-interpretation London Longman 1954 1. ed. hard back dustj. [dam.] ix-227 pp € 6,00 Aquilabooks
The new frontier. Australia... Carter, Jeff The new frontier. Australia's rising northwest Sydney Angus & Robertson 1971 hard back dustj. 90 pp [illustr.] € 9,00 Aquilabooks

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