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Logo Brinkman Volgens voorwaarden van de NVvA, die o.a. bepalen dat de goederen het eigendom blijven van de verkoper tot volledige betaling. Boeken die niet aan de verwachting voldoen kunnen, na overleg, binnen 14 dagen na ontvangst worden teruggestuurd. Betaling binnen 30 dagen op bank, of met credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Porto: € 5,90 (Nederland), € 7,50 België, € 8,90 (Duitsland), overige landen naar gewicht.

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From Archilogus to Pindar. ... DAVISON, J.A. From Archilogus to Pindar. Papers on greek literature of the archaic period. With a foreword by W.B. Stanford. London, MacMillan, 1968. xxviii,347 pp. Cloth. top edge a bit foxed) * € 36.00 Brinkman
Across coveted lands. Or a ... LANDOR, A.Henry Savage. Across coveted lands. Or a journey from Flushing (Holland) to Calcutta, overland. London, Macmillan, 1902. 2 vol. vii,461-viii,459 pp. With 124 plates. & 2 folding maps. Orig.cloth. binding rubbed; a few pages wrinkled in upper margin) € 180.00 Brinkman
The Aeneid. Ed. w. comm. by... VERGILIUS. The Aeneid. Ed. w. comm. by T.E. Page. London, MacMillan, 1959-60. 2 vols. Sm-8vo. xxiv,511- xxiv,479 pp. Cloth. Spines faded & sl.spotted, head vol 1 sl.dam.) € 18.00 Brinkman
The Isthmian odes. PINDARUS. The Isthmian odes. J.B.Bury. London, Macmillan, 1892. xxxviii,194 pp. Cloth nice copy of the original imprint) € 30.00 Brinkman
Bucolica et Georgica. VERGILIUS. Bucolica et Georgica. W.intr.& notes by T.E. Page. London, Macmillan, 1954. Sm-8vo. xl,396 pp. Cloth. spine sl.used) € 12.00 Brinkman
Lectures on the early histo... FRAZER, J.G. Lectures on the early history of the kingship. London, Macmillan, 1905. xi,309 pp. Orig.cloth slighty used, pastedown on inner hinge a bit loosening) ¶First edition. € 45.00 Brinkman
The theory of conditional s... HORTON-SMITH, R. The theory of conditional sentences in greek & latin. London, MacMillan, 1894. xxviii,694 pp. Cloth. cloth sl.used) * € 40.00 Brinkman
Cluniac monasticism in the ... HUNT, N. (ed.) Cluniac monasticism in the central middle ages. London, MacMillan, 1971. x,248 pp. Bound, with dustj. Readings in European History) € 14.00 Brinkman
The Medea. Ed.w.intr.& comm... EURIPIDES. The Medea. Ed.w.intr.& A.W.Verrall. London, Macmillan, 1881. xxiv,[4],132 pp. Cloth spine a bit damaged, some pencil-underl.) € 22.00 Brinkman
Contact languages: pidgins ... SEBBA, M. Contact languages: pidgins and creoles. London, MacMillan, 1997. xii,314 pp. Pbk. € 12.00 Brinkman
Mythiambics. Edited with in... BABRIUS. Mythiambics. Edited with intr. diss., crit. notes, commentary and lexicon by W.G. Rutherford. London, Macmillan, 1883. ciii,202 pp. Cloth. Scr.Fabul.Gr.1) € 40.00 Brinkman
Scenes from Rhesu and Helen... EURIPIDES. Scenes from Rhesu and Helen. Ed. with an intr., notes and a vocabulary by E.C. Kennedy & A.R. Davis. With ills. London, MacMillan, 1965. Sm-8vo. xxiii,182 pp. Bound. Modern School Classics) € 14.00 Brinkman
The history of early Englis... BROOKE, S.A. The history of early English literature (to the accession of King Aelfred). London, macMillan, 1892. 2 vol. xviii,344- v),337 pp. Orig. cloth. € 40.00 Brinkman
The Grove dictionary of mus... SADIE, S. (ed.) The Grove dictionary of musical instruments London, MacMillan, 1984. 3 vols. xxxvi,805-xiii,982-xiii,921 pp. Cloth. library copy: labels on spine; stamps on edges and title; otherwise good) - heavy set, additional po... € 60.00 Brinkman
Mimiamboi. A first recensio... HERONDAS. Mimiamboi. A first recension by W.G. Rutherford. London, MacMillan, 1891. x,45 pp. Cloth w. morocco title shield. cloth a bit worn/faded) * € 26.00 Brinkman
The origin and development ... HOLMES, T.S. The origin and development of the christian church in Gaul during the first six centuries of the christian era. London, MacMillan, 1911. viii,584 pp. Cloth. Birkbeck Lectures for 1907 and 1908, Trinity College; cloth sl.rubbed; flyleaves a bit browned) * ¶... € 30.00 Brinkman
PATTISON, M. - Sermons. PATTISON, M. Sermons. London, MacMillan, 1885. viii,298 pp. Cloth. stamp on title) € 20.00 Brinkman
The new Phrynichus, being a... PHRYNICHUS. The new Phrynichus, being a revised text of the Ecloga of the grammarian Phrynichus. Ed.w.intr.& W.G.Rutherford. London, Macmillan, 1881. xii,539 pp. Orig.cloth original edition, slightly rubbed) € 70.00 Brinkman
The Poetics. Ed.w.crit.note... ARISTOTELES. The Poetics. Ed.w.crit.notes & S.H.Butcher. London, MacMillan,1936. Ocl. xxviii,111 pp. Cloth. sl.spotted) € 10.00 Brinkman
Orationes XVI. With analysi... LYSIAS. Orationes XVI. With analysis, notes, appendices & indices by E.S. Shuckburgh. London, MacMillan, 1910. xliii,383 pp. Cloth. spine faded) € 14.00 Brinkman
On the peace, second Philip... DEMOSTHENES. On the peace, second Philippic, on the Chersonesus. Edited with intr. & notes. by J.E.Sandys. London, MacMillan, 1962 Sm. 8vo. lxxii,260 pp. Cloth. Spine faded) € 14.00 Brinkman
The Bacchae. With a revisio... EURIPIDES. The Bacchae. With a revision of the text & comm. by R.Y. Tyrrell. London, MacMillan, 1961. cvi,159 pp. Cloth Spine some spots) € 15.00 Brinkman
The attic orators. From Ant... JEBB, R.C. The attic orators. From Antiphon to Isaeus. London, Macmillan, 1876. cxxxvii,316-xv,481 pp. 2 vols. Cloth. Used library copy. Pastedowns dam. Binding loosening. Library stamp on back boards) € 36.00 Brinkman
The Seven against Thebes. W... AESCHYLUS. The Seven against Thebes. With an introduction and notes by A.W. Verrall & M.A. Bayfield. London, MacMillan, 1939. Sm.8vo. xxx,127 pp. Cloth. € 10.00 Brinkman
The Nemean odes. Ed.w.comm.... PINDARUS. The Nemean odes. J.B.Bury. London, Macmillan, 1890. lxi,272 pp. Cloth slightly used) € 38.00 Brinkman
The elder Pliny's chapters ... PLINIUS MAIOR. The elder Pliny's chapters on the history of art. (Text w.) transl. by K. Jex-Blake, with comm. and intr. by E. Sellers, and notes by H.L. Urlichs. London, MacMillan, 1896. c,252 pp. With frontisp. facs.) Cloth. (cloth sl.used; ex libris on paste-down) * € 30.00 Brinkman
Indian currency and finance. KEYNES, J.M. Indian currency and finance. London, MacMillan, 1913. viii,263 pp. With 1 fold. table. Orig. cloth. spine extremities very sl.creased; flyleaves sl. browned; otherwise good and clean copy) € 1250.00 Brinkman
Al Fakhri; on the systems o... (IBN at TIQTAQA). Al Fakhri; on the systems of government and the Moslem dynasties, composed by Muhammad son of 'Ali son of Tabataba, known as the rapid talker, may God have mercy on him. C.E.J.Whitting. London, Luzac, 1947. vii,326 pp. Cloth small owners stamp on half-title) € 30.00 Brinkman
The feudal kingdom of Engla... BARLOW, F. The feudal kingdom of England,1042-1216. W.5 maps & geneal.tables. London, Longman, 1988. xiv,477 pp. bound € 24.00 Brinkman
Gallus or Roman scenes of t... BECKER, W.A. Gallus or Roman scenes of the time of Augustus. With notes and excursuses illustrative of the manners and customs of the Romans. London, Longmans * Green, 1895. xxi,535 pp. Gilt calf with morocco title shield and marbled edges. hinge very slightly splitting; an Exeter School prize binding) € 40.00 Brinkman
The Domesday inquest and th... FINN, R.W. The Domesday inquest and the making of Domesday Book. London, Longmans, 1962. ix,201 pp. Cloth € 18.00 Brinkman
Domesday studies: the easte... FINN, R.W. Domesday studies: the eastern counties. London, Longmans, 1967. xv,231 pp. Cloth € 22.00 Brinkman
Memorials of London and Lon... RILEY, H.Th. (ed.) Memorials of London and London life, in the XIIIth, XIVth, and XVth centuries. Being a series of extracts, local, social, and political, from the early archives of the city of London. A.D. 1276 - 1419. Selected & translated. London, Longmans, 1868. lxxviii,706 pp. Buckram upper hinges sl.weak, bookplate Chelsea Public Libr.) € 75.00 Brinkman
Sermons on several subjects. PALEY, W. Sermons on several subjects. London, Longman, 1808. Calf dam.). viii,543 pp. € 25.00 Brinkman
History and historians of t... GOOCH, G.P. History and historians of the nineteenth century. London, Longmans, 1954. xxxvi,547 pp. Orig.cloth € 28.00 Brinkman
Domesday studies: The Liber... FINN, R.W. Domesday studies: The Liber Exoniensis. London, Longmans, 1964. x,172 pp. Cloth € 18.00 Brinkman
Grammar of the English lang... WALLIS, JOHN. Grammar of the English language w.intr.grammatico-physical Treatise on Speech. New ed.(in facs.of Grammatica Lingvae Anglicanae) w.transl.& J.A.Kemp. London, Longman, 1972. viii,400 pp. W.portr. Bound w.dustj. Classics of Ling.) € 35.00 Brinkman
The Works. (Text &) a study... LODWICK, Francis. The Works. (Text &) a study of his writings in the intellectual context of the seventeenth century by V. Salmon. London, Longman, 1972. xii,263 pp. Bound. dustjsl.dam.; small spots on spine). € 30.00 Brinkman
The divine soliloquies of G... GERLACH PETERS. The divine soliloquies of Gerlac Petersen, canon regular of Deventer. Monialis. London, Longmans etc., 1920. Sm-8vo. xx,106 pp. Cloth spine rubbed) € 15.00 Brinkman
NELSON, J.L. - Charles the Bold. NELSON, J.L. Charles the Bold. London, Longman, 1992. xiii,349 pp. W.8 maps. Pbk. ex library) € 14.00 Brinkman
Grammatica speculativa. Ed.... THOMAS of ERFURT. Grammatica speculativa. Ed.w.transl.& G.L.Bursill-Hall. London, Longmans, 1972. xii,340 pp. Bound w. sl.used) dustj. € 50.00 Brinkman
Saudi Arabian dialects. PROCHAZKA Jr., Th. Saudi Arabian dialects. London, Kegan Paul, 1988. xix,240, 20) pp. Bound with dustj. (Libr.of Arab.Ling.8) € 35.00 Brinkman
Third degree certificate of... FREEMASONRY CERTIFICATE] Third degree certificate of masonry for Jacob Souter of the Lodge no. 180 (Caledonian Lodge). London, June 9, 1795 5795). Printed on v ellum. (341x268 mm.) Engraved by J. Cartwright. With paper Seal of the Grand L... € 170.00 Brinkman
Degree of Master Mason for ... FREEMASONRY CERTIFICATE. Degree of Master Mason for Jan Jacob Souter of the Caledonian Lodge. London, June 8, 1795 5795). Printed on vellum. (361x286 mm.) engraved by Bland. With paper masonic seal. (Vellum folded, ... € 220.00 Brinkman
Pharsalia: sive De bello ci... LUCANUS. Pharsalia: sive De bello civili inter Cesarem & Pompeium libri decem. (Cur. M. Maittaire.) London, J.Tonson & J. Watts, 1719. 12mo. 14,5x8,1cm). [xlii],222,[130=index] pp. With numerous cuts: head- and tailpieces. Blind-stamped calf... € 95.00 Brinkman
Quae extant (graece et lati... THEOCRITUS. Quae extant (graece et latine). Cum graecis scholiis. London, J.Richardson, 1759. 8vo. viii,295, 1 blank),32 pp. Full brown roan. (spine restored; small hole in two leaves with loss of a few letter... € 80.00 Brinkman
Memoirs of the life of sir ... ROMILLY, Samuel. Memoirs of the life of sir Samuel Romilly, written by himself; with a selection from his correspondence. Edited by his sons. London, John Murray, 1840. 3 vol. xxiv,456-xii,432-x,439 pp. W.portrait and 1 folding facs. both waterstained). Half-calf, gilt spines, morocco title-shields, edges marbled. (good copy; title-... € 150.00 Brinkman
The history of the Peloponn... THUCYDIDES. The history of the Peloponnesian war. Illustrated by maps, taken entirely from actual surveys; with notes, chiefly historical and geographical, by Th. Arnold. London, J.H.Parker, Whittaker & Co, 1840-42. 2nd ed.). 3 vols. xxiv,543,22- viii,305- xxiv,424 pp. With 10 (fold.) plates. Cloth. (cloth used and... € 90.00 Brinkman
The epistles of S. Cyprian,... CYPRIANUS. The epistles of S. Cyprian, with the Council of Carthage on the baptism of heretics. To which are added the extant works of S. Pacian. (Ed. by E.B. Pusey et al). London, J.H. Parker, 1844. xxxii,423,[24=list of subscribers] pp. A library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, anterior to the division of the east and west.) ¶... € 28.00 Brinkman
Comoediae sex. Ex rec.F.Lin... TERENTIUS. Comoediae sex. Ex rec.F.Lindenbrogii (...) atque Aelii Donati, Eugraphii, et Calpurnii comm.integris, Acc.Bentleii et Faerne, (..) Westerhovii in scholiastas lec. ed.J.C.Zeunius. Add.Ruhnkenii dictata etc. London, J.F.Dove for R.Priestley, 1820. 2 vol. 8vo. 675-cxxvii,638 pp. Brown half leather, gilt spine with raised bands Schweiger II/1072: "Schöner Nachdr.der Zeune'schen Ausg.v.1774". € 120.00 Brinkman

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