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Logo Brinkman Volgens voorwaarden van de NVvA, die o.a. bepalen dat de goederen het eigendom blijven van de verkoper tot volledige betaling. Boeken die niet aan de verwachting voldoen kunnen, na overleg, binnen 14 dagen na ontvangst worden teruggestuurd. Betaling binnen 30 dagen op bank, of met credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Porto: € 5,90 (Nederland), € 7,50 België, € 8,90 (Duitsland), overige landen naar gewicht.

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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Chapters in the history of ... SIMPSON, W.S. Chapters in the history of old S.Paul's. W.3 ill. London, Elliot Stock, 1881. xi,304 pp. Orig.-halfroan ex-library, spine rubbed) € 32.00 Brinkman
Ed. w.intr., transl.& notes... CATULLUS. Ed. w.intr., transl.& notes by G.P.Goold. London, Duckworth, 1983. vi,266 pp. Cloth € 25.00 Brinkman
On Aristotle On interpretat... AMMONIUS. On Aristotle On interpretation 1-8. Transl.(w.comm.) by D.Blank. London, Duckworth, 1996. vi,206 pp. Cloth review by Schenkeveld added) € 38.00 Brinkman
Marullus, soldier poet of t... MARULLUS, MICHAEL. KIDWELL, C. Marullus, soldier poet of the Renaissance. London, Duckworth, 1989. x,323 pp. Cloth w.dustj. some pencil scores) * € 35.00 Brinkman
On Aristotle On the soul 1.... SIMPLICIUS. On Aristotle On the soul 1.1-2.4. (Ed. w.) transl. by J.O. Urmson. London, Duckworth, 1995. [vi],248 pp. Cloth w.dustj. € 35.00 Brinkman
The odes. New verse transla... HORATIUS. The odes. New verse translation with facing latin text and notes by C.Sydenham. London, Duckworth, 2005. xii,287 pp. Pbk. € 12.00 Brinkman
Philoponus and the rejectio... PHILOPONUS. SORABJI, R. (ed.) Philoponus and the rejection of aristotelian science. London, Duckworth, 1987. ix,253 pp. Cloth with dustj. review copy with extra's, with pencil-annotations and -scores) € 35.00 Brinkman
Thucydides. THUCYDIDES. HORNBLOWER, S. Thucydides. London, Duckworth, 1987. viii,230 pp. Pbk. € 14.00 Brinkman
Classical life and letters.... XENOPHON. ANDERSON, J.K. Classical life and letters. With frontispice & 10 plates. London, Duckworth, 1974. [x],206 pp. Pbk. cover a bit worn) € 16.00 Brinkman
The emptiness of Asia. Aesc... AESCHYLUS. HARRISON, T. The emptiness of Asia. Aeschylus' Persians and the history of the fifth century. London, Duckworth, 2000. 191 pp. Bound w.dustj. € 35.00 Brinkman
The roman empire of Ammianus. AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. MATTHEWS, J. The roman empire of Ammianus. London, Duckworth, 1989. L-8vo. xiv,608 pp. Cloth w.dustj.; provenance on flyleaf: J.N. Adams) € 30.00 Brinkman
On Aristotle Physics 6. Tra... SIMPLICIUS. On Aristotle Physics 6. D.Konstan. London, Duckworth, 1989. v,181 pp. Cloth w.dustj. € 28.00 Brinkman
The Middle Platonists. A st... DILLON, J. The Middle Platonists. A study of Platonism, 80 B.C. to A.D.220. London, Duckworth, 1977. xvii,429 pp. Cloth dustjacket faded) € 40.00 Brinkman
The greek way of life, from... GARLAND, R. The greek way of life, from conception to old age. London, Duckwort, 1990. xiii,376 pp. Pbk. € 20.00 Brinkman
On Aristotle's Categories. ... AMMONIUS. On Aristotle's Categories. Transl.w.notes by S.M.Cohen & G.B.Matthews. London, Ducktworth, 1991. vi,170 pp. Cloth. € 28.00 Brinkman
A planned auxiliary language. JACOB, H. A planned auxiliary language. London, Dobson, 1947. 160 pp. Cloth ¶ "A detailed comparative study of interlinguistics with full grammatical details of five systems of demonstrated usefulness, Esperanto, Ido, Occidental, Novial and Latino sine flexione." text on dj.) € 18.00 Brinkman
Medical books, libraries an... THORNTON, J.L. Medical books, libraries and collectors. A study of bibliography and the book trade in relation to the medical sciences. W.16 pl. London, Deutsch, 1966. 2nd rev.ed. xvi,445 pp. Cloth w. dustj. traces of tape on fly-leaves) € 15.00 Brinkman
Egyptian chronology. W.12 (... FLEAY, F.G. Egyptian chronology. W.12 (partly folding) tables. London, David Nutt, 1899. xiv,167 pp. Cloth € 36.00 Brinkman
Saladin and the fall of the... LANE-POOLE, S. Saladin and the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. W.37 ill.& 8 maps. London, Darf, 1985 repr.ed.1898). xxiv,416 pp. Cloth w. dustj. € 20.00 Brinkman
Greek and latin adverbs, an... KNIGHT, C.M. Greek and latin adverbs, and their value in the reconstruction of the prehistoric declensions. London, CUP, 1921. vii,141 pp. Wrappers. Transactions Cambr.Philol.Soc.VI/3) € 18.00 Brinkman
A history of the Vintners' ... CRAWFORD, A. A history of the Vintners' Company. W.frontisp.& 32 pl. London, Constable, 1977. 319 pp. Cloth edge foxed; presentation copy) € 18.00 Brinkman
Nurse at the Russian front.... FARMBOROUGH, F. Nurse at the Russian front. A diary 1914-18. W.48 ill.on pl. London, Constable, 1974. 422 pp. Bound edges slightly foxed) € 28.00 Brinkman
CLARKE, M.L. - Rhetoric at Rome. CLARKE, M.L. Rhetoric at Rome. London, Cohen & West,.1953. vii,203 pp. Cloth sl.foxed) € 12.00 Brinkman
The Dioscuri in the christi... HARRIS, J. RENDEL. The Dioscuri in the christian legends. London, Clay and sons CUP), 1903. [iv],64 pp. Orig. green cloth. (Some small old pencil ann., very slightly loosening) € 32.00 Brinkman
The Teaching of the Apostle... HARRIS, J.R. The Teaching of the Apostles (Didache ton apostolon). Newly ed., with facs. text and a comm. fotr the Johns Hopkins University. From the Ms. of the Holy Sepulchre (convent of the Greek Church), Jerusalem. London, Clay & Sons, 1887. 4to. viii,107 pp. W.10 plates facs). Cloth. (cloth (esp.corners) a bit used; front hinge sl.loosening; armorial bookplate of the c... € 45.00 Brinkman
Decii Junii Juvenalis Aquin... JUVENALIS & PERSIUS. Decii Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis satiræ decem et sex. Auli Persii Flacci satiræ sex. London, Chiswick Press Charles Whittingham), 1845. 4to. [196 pp.]. Printed in black within red floral borders. Full caramel... € 420.00 Brinkman
A contemporary narrative of... WRIGHT, Th.. (ed.) A contemporary narrative of the proceedings against dame Alice Kyteler, prosecuted for sorcery in 1324, by Richard de Ledrede, bishop of Ossory. London, Camden Society, 1843. Sm-4to. [4],xlii,62 pp. Cloth, gilt spine. front cover severely spotted) € 20.00 Brinkman
A concordance to Euripides.... EURIPIDES. ALLEN, J.T., ITALIE, G. A concordance to Euripides. W.supplement by C. Collard. London, Cambridge UP, 1954 & Groningen, Bouma, 1971. 4to. 2 vols. xi,686-xx,52 pp. Cloth. front hinge Concordance looseing but holding; flyleaf supplement damaged) € 35.00 Brinkman
Konnersreuth. A medical and... HYNEK, R.W. Konnersreuth. A medical and psychological study of the case of Teresa Neumann. Transl. by L.C. Sheppard. London, Burns Oates & Washbourne, 1932. vii,150 pp. W. frontisp. portrait). Cloth. € 28.00 Brinkman
Père Lamy, apostle and mystic. BIVER, P. Père Lamy, apostle and mystic. London, Burns Oats & Washbourne, 1936. xxvi,198 pp. W. frontisp. and 7 plates. Cloth cloth sl.used and spotted; satamp on title page; sl. foxed) € 20.00 Brinkman
How to help the dead / De c... AUGUSTINUS. How to help the dead / De cura gerenda pro mortuis, transl. by M.H. Allies. London, Burns & Oates, 1914. 12mo. 60 pp. W. frontisp. Cloth. cloth (esp.spine) used) € 18.00 Brinkman
The English church and the ... LAWRENCE, C.H. (ed.) The English church and the papacy in the middle ages. London, Burns & Oates, 1965. ix,265 pp. Cloth € 20.00 Brinkman
From shadows to reality. St... DANIÉLOU, J. From shadows to reality. Studies in the biblical typology of the Fathers. London, Burns & Oates, 1960. viii,296 pp. Cloth w. dustj. dustj. used and sl.dam.; flyleaves sl.foxed) € 35.00 Brinkman
Catalogue of books from the... SIMONI, A.E.C. Catalogue of books from the Low Counties 1600-1621 in the British Library. W.plates. London, British Library, 1990. xviii,842 pp. Cloth € 40.00 Brinkman
The Vassal-treaties of Esar... WISEMAN, D.J. The Vassal-treaties of Esarhaddon. London, British School of Archeology in Iraq, 1958. 4to. ii,99 pp. W.12 + 53 plates. name on title; Iraq vol.20/1) € 38.00 Brinkman
The book of the dead. The p... BUDGE, E.A.W. The book of the dead. The papyrus of Ani in the British Museum. The egyptian text with interlinear transliteration and translation, a running translation, introduction etc. London, British Museum, 1895. L-4to. clv,377 pp. Orig.half morocco. binding rubbed and a bit stained (esp.back board), interior good) € 220.00 Brinkman
Short-Title Catalogue of Bo... SHORT-TITLE CATALOGUE. Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in the Netherlands and Belgium and of Dutch and Flemish Books Printed in Other Countries from 1470 to 1600. Now in the British Museum. London, British Museum. 1965. viii, 274 pp. Cloth w. dustj. € 20.00 Brinkman
The de Brailes Hours: shapi... DONOVAN, C. The de Brailes Hours: shaping of the Book of Hours in 13th century Oxford. W.97 ill.& 16 London, British Library,1991. Sm-4to. 216 pp. Cloth € 20.00 Brinkman
Doctors and diseases in the... JACKSON, R. Doctors and diseases in the roman empire. W.50 ill. London, British Museum, 1988. L-8vo. 207 pp. Bound € 15.00 Brinkman
Short-title catalogue of bo... POLLARD, A.W. Short-title catalogue of books printed in France and of French books printed in other countries from 1470 to 1600 now in the British Museum. London, British Museum. 1966. 491 pp. Cloth. € 20.00 Brinkman
Bookbindings from the libra... GROLIER. WILSON, R.A. (pref.) Bookbindings from the library of Jean Grolier. A loan exhibition 23 Sept.- 31 Oct.1965. London, British Museum, 1965. 8vo. xx,77 pp. & 7+128 plates. Rexine. € 18.00 Brinkman
Amaravati: buddhist sculptu... KNOX, R. Amaravati: buddhist sculpture from the great stupa. London, British Museum Press, 1992. 4to. 247 pp. With ca.200 partly col.) ills. Cloth w.dustj. € 38.00 Brinkman
Poetry and letters in early... CHADWICK, N.K. Poetry and letters in early christian Gaul. London, Bowes, 1955. 342 pp. Cloth € 16.00 Brinkman
The Bloomsbury companion to... ARISTOTELES. BARACCHI, C. (ed.) The Bloomsbury companion to Aristotle. London, Bloomsbury, 2014. xii,417 pp. Bound. € 60.00 Brinkman
Agricola. Ed. w. notes by W... TACITUS. Agricola. Ed. w. notes by W.C. Flamstead Walters. With ills. London, Blackie, 1899. 175 pp. Orig. Cloth. Libr. stamp) € 12.00 Brinkman
Ars Amatoria / The art of l... OVIDIUS. Ars Amatoria / The art of love. (Text) with verse transl. by B.P. Moore. London, Blackie & Son, 1935. xii,169 pp. Cloth with translator's dedication) € 25.00 Brinkman
The Bibliographical Society... FRANCIS, F.C. (pref.) The Bibliographical Society 1892-1942. W.1 plate. London, Bibliographical Society, 1949 repr.ed.1945). L-4to. vii,215 pp. Orig.halfcloth. € 18.00 Brinkman
A literary history of Franc... FOX, J. A literary history of France: The Middle Ages. London, Benn, 1974. xx,380 pp. Cloth w. dustj. € 16.00 Brinkman
The Knights. Ed.w.transl.& ... ARISTOPHANES. The Knights. Ed.w.transl.& B.B.Rogers. London, Bell and Sons, 1910. xlix,247 pp. Orig. cloth. € 25.00 Brinkman
The works. With a comm. by ... VERGILIUS. The works. With a comm. by J. Conington & H. Nettleship. London, Bell & Sons, 1883-98. 3 vols. civ,429-lxvii,570-x,541pp. Half roan leather chafed front hinge vol.1 and 2 splitting but holding) ¶ 5th/4th/3rd ed. € 90.00 Brinkman

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