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Logo Brinkman Volgens voorwaarden van de NVvA, die o.a. bepalen dat de goederen het eigendom blijven van de verkoper tot volledige betaling. Boeken die niet aan de verwachting voldoen kunnen, na overleg, binnen 14 dagen na ontvangst worden teruggestuurd. Betaling binnen 30 dagen op bank, of met credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Porto: € 5,90 (Nederland), € 7,50 België, € 8,90 (Duitsland), overige landen naar gewicht.

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Afbeelding Schrijver Titel Uitgever Bijzonderheid Prijs Bestelling
Catalogue of books from the... SIMONI, A.E.C. Catalogue of books from the Low Counties 1600-1621 in the British Library. W.plates. London, British Library, 1990. xviii,842 pp. Cloth € 40.00 Brinkman
The Vassal-treaties of Esar... WISEMAN, D.J. The Vassal-treaties of Esarhaddon. London, British School of Archeology in Iraq, 1958. 4to. ii,99 pp. W.12 + 53 plates. name on title; Iraq vol.20/1) € 38.00 Brinkman
The book of the dead. The p... BUDGE, E.A.W. The book of the dead. The papyrus of Ani in the British Museum. The egyptian text with interlinear transliteration and translation, a running translation, introduction etc. London, British Museum, 1895. L-4to. clv,377 pp. Orig.half morocco. binding rubbed and a bit stained (esp.back board), interior good) € 220.00 Brinkman
Short-Title Catalogue of Bo... SHORT-TITLE CATALOGUE. Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in the Netherlands and Belgium and of Dutch and Flemish Books Printed in Other Countries from 1470 to 1600. Now in the British Museum. London, British Museum. 1965. viii, 274 pp. Cloth w. dustj. € 20.00 Brinkman
The de Brailes Hours: shapi... DONOVAN, C. The de Brailes Hours: shaping of the Book of Hours in 13th century Oxford. W.97 ill.& 16 London, British Library,1991. Sm-4to. 216 pp. Cloth € 20.00 Brinkman
Doctors and diseases in the... JACKSON, R. Doctors and diseases in the roman empire. W.50 ill. London, British Museum, 1988. L-8vo. 207 pp. Bound € 15.00 Brinkman
Short-title catalogue of bo... POLLARD, A.W. Short-title catalogue of books printed in France and of French books printed in other countries from 1470 to 1600 now in the British Museum. London, British Museum. 1966. 491 pp. Cloth. € 20.00 Brinkman
Bookbindings from the libra... GROLIER. WILSON, R.A. (pref.) Bookbindings from the library of Jean Grolier. A loan exhibition 23 Sept.- 31 Oct.1965. London, British Museum, 1965. 8vo. xx,77 pp. & 7+128 plates. Rexine. € 18.00 Brinkman
Amaravati: buddhist sculptu... KNOX, R. Amaravati: buddhist sculpture from the great stupa. London, British Museum Press, 1992. 4to. 247 pp. With ca.200 partly col.) ills. Cloth w.dustj. € 38.00 Brinkman
Poetry and letters in early... CHADWICK, N.K. Poetry and letters in early christian Gaul. London, Bowes, 1955. 342 pp. Cloth € 16.00 Brinkman
The Bloomsbury companion to... ARISTOTELES. BARACCHI, C. (ed.) The Bloomsbury companion to Aristotle. London, Bloomsbury, 2014. xii,417 pp. Bound. € 60.00 Brinkman
Agricola. Ed. w. notes by W... TACITUS. Agricola. Ed. w. notes by W.C. Flamstead Walters. With ills. London, Blackie, 1899. 175 pp. Orig. Cloth. Libr. stamp) € 12.00 Brinkman
Ars Amatoria / The art of l... OVIDIUS. Ars Amatoria / The art of love. (Text) with verse transl. by B.P. Moore. London, Blackie & Son, 1935. xii,169 pp. Cloth with translator's dedication) € 25.00 Brinkman
The Bibliographical Society... FRANCIS, F.C. (pref.) The Bibliographical Society 1892-1942. W.1 plate. London, Bibliographical Society, 1949 repr.ed.1945). L-4to. vii,215 pp. Orig.halfcloth. € 18.00 Brinkman
A literary history of Franc... FOX, J. A literary history of France: The Middle Ages. London, Benn, 1974. xx,380 pp. Cloth w. dustj. € 16.00 Brinkman
The Knights. Ed.w.transl.& ... ARISTOPHANES. The Knights. Ed.w.transl.& B.B.Rogers. London, Bell and Sons, 1910. xlix,247 pp. Orig. cloth. € 25.00 Brinkman
The works. With a comm. by ... VERGILIUS. The works. With a comm. by J. Conington & H. Nettleship. London, Bell & Sons, 1883-98. 3 vols. civ,429-lxvii,570-x,541pp. Half roan leather chafed front hinge vol.1 and 2 splitting but holding) ¶ 5th/4th/3rd ed. € 90.00 Brinkman
Twice as meaningful. Redupl... KOUWENBERG, S. (ed.) Twice as meaningful. Reduplication in Pidgins, Creoles and other contact languages. London, Battlebridge, 2003. vi,330 pp. Pbk. Westminster Creolistics Series.8) € 26.00 Brinkman
TACITUS. MARTIN, R. - Tacitus. TACITUS. MARTIN, R. Tacitus. London, Batsford, 1981. 288 pp. Cloth w. author's ded. and letter) * € 10.00 Brinkman
Totius latinitatis lexicon.... FORCELLINI, E. & J.FACCIOLATI. Totius latinitatis lexicon. Ed. J. Bailey. London, Baldwin, Cradoc etc., 1828. Folio. 2 vols. 1294-1164,126,75,50 pp. With frontisp. Full calf, gilt spines with morocco title pieces and gilt and board edges. spines chafed and a bit damaged; hinges reinforced but splitting (inner joints strengthened with tap... € 280.00 Brinkman
The correspondence, vol.I-I... BENTHAM, J. The correspondence, vol.I-II: 1752-1780. T.L.S.Sprigge. London, Athlone Press, 1968. 2 vols. xli,383,xiv,542 pp. Cloth good library copy, stamps, ticket on spine) € 38.00 Brinkman
Catalogue of the Goldsmiths... CANNEY, M. & D.KNOTT. Catalogue of the Goldsmiths' library of economic literature (University of London library). W.portrait. London, Athlone Press, 1970-1983. 4 vol. 4to. xxiii,838-vii,772-x,223-x,449 p. orig.cloth without the 1995 supplement, i.e. vol.V ; a very good copy) € 480.00 Brinkman
Measure for Measure. (Shake... SHAKESPEARE. GECKLE, G.L. (ed.) Measure for Measure. (Shakespeare: the critical tradition). London, Athlone, 2001. xxxvi,382 p. Bound $ 190.-) € 40.00 Brinkman
Patterns in the folk speech... WAKELIN, M. (ed.) Patterns in the folk speech of the British Isles. London, Athlone Press, 1972. xii,204 pp. Cloth € 18.00 Brinkman
Fasti ecclesiae anglicanae ... LE NEVE, John. Fasti ecclesiae anglicanae 1300-1541. Compiled by H.P.F.King, J.M.Horn et al. London, Athlone Press, 1962-1967. L-8vo. In 12 vols. Together ca. 1400 pp. Cloth Univ.of London, Inst.of Hist.Research; 3 vol.good ex-library, 2 vol.without dj.; good set) € 120.00 Brinkman
Medieval London. From commu... WILLIAMS, G.A. Medieval London. From commune to capital. W.2 folding geneal.tables. London, Athlone Press, 1963. xiv,377 pp. Cloth € 22.00 Brinkman
The correspondence, vol.I-I... BENTHAM, J. The correspondence, vol.I-II: 1752-1780. T.L.S.Sprigge. London, Athlone Press, 1968. 2 vols. Ocl. xli,383,xiv,542 pp. € 60.00 Brinkman
The correspondence, vol.1-1... BENTHAM, Jeremy. The correspondence, vol.1-10 : 1752 - 1821. T.L.S.Sprigge London, Athlone Press 1968 - Oxford UP 1994. 10 volumes Totalling ca. 5300 pp. Cloth vol.1-5 with dustjackets; vol.6-10 published without dustjackets; edges sl.spotted; very good set) -... € 400.00 Brinkman
Crown and clergy in colonia... FARRISS, N.M. Crown and clergy in colonial Mexico (1759-1821). The crisis of eccesiastical privilege. London, Athlone, 1968. xii,288 pp. Cloth. Historical Studies.21) € 40.00 Brinkman
A moeso-gothic glossary, w.... SKEAT, W.W. A moeso-gothic glossary, w.intr.,an outline of moeso-gothic grammar etc. London, Asher & Co., 1868. 4to. xxii pp.& 340 col. & 1 p.errata). Cloth (spine damaged, hinge loosening; numerous (mostly greek) small marginal annotat... € 32.00 Brinkman
Persia and the Greeks. The ... BURN, A.R. Persia and the Greeks. The defence of the west, c.546-478 B.C. London, Arnold, 1962. xvi,586 pp. W.15 maps. Cloth.w.dustj. € 15.00 Brinkman
The early history of the Go... REDDAWAY, T.F. & L.E.M.WALKER. The early history of the Goldsmiths' Company 1327-1509, w.edition of The Book of Ordinancs 1478-83. W.17 pl. London, Arnold, 1975. xxx,378 pp. Cloth € 26.00 Brinkman
Hellenistic civilisation. TARN, W.W. & G.T.GRIFFITH. Hellenistic civilisation. London, Arnold, 1959 3.ed.). xii,372 pp. W.4 maps. Cloth. € 14.00 Brinkman
The politics of yiddish. St... KERLER, D.-B. (ed.) The politics of yiddish. Studie in language, literature & society. London, AltaMira, 1998. [viii], 213 pp. Bound. Winter Studies in Yiddish.4) € 25.00 Brinkman
The wisdom of Balahvar. A c... LANG, D.M. The wisdom of Balahvar. A christian legend of the Buddha. (Study w.transl.of the Georgian text). With frontisp. London, Allen & Unwin, 1957. 135 pp. Bound with dustj. Ethical and relig.class.of east & west no. 20) € 18.00 Brinkman
De rerum natura libros sex,... LUCRETIUS. De rerum natura libros sex, ad exemplarium Mss. fidem recensitos, longe emendatiores reddidit, commentariis perpetuis illustravit, indicibus instruxit; et cum animadversionibus Ricardi Bentleii, non ante vulgatis, aliorum subinde miscuit Gilbe... London, A. Hamilton, 1796-97. 3 vols. L-4to. 26,7x19,9cm). [viii],xxxv,382 - [xii],404,[4] - [xii],396,[100 indices]. Full calf, double gilt fill... € 750.00 Brinkman
Hrafnagaldur Óðins (Forspja... LASSEN, A. (ed.) Hrafnagaldur Óðins (Forspjallsljóð). Ed.w.intr., notes & transl. London 2011. 120 pp. Pbk. Viking Soc.) € 15.00 Brinkman
The Routledge handbook of s... BALL, M.J. (ed.) The Routledge handbook of sociolinguistics around the world. London 2010. L-8vo. xx,428 pp. Bound publishers price £ 140.-) € 120.00 Brinkman
Your praise is sweet. A mem... BAKER, H.D., E.ROBSON & G.ZÓLYOMI. (ed.) Your praise is sweet. A memorial volume for Jeremy Black from students, colleagues and friends. London 2010. 4to. xi,460 pp. W.ills. Bound British Inst.for the Study of Iraq) € 36.00 Brinkman
Shakespeare's religious lan... SHAKESPEARE. HASSEL Jr., R.C. Shakespeare's religious language: a dictionary. W.5 fig. London 2005. xxiv,455 p. orbd. Athlone Shakesp.Dict.Ser.; GBP.150.-) € 120.00 Brinkman
Computational and quantitat... HALLIDAY, M.A.K. Computational and quantitatie studies. J.J.Webster. London 2005. x,300 p. Collected Works vol.6; GBP.80.-) € 75.00 Brinkman
Meaningful texts. The extra... BARNBROOK, G. et al. (ed.) Meaningful texts. The extraction of semantic information from monolingual and multilingual corpora. London 2005. ix,230 p. orbd. GBP.80.-) € 55.00 Brinkman
Slavery and augustan litera... RICHARDSON, J. Slavery and augustan literature. Swift,Pope,Gay. London 2004. xi,187 p. orbd. GBP.70.-) € 40.00 Brinkman
The Lord Chamberlain regret... SHELLARD, D. & S.NICHOLSON. The Lord Chamberlain regrets ... A history of British theatre censorship (1824-1968). W.4 ill.& 20 pl. London 2004. L-8vo. x,197 p. bound € 25.00 Brinkman
MANNING, J. - The emblem. MANNING, J. The emblem. London, 2002. 398 pp. Bound w. dustj. € 20.00 Brinkman
Essai de bibliographie jaina. GUÉRINOT, A. Essai de bibliographie jaina. London 2001. xxxvii,568 pp. Bound repr.ed.1906, £ 95.--) € 45.00 Brinkman
Text by Snorri Sturluson in... SNORRI STURLUSON. Text by Snorri Sturluson in Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar en mesta. By Ólafur Halldórsson. London 2001. lxii,162 pp. Pbk. Viking Soc.) € 18.00 Brinkman
Fourteenth-century Icelandi... WRIGHTSON, K. (ed.) Fourteenth-century Icelandic verson on the Virgin Mary: Drápa af Maríugrat, Vitnisvísur af Maríu, Maríuvísur I-III. London 2001. 145 pp. Viking Soc.14) € 15.00 Brinkman
Conspiracy culture. From th... KNIGHT, P. Conspiracy culture. From the Kennedy assassination to 'The X-Files'. London 2000. xi,287 p. bound £.70.-) € 50.00 Brinkman
Dividends of kinship. Meani... SCHWEITZER, P.P. (ed.) Dividends of kinship. Meanings and uses of sical relatedness. London 2000. x,221 p. bound EASA, £ 65.-) € 40.00 Brinkman

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